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We are constantly faced with the problem of data loss, and more and more users spend more and more time playing computer games. These games usually require the use of a huge amount of memory, which is not very convenient for everyone and such free space does not always occur. For example: if you take a laptop with games for children to the sandbox, then the free space on your hard drive will decrease dramatically. What to do? Make games take up as little space as possible. How to do it? This is what we will discuss today.
As you know, all game developers love to strum money, and the brighter and more real the game, the more they are willing to pay. If the game is beautiful, then the developers are willing to pay more. Therefore, do not be surprised when a game purchased from an unverified source may not work or not suit you according to external data. However, if the game is old, you may not notice an unpleasant difference, but if you still bought from an unpretentious seller, then this can seriously affect the operating system of your computer or laptop. Therefore, be careful when buying games on the Internet, however, as well as when buying expensive goods. So, we come to the question, what to do if you bought a game from unverified developers?
First of all, take the game to the store where it was sold, if the game does not suit you, then you will not lose anything. However, in this case, it is worth checking the game and finding out from which source you received information about this game. Which store brought your game to, which seller they contacted on this issue. That is how they got information about this game.
The first thing to do is install the config (summary) of the game and link it to the computer. If you bought a game for a child, then pay attention to such a thing as the size of the game file. If the game weighs more than 25MB, then the firewall or antivirus will most likely block such a game. If the file is larger, then you can make a claim to the support service that the game is paid, and the issue of buying the game should be closed. If your game is less than 25MB, then this cannot be done. Either way, the game should launch and play. If this does not happen, then you need to check the version of the installed game. Update the game version from the game manufacturer. You can also try running the game via CD-ROM if possible. But most likely the game will not start.
Installing games






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