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Contemporary modern hard disks with IDE-interface have a so-called automatic acoustics-management. As the name already says, it is a question at that of the troublesome noise topic.
With this procedure the hard disk heads are quickened in a smaller way and slowed down in a smaller way. Result: The hard disk heads do less noise clearly in the case of hard disk grips. This noise is to be heard as a rattle. The noise of the spindle motor which drives the hard disk remains prospective on the other hand.
Using the SilentDrive program you can configure the Automatic acoustics-management (AAM).
Less noise at hard disk grips. It is also to be said, however, in this case that modern hard disks do not do a lot of noise anymore anyhow.
The access time goes up through that. This means, the drive needs something more time in order to position the hard disk heads over the necessary track. The time that is needed in order to transfer the data of the hard disk into the computer remains in this case unchanged.
Setup and remove
There is not a setup program for this program – is not also at all necessary. Simply copy the file SilentDrive.exe into an arbitrary folder of your choice. Since otherwise SilentDrive does not leave behind any insertions in the registration database of Windows, a simple deletion of the program file suffices for the deinstallation.







SilentDrive Crack

SilentDrive Activation Code is a program which identifies and makes settings for all the devices on your computer that make noise that are supported by the American Society of Testing and Materials standard.
More Information on SilentDrive:

SilentDrive is free software.



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SilentDrive For Windows 2022 [New]

SilentDrive.exe from Dimension Data Technology

SilentDrive is a handy software program for configuring the interface of the hard disk. Using the value of the parameter SIT, you can configure the automatic acoustics-management of your hard disk. The three-pane configuration interface provides an overview of the settings.

It is important to know that the program does not only configure the Automatic acoustics-management, but also it can be used after the installation, for example, in a test environment.

In the upper right corner of the page you can see the system requirements, the minimum and the maximum amount of memory on your system. The program is optimized and should therefore not cause more load than these requirements.

The time is measured in seconds per drive revolution. If the 0-value is left empty, this means “minimum wait time”, otherwise you have to wait more or less time. There is furthermore a time of finish, measured in seconds.

Hint on The value field for the Acoustics-Management:
The acoustics-management setup can have different levels. You can have it as low as “high” or even as “high” in reality, like most possibly in most cases. But for the beginning it is important to choose an easy setting. The commonest levels are: “high” and “middle”, please take into consideration your available time and patience. You can take it as long as you like to wait until the hard disk comes back to the initial position.

Another parameter controls whether you hear a loud beep at the end of the program. It can be left empty in the setup, by default there is in SilentDrive.

Configuring the voice-management:
In the configuration program you can configure the voice-management as well. The indicator has a selection of the available sounds, the programmed amount of voices and even a comparison of the settings.

The sound settings are:
The indicator for the voice-manager has the settings:
– voices to a maximum of 10
– the comparison of the parameters
– off/normal – normal-on will be set to normal with a maximum of 10 times.
– count the number of triggered voices
– active time is the time in seconds when the program is activated and will be active.

The program can be installed in the same directory as SilentDrive.exe if you want to

SilentDrive License Code & Keygen

The program allows the user to reconfigure the so-called automatic acoustics-management. The hard disk heads are quickened in a smaller way and slowed down in a smaller way. As a result, the program has less noise at hard disk grips. It is also to be said here that modern hard disks do not do much noise anyhow.
SilentDrive features:
SilentDrive only requires a small memory space. Since it does not make any changes in the registry system, the program does not leave behind any entries in the database of Windows.
SilentDrive is only one file; it does not leave behind any infiltration, in contrast to some windows applications, which always leave behind their own registry.
You need to open the program as administrator, which means, an administrator (someone with sudo rights) can easily install the program on a computer which is not yet activated for that.
SilentDrive is not, as all those inferior, inferior programs which replace the system program of Windows. That prevents errors which arise due to the system program.
SilentDrive does not make any changes to a hard disk, but it does make everything it has to do with its configuration file: The SilentDrive.ini. In this file you can find the settings.
SilentDrive has a so-called easy function for configuring the settings. For this, SilentDrive needs a manual, which has to be installed: Your manual (Boot.ini)
If SilentDrive is not available at the beginning, it opens the file with the drivers for you, which is located at the current subdirectory of the program folder. This is extremely convenient, since the user does not need to look around for the manual. (k.t.)
Tested on Windows 10.10.
Vendor’s screenshot
Future Adjustments
In the future, SilentDrive will also function with class 11 hard disks.
SilentDrive on PC Games

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What’s New in the SilentDrive?

SilentDrive can be found in the Windows Programm-archiv under the program name SilentDrive.exe.
Additional Information:
SilentDrive delivers the very AAM, which is a quickening of the hard disk head by 1 to 10 ms and a slowing down of the hard disk spindle motor by 1 to 10 ms. Of the amount of these values, just let be until the closest number will suffice in your case.
The dedicated value parameters are simple to understand. Please refer to the attached print picture for details. In the case of this program, the values are all saved in percent.
For example: The slow-down of the hard disk spindle motor is set to 5 percent, meaning that when the hard disk spindle motor rotates 5 ms faster than the reference time, the AAM will be triggered.
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System Requirements For SilentDrive:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7
CPU: 2GHz processor or higher
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
Graphics Card: Intel HD 3000 or better
Sound Card: DirectX compatible, integrated, or external
Additional Notes:
To minimize the delay of the multiplayer experience, please ensure you meet the following minimum system requirements. The multiplayer mode will not be available if the minimum system requirements are not met.
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2GHz processor

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