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Note: WiFi Sharing Manage is no longer supported, so it is now impossible to purchase the application. Nonetheless, you can still download it from Softpedia and use it with the limitations listed on this page
WiFi Sharing Manager is a reliable and practical utility specially designed for users who need to share their Internet connection to other computers effortlessly.
Before using the utility, you need to make sure that your PC is connected to Internet through WiFi so you can easily share your wireless to any other computer which lacks wireless adapter card.
There are wireless adapters that don’t support old operating systems such as Win98 or Win95. However, if you have an enabled Wi-Fi laptop nearby, using this utility you can share your Internet connection to these old machines.
After the sharing process starts, you need to connect both PCs through an Ethernet crossover cable and you are done.
The application comes with two possibilities of sharing your Internet by selecting the wireless connection through which Internet goes live on the current computer.
The main window that the utility comes with is very easy-to-use and helps you to quickly perform such actions. Simply set the type of connection you want to use, be it Wifi or LAN, connect the Ethernet cable and get instant access to Internet from both computers.
The utility provides you with three main tabs that provide you with instructions and information on how to set a connection between your computers and quickly share your network.
The first tab, entitled ‘Overview’ displays your Internet connection status, while the second one namely ‘Share my Wifi Internet’ enables you to choose the way you want to connect to the other PC.
All in all, WiFi Sharing Manager is an ideal solution when it comes to sharing your Internet connection to computers that run old operating systems.







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Share Internet connection between several computers with this app.

Easy-to-use interface

Wireless Network only.


24/7 support.

Set up your connection and then share your Internet with any other computer that lacks a wireless adapter.

App Information


Maximum file/data transfer in a single stream.

128 kbps-250 kbps

Min upload speed

Maximum upload speed

0-100 kbps

500 kbps

Compatible with

Compatible with Windows 98

Compatible with Windows 7

Compatible with Windows 8

Compatible with Windows Vista




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How developers can improve this software

WiFi Sharing Manager is developed by Realunix. Here are some tips that you can use to improve the software on your PC.


Make the default language and installed languages the same. (English)

Usage Statistics

Enable anonymous usage statistics.

Remove unneeded toolbars and add-ons.

Choose an icon of your choice.

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WiFi Sharing Manager Patch With Serial Key [Latest 2022]

WiFi Sharing Manager is a useful application for people who have laptop or desktop connected to the Internet through wireless connection.
It is an easy to use Windows XP and Vista compatible utility which allows you to share your wireless internet connection to other computer by connecting it through a crossover cable.
A simple and straightforward way to share your Internet connection at home!
Download WiFi Sharing Manage from Softpedia:

– Configure your network card.
– Connect through your Internet Router.
– Choose your connection type with these two options: Wifi (Wireless) or LAN (Ethernet).
– Let your shared computer connect through an Ethernet cable.
– Let the other connected computer select the connection with the pop-up menu provided.
– Network is shared in two minutes or automatically after connection process.
– Instantly connect to Internet via LAN.
– Network speed is as much as 64Kbps (No Cable)
– Control your connection up to eight computers.
– Allows you to automatically share Internet on closed guest network (Vista/ XP).
– You can shutdown your computer to stop the connection.
– Automatic reconnection is possible.
– Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista!
– No software required!
– Easy to use.
– Compatible with shared networks.
– Multilingual.
– Live update – The update is done through Internet.
– Reliable and safe!
– Powerful features: VPN, Port Forwarding, NAT, Firewall, UPnP PortForwarding (UPnP plugin only), Domain Transfer (XenHades), GRE Tunneling, IPv6, Local DNS Forwarding, Socks, Certificate, IPSec (Compatible with Safepay4All), Teredo, RADIUS Service, Encryption, PPTP, PPTP Encryption, UPnP PortForwarding, Port Forwarding, NAT, Firewall, and more.
– Service features: Automatic Installation (Installation is done automatically after update), Update notifications, Backups and Restore (Backup is automatically made after installation), Interfaces configuration (Users can replace Internet Interface’s IP and Domain Name), User Management (Easily register a user and delete user), User Account Lock and Unlock.
– Wizard (Guides you through the configuration process).
– Browser Integration (

WiFi Sharing Manager Crack +

Use the program to share the internet connection from your desktop to any wired or wireless devices with the same router. This helps you to save money on your data cap or use the Internet through your mobile phone without incurring extra fees. Perfect solution to be used with home, office, public, etc. wifi networks or smart-phones.
The app will make your PC to look like a Wi-Fi hotspot without actually having a wireless adapter installed. And if you do have wireless adapter, but find it too slow and painful to use, you can use the app to share the internet connection to other devices with the same wireless network or to make your mobile phone access the same internet connection.
Share internet wirelessly on wired networks, anywhere in your home or office (Where you have wireless adapter)
Virus Free and tested all the time in all the latest OS.
Compatible with all Windows PCs with wireless adapter and even with Linux & Mac OS (Note: WiFi Sharing Manage is no longer supported, so it is now impossible to purchase the application).
Make use of the shared internet connection to your other Windows PC or to any other device with the same router or even to your mobile device.
There are some limitations. You cannot share internet connection if your other computer (that needs to share the internet connection) is using a wireless adapter with a lower performance than the one you are using.
You cannot share internet connection from your computer to mobile phone if you are using your phone’s default configuration. You should change the Wifi settings of your phone to make it work.
To use this app, you have to own the router from which you want to share your internet connection. (The router should be set up as a personal hotspot by the ISP)
It can’t share internet connection if you are using the router for external access (for example, to the Internet through your cable TV)
You cannot share internet connection through your bluetooth device.
You cannot share internet connection from Windows 10 wireless mobile device.
You cannot share internet connection from your Android mobile device (unless the app is configured to do that in advance).
You cannot use the internet from your Mac.
You cannot share internet connection to your Windows Mobile phone (unless the app is configured in advance).
You cannot use the internet from your Xbox.
You cannot use the internet from your Sony Playstation (unless the app is configured to do that in advance).
This software was tested on: Windows 7, Windows

What’s New in the?

WiFi Connection Manager enables you to share your wireless connection to another computer, providing several possibilities to sharing your Internet connection. Using this utility, it is possible to share your Internet connection in several ways.
Before using this utility, you have to make sure that your wireless adapter card is enabled and up-to-date.
It is the best solution when it comes to sharing your Internet connection to other computers that run old operating systems, such as Win95, 98 or NT.
The utility includes four tabs, namely overview, choose a wifi connection, password and sharing.
The first tab, entitled overview, allows you to see the status of your Internet connection.
The other three tabs let you choose the type of connection you want to share. To share your Internet connection, it is possible to use either Lan, wireless connections to other devices and wireless Internet connections.
You can set a fixed password or share your Internet connection through a password protected connection.
You can also share your Internet connection with an FTP, URL, or WebDAV server to other devices connected to your wireless connection.
WiFi Connection Manager Instruction:

Image-1: The Wi-Fi Connection Manager, in Options, you can:
– Set the computer name and password,
– Choose the type of connection,
– Set the share options,
– Set the wireless connection,
– Set the WEP settings,
– Set the SSID,
– Set the firewall settings,
– Create a folder,
– Set the language of the program.

Image-2: In the Overview tab, you can see the status of your Internet connection:
You can also see your current local connection settings:

Image-3: In the Choose a WiFi Connection tab, you can choose one of the available wireless connection:
You can choose a wireless connection to another device or the Internet connection of a wireless Internet router:

Image-4: If you have set a specific connection, you can choose one of the available connection options:

Image-5: The button Share an Internet Connection allows you to choose the connection which the program should share to another device.

Image-6: The following tabs are available:
– Overview
– Choose a WiFi Connection
– Password
– Connection Settings
– Sharing
– File Sharing
– WebDAV
– Back

Image-7: In the Password tab, you can set a

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
iPad Air 2 (2nd generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2 (1st generation), iPad mini 2, iPad mini (3rd generation), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, or iPad mini (5th generation)
Android OS 4.0.3 or later
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
iPad Air 2 (2nd generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2 (1st


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