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The Dark Knight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Rar


💫 How to download The Dark Knight (original soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard ZIP archive
In general, you can assemble it (the printer with WinHR is still working), but the sound, of course … that’s why I put it all here, until better times.
I don’t know when I wrote this, but all this was written on the same day that my Sandman’s head was torn apart. Zimmer or Hovadar-Smith (which is correct?) – bullshit. Favorite composer and singer – unknown. Possibly “Who’s here” but I’m not sure.
Anyway, it was like this…
When I came home from work, Dee said that these people are a genius, and everyone should listen to them. They have taste, and they do not write in the genre of “bribe at the airport, preferably in euros.”
I opened my mitten and let’s list who, they say, what and how, and Dee listened carefully.
When the song “Locomotive” ended, and I was exhausted, Dee did listen to something.
– Are you listening? she asked.
I nodded happily.
– Yes!
– So how is it?
I thought.
It was difficult to answer, because, on the one hand, everything was fine, but on the other, it was so-so.
More precisely, on the other hand – it was so great!
I have to say, I didn’t realize how cool it was.
My previous posts were more or less spontaneous, in one fell swoop.
I have recorded this one several times.
Here everything-everything-everything was very balanced and carefully thought out.
There were texts and the main idea.
Therefore, I was surprised.
But still, how could you not like it?!
Today I’ll write something again.



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