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Download Film Suzanna Perjanjian Di Malam Keramat Fulls


sends Teddy (Yongky DP) and his gang to kill Hendro, Kartika (Suzanne) and their two children. Palych (Onbayas Lama), leader of the Tibetan Buddhists, convenes the leaders of foreign Buddhist organizations to discuss the situation in India. The topic of discussion is Tibetan monks, order and discipline among them, and their role in running “religious” organizations, including the Oklahoma Buddhism section. After the conference, the members of the sections left for their homeland.Teddy and his gang (more than fifty of them, to be exact) are trying to “take care” of proper communication with the monks in India in order to “bring back” the Buddhists Gulka and Gumbu. At the same time, they are preparing to start a war with Wangdi Papa, the head of the Chinese section of Buddhists. Teddy’s plans include “restoring the shaky position of Gulka and Gyumba” and enlisting people like Kartik in the power struggle. In the end, he (along with his gang) succeeds in reinstating Goomba as head of the section, which Teddy does not like. In retaliation for his expulsion from India, Teddy takes notice of an influential Tibetan monk and attempts to kill him. After this plan fails, Teddin incites the Tibetans to organize an attack on the Tibetan troops near Uttakhang. After the war, Teddy leaves India for Tokyo, where he tries to recruit a new team of terrorists. This plan also fails. In 1969, Teddy is assigned to organize an attack on the train station in Candolim, which Teddy also attempts to carry out. Ultimately, Teddy manages to disrupt the operation to attack the Tokpo-hub (Tokhojab), but on this day he does not stay in Kolya and returns to Uttarakkhangar, where his headquarters is based at his base. Teddy is soon arrested by the “real” Wang-papa during an attempt to locate him. After his release, Wang becomes Teddy’s new favorite, and the “real” Wang is pushed around by his son Ma Lama. Teji (Shuda Lam) receives an offer to avenge the “victories” his people won: for the outbreak of the war between Rome and Jerusalem, for the Israeli raids on mosques, for the defeat of the Vietnamese troops in Indochina, for the death of Gumba and



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