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If you are currently reading this, then there's a good chance that you already know what hosts or host files are – those simple yet instrumental text files used by your computer's OS to map hostnames and host domains and addresses.
SwitchHosts! is a modern-looking and smooth-running, Electron-based application that helps you edit, manage and create custom host files and connect to online host sources with the least amount of effort.
Simple to deploy and launch, even easier to get used to
You can get started with this utility right away since it does not require any type of installation or configuration on your part. Please note that in order for the application to work, you are required to launch it with full system rights.
Once launched, the app greets you with its intuitive graphical user interface that features a typical layout for apps of this sort.
Put simply, the main window of the app is split into two main parts: the left-sided panel is the place where you can access and manage all your system or remote host files or entries, as well as enable or disable them, while the right side is the actual host editor.
Create and edit local host files with the utmost ease
You should know that once started, the app automatically picks up and displays your system's default hosts and backs them up. This is a good moment to point out that you can also set up local hosts or connect to remote host sources with no more than a few mouse clicks.
To create a local host file, simply click the plus-shaped button from the app's left sided panel, select 'Local', and provide the title.
The file should be generated in practically no time and you can effortlessly start changing its contents with the help of the useful editor with syntax highlighting capabilities.
Effortlessly connect to remote host sources
Connecting to remote hosts files can be done almost as easily, by clicking the same button, choosing the 'Remote' option and input the file's URL and pick a title.
Before the connection is established, you can also decide to refresh the content of the remote host files automatically at intervals ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours, all the way up to once a week.
Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that this straightforward application also enables you to import host files and export them to .JSON formats.
Modern and versatile, Electron-based host file editor and manager
To conclude, SwitchHosts! is a novice-accessible, useful and modern piece of software that makes it as simple as possible for you to create, edit and export local host files, as well as connect to remote sources from within its user-friendly interface or directly from your computer's taskbar.









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* Create and edit local or remote hosts files
* Powerful host file editor
* Support for custom hosts files and syncing
* Connect to remote host sources
* Content refresh interval
* Import and export files
* Preferences and help system

SwitchHosts! License:
SwitchHosts! is available to use for free, forever.

If you’d like to see more similar Electron applications, you can visit our Electron showcase page :

SwitchHosts! Feedback:
Please post any issues, questions, and suggestions that you have with SwitchHosts! in our dedicated GitHub issues page:

If you encounter any trouble or want to use this software in an educational or commercial purpose, please contact AppBuilderSolutions, our partners @

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Apple App Store Download Links:
– AppBuilderPlatform/SwitchHosts

Community for more inspiration:

For any questions, feedback, ideas, anything:
– Feel free to use the GitHub Issues page to submit bugs, feature requests and suggestions. We always welcome your thoughts and participation.
– Use the Development group on Telegram @ to get faster responses.

You can also read the SwitchHosts! White Paper :

– Windows
– Mac
– Linux (if we get enough support)

Can we have a white paper on this?
I’d pay good money for it.
Something short and to the point.
Probably have to create a GitHub repository for it but that might be ok.

I’ve seen a similar app on

SwitchHosts! 4264 Crack

Turn your computers into home servers for both local and remote hosts – edit, manage, and connect to them with the least amount of effort.
* Creates or edits local hosts or remote hosts files
* Options to update remote hosts files at intervals from 1 hour to 1 day
* Easily and intuitively connects to remote hosts
* Import local and remote hosts into SwitchHosts!
* Export all local hosts and remote hosts to.json format
* Microsoft Windows 8 or 10 (Windows 7 is not supported at this time)
* Web space. SwitchHosts! requires at least 4 Gb of free space
* 12 Gb virtual HDD space for installation
* Fast internet connection
* 2 Gb RAM (memory)
SwitchHosts! 1.3 is a professional-looking host file editor with the ability to connect to remote hosts as well as import and export hosts from and to.json formats.
SwitchHosts! displays host information in a compact and friendly graphical interface. You can also connect to your hosts automatically with the built-in feature, as well as search and sort host information.
SwitchHosts! Version 1.2.1 allows you to maintain your hosts locally as well as connect to remote hosts, edit host files, export them to.json formats and install them.
SwitchHosts! 1.1 is an all-in-one host file and remote host connection manager, as well as a friendly and intuitive host file manager that allows you to edit local hosts, maintain and connect to remote hosts in high-quality desktop presentations.
SwitchHosts! 1.0.1 is a smart, user-friendly and intuitive host file and remote host management software, as well as a desktop presentation manager that allows you to edit, manage and connect to remote hosts in a desktop presentation mode.

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SwitchHosts! 4264 Crack (2022)

Are you using an old or malfunctioning host file that prevents you from accessing a popular website or an important network resource? Do you need to simplify the job of creating a host file to connect to the internet? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place as we have a very cool app for you that will make your life much easier.
With SwitchHosts! you will be able to create or edit host files without the need to navigate through the Windows file system.
The app allows you to use one of many online sources to create or edit host files, and it even offers you a handy tool for importing and exporting of files in any of the supported formats.
It will be very easy to see what the application is like once you launch it: all you have to do is open the program and you will be greeted with the following interface.
The interface was designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind. You will find there the main menu as well as the time/date menu, the main left panel and the right side where you will see the host editor and the list of exported files.
Once you open the application, you will notice that the host editor is divided into three tabs: ‘Local’, ‘Remote’ and ‘Settings’. The first two are by all means self-explanatory – the first one is where you will be able to edit the contents of your host file, while the second one is where you will be able to connect to online sources.
Below the host editor, the app also displays a list with all exported files in plain text format, the current date and time in the background, while a menu for adding or removing hosts makes it a breeze for you to add, delete or modify any of your entries.
In other words, this application is pretty much like any other program for editing or creating host files. It just happens to use a number of great online resources to make the editing of your files quick, convenient and simple.
You can also export these files to other supported formats, including the JSON format.
So, just get the application and start experimenting with it, you will be surprised how much easier it is to work with the most popular online sources once you got used to it.
Key Features
* Connect to online sources with ease
* Create, edit or delete local or remote hosts files
* Edit the host file using the advanced editing interface
* Add hosts, delete existing hosts or set specific options
* Import hosts files from any of

What’s New In SwitchHosts!?

SwitchHosts! creates, edits and manages local and remote hosts files.
It also makes it as simple as possible to connect to online host sources.
Other features include:
– more than 100 options in the Configure tab (see the list of options below)
– The ability to create or import hosts from text files
– The ability to connect to online host sources
– the ability to refresh the content of remote hosts files at intervals ranging from 1 hour up to once a week
– the ability to create, manage and export local, as well as online hosts in JSON format
– option to reload local host files when you restart your computer
– an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface that supports keyboard navigation

Configure options
You can easily find the most commonly used options for this app, so that you can quickly access the optimal settings for your needs, by accessing the “Configure” tab in the main window and clicking on the cog icon, located in the bottom-left corner of the window.
Please be aware that some of the settings are not available in all cases, so you should be aware that the app can either present you with a “Configure options” panel in which you can navigate to the options concerned, or display the options that you have access to automatically.
I hope that you will enjoy using this new host editor.
Stay safe and have a great day.
Configure options (default):

Advanced options (default):

Adblock options:


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System Requirements:

Before installing, make sure to have the latest system patches installed.
Also, as a small heads-up, Oculus is currently performing a service update in order to address a hardware/software issue with the headset. This service update is expected to take up to one week, and should require you to log out of the Oculus Home app (it’s normal for the app to shut down) in order to completely update your headset.
If you experience issues after the update, we have an update for you on our Roadmap post.
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