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Smart PDF Tools Pro Crack For Windows

Split PDF files into smaller pieces, merge them back together and copy any page you need on the Clipboard to Word. Preserve and edit your PDF documents!

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Smart PDF Tools Pro With Key [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

Smart PDF Tools Pro is a functional application for your computer.

Smart PDF Tools Pro features a modern and neat layout, structured into three distinct tabs:

PDF Tools – Split, merge, remove pages, extract,…

PDF Tools – Security features – Sign, set a password, permissions,…

PDF Tools – Customization – Insert watermarks, attachments, stamps…

Add this free software and be sure to keep your PDF information safe!

Bookmarking Program – If you’re in need of a program to add
bookmarks to your PDF document, this may be the perfect one for you!
You can add and set multiple, unlimited number of bookmarks within
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Bookmarking Program

Program Description:

Create and Manage Bookmarks – You can create
and edit bookmarks with the Bookmarking Program. Add, edit, remove and
search for bookmarks within your PDF document.

Customize PDF Documents – The PDF
Formatting Program gives you many ways to customize the appearance of
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PDF Formatter – The PDF Formatting
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OneClick PDF Converter – If you are always in
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OneClick PDF Converter – OneClick
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Convert and Back Up Files – With OneClick
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Create and Manage Bookmarks – The
Bookmarking Program gives you many ways to add bookmarks to your PDF

Bookmark Tool – The Bookmarking
Program allows you to add and remove bookmarks. You can also search for
a specific bookmark within your PDF document.

Free PDF Tool – Save your PDF
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PDF Open – Save your files into PDF
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PDF Splitter – Split, merge

Smart PDF Tools Pro Free Download X64

Smart PDF Tools Pro is a proprietary software application designed to provide a set of tools for working with PDF files. A special set of functions is included to edit PDF documents: cut a PDF file into multiple pieces, merge them back together, remove pages from the PDF file, extract specific pages from the document, protect your PDF file with a password, set permissions, encrypt the PDF file, and insert watermarks, notes, and stamps. Moreover, you can convert PDF files to other document formats, e.g. DOC, HTML, XLS, PPT and TXT. Many features are useful, for example: save the current editing action as a permanent mark, go back to the previous state of the document, or export the edited PDF to another format.

The heart of the program is the main tools window with a form on the top. The program allows you to apply modifications to the PDF file: you can cut the file into pieces (pages, pages range, or even whole sections), combine multiple PDFs into one document, and split the document into different parts.
The program also allows you to read the PDF and display it in a document viewer. A crop marks window is available for those who want to extract a specific part of the PDF. You can delete a part of the PDF by pressing the Delete option, or cut out a desired part using the Crop tool.
Smart PDF Tools Pro offers a full set of print functions: you can print a PDF file as a standalone document, print any page range of your PDF file, print all pages, and print pages with the specified watermark. It’s possible to share your PDF file with someone else using the Copy tool, create a new file from an existing one, print the document in several sizes, and create a PDF from an existing file.
Most useful, Smart PDF Tools Pro supports all the basic PDF features, e.g. opening the PDF file from a disk, importing content from other documents, displaying the PDF document in a word processor, and exporting a selected part to another format.

Find program features


Import and export:

You can extract specific pages, image, text or notes from the PDF file and use the extracted data with external applications or save it to the local computer.

You can split a PDF into multiple files, cut out parts from a single PDF, merge the documents, and export your work to other formats.

Protect your PDF files with a password, set permissions, or encrypt

What’s New in the?

Smart PDF Tools Pro is a suite of handy built-in functions that helps you split PDF documents into smaller pieces, merge them together into one file, and create and edit PDFs. In addition, you can set the document’s permissions, protect it with a password, and insert watermarks and stamps.
Protect and edit your PDFs
The program is wrapped in a modern and neat layout, structured into three distinct tabs, the PDF tools and converters from and to PDF. A file previewer is located on the right side of the panel.
The “PDF Tools” tab stacks all the necessary functions to apply modifications (e.g. split, merge, remove pages, extract), security measures (sign, set a password, permissions, encrypt) and customizations.
Cut a single PDF into multiple pieces and merge them back together
To split a PDF file, you first have to browse its location on the computer, then choose the splitting option (e.g. page range, odd or even pages) and the output folder. To merge the parts back into a single document, just select all the pieces and hit the “Merge” button. It’s possible to extract specific pages from a PDF and add them to another.
Sign and protect the PDF file
Smart PDF Tools Pro lets you sign your documents using the mouse or import an existing signature image from the computer. Plus, you can protect important files with a unique password and select an encryption level (low, high).
It’s possible to mark the actions that are permitted when viewing the PDF, such as printing, modifying, extracting content, commenting or signing.
Convert other text files from and to PDF
In addition, you can insert watermarks, attachments and stamps, and create bookmarks. One of the most useful functions is the option to convert PDFs to other file formats, like DOC, HTML, XLS, PPT or TXT and vice-versa, and configure the conversion method (e.g. flowing, extract, simple text).

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I have been using Smart PDF Tools Pro for quite some time now and have found it to be very effective and easy to use. The same can be said of many other programs like this in the market today. I find that the page split and page

System Requirements:

OS: Windows® 7 / Vista / XP / Server 2003 / 2000 / ME / 98 / NT / NT 4.0
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB of RAM
Graphics: 64MB DirectX 11 graphics card, with 1024×768 or higher display resolution
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 650 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Requires a USB keyboard and mouse.
File size: 660 MB
Update size: 650 MB
Update time: Approximately 30 minutes

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