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It is not magic (still …), simply compares the vulnerabilities that it has received from the sources with the software that we have installed on our servers. Those vulnerabilities are stored into the database creating a vulnerability repository.
When SIGVI R2 finds a software that is vulnerable, it creates an alert and sends notifications to the administrators of the server.
Here are some key features of “SIGVI R2”:
■ Vulnerability Sources
The SIGVI uses vulnerability sources to download / receive the updates of the vulnerabilities. Periodically, the application connect to the sources, using their plugin, get the vulnerabilities and store them into the SIGVI database. Those vulnerabilities are available through one of the pages from SIGVI, with search options.
The vulnerability system is based on plugins, so you can define your own sources format inheriting the main source class and write two functions to read and loop rows, but don’t worry, because, by default, the application suports the NVD(National Vulnerability Database: format.
■ Vulnerability Daily Report
After the vulnerability loading process, SIGVI will send a report of the new or updated vulnerabilities to each user using their filter.
■ Product database
The products that we associate with our servers are stored into a table from the SIGVI database.
These products are automatically updated for each new loaded vulnerability (new products are inserted).
Initially, the products are downloaded from the NVD products file.
■ Software installed on servers
SIGVI needs to know which software is installed on each server to determine when a software is vulnerable.
The basic way is doing it manually, so you have to enter the basic services (for example those which are accesible remotely) on each server.
■ Alerts and notifications
Once the vulnerabilities has been loaded from sources, SIGVI will perform the comparison between the software list of each new vulnerability and the software that we have associated on each server, using the server filter (if any).
For each vulnerability affecting one product on one server, SIGVI creates a new alert. For each alert, SIGVI calculates a Risk Factor, based on the risk properties of the vulnerability (CVSS vector, …) and the properties of the service (the product on this server).
■ Filters
The filters are used to determine when to notify about a vulnerability and which type of vulnerabilities will be checked on each server.
■ Notification methods
How notifications are sent is defined by the notifications plugins. By default there is only one: email, but you can define your own, for example to create a ticket on the incidents database of your environment.
■ Vulnerability repository
All vulnerabilities loaded from SIGVI are inserted into the database, so a vulnerability repository will be accesible with search options.
Each row is linked with the definition on the source (NVD) and with the detail of this vulnerability.









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SIGVI R2 Crack For Windows is the second version of the SIGVI application.
We continue to improve the application and our main goal is to develop a complete system of vulnerability monitors, with additional features.
We worked hard on the engineering to make it as complete and accessible as possible.
Being this a first version, as it can be, we have to work on new features.
■ New Features
SIGVI R2 is the second version of the SIGVI application.
We continue to improve the application and our main goal is to develop a complete system of vulnerability monitors, with additional features.
We worked hard on the engineering to make it as complete and accessible as possible.
Being this a first version, as it can be, we have to work on new features.
■ Enhancements:
– Vulnerability list
• The vulnerability list is more clear and faster to load: by default the application downloads new updated vulnerabilities, defined by the filter.
• You can choose to update your list with all the vulnerabilities or only the new ones.
– Vulnerability sources
• We have more sources, so you can choose a general source (when it is working well) or define your own, using our plugins.
– Product database
• Products are now downloaded automatically from the sources you have selected.
– Software installed on servers
• The software installed on servers are now downloaded automatically, using the plugins that you have defined on each server.
– Alerts and notifications
• Alerts are generated with its risk and information based on the server list and product list.
• You can create your own notifications, with the plugins available.
• When a vulnerability is loaded, you will be able to determine which type of product is affected on which server.
• The notification method is now handled by the plugins (email, incident, queue…) and is selectable when configuring an alerts.
– User management
• The users list is now selectable when configuring the messages.
• The users list is now searchable with the software list.
– Vulnerability repository
• You can now search the repository based on the vulnerability source and the software list.
– Other minor bugs/enhancements
– Vulnerability search based on CVSS severity
– Minor bugs and enhancements
– More languages
It is now available in Italian, English and German.
SIGVI R2 Main screenshots:
If you want to see some more screenshots from the application

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SIGVI R2 Crack For Windows – A Vulnerability-based package for Software Update Management
Copyright(c) 2020, JFL Developments, Brazil
Supported OS

Windows 10 – Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 / Windows 8.1 – Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 / Windows Server 2012 x64

The downloaded software version has been checked to be compatible.

The downloaded software has been validated and work properly (against the configuration of SIGVI R2).

The downloaded software has a digital signature, certified by a trusted authority, to validate the originality of the software.

The downloaded software has been checked to be not infected by a virus.

The downloaded software have no reference on the internet about its proven viruses.


If you do not have a internet connection on your desktop, please download the SimpleMVP.dll and load it through sigvi r2.exe.

You can also use one of the SIGVI R2 example’s which are available on the Downloads section.

if you want to use a custom database, please download the sigvi.ini from the Downloads section.


SimpleMVP.dll – SimpleMVP.dll is a SIMPLEMVP.dll, it is a good library that simplifies the use of the Sigvi package.


Special thanks



SIGVI R2 Latest

SIGVI was developed because Microsoft Silverlight is becoming a common technology to develop and deploy online applications.
Silverlight is a free and open platform for building rich client applications on top of the.NET Framework and it includes technologies such as XAML/HTML, media, tools, and graphics to help you create highly interactive experiences for web and Windows 8.
Vulnerabilities that will affect Silverlight components are identified and stored into SIGVI, creating a repository of vulnerabilities of this product.
Silverlight has become a basic part of a web application, so it is important to use this technology when developing those components because it is a.NET platform with a rich set of services and components.
Based on this, this is the function of SIGVI:
– Provide a service to find and store vulnerabilities of a Silverlight application.
– Develop a report of daily vulnerabilities of Silverlight (in total, not only new ones).
– Send notifications (email, ticket,…) of the vulnerability to the adminstrator of each server, based on the filter.
– Check for each new vulnerability the installed software on each server based on the filter.
– Insert the new vulnerabilities into the database.
What’s the main difference between SIGVI and other online vulnerability scanner tools?
SIGVI is designed to work mainly with a Silverlight application.
It is not just a web scan, but a repository of all vulnerabilities that the product (Silverlight) has received from the vulnerability sources, and its associated applications.
Is it supported with your application?
Yes, it is supported with a set of plugins, including the NVD(National Vulnerability Database) format and it is also compatible with other sources.
What is your future plan?
SIGVI will be a system that will be a central entry point for you to check and report vulnerability and incident on your environment.
It will help you to control where you will receive a notification (NIST, NVD…) and the way you will be notified (email, ticket…).
To do this, SIGVI R2 is a work-in-progress and it will be updated regularly as new vulnerabilities are released. It will allow you to manage the system with the “Administrator interface” where you can define vulnerabilities, define filters, define some vulnerabilities notifications,… The next version of SIGVI will be complete and a more stable application.
In July 2014 we released a beta version of SIGVI R2 which allows you to report

What’s New in the SIGVI R2?

It is open source, only a few lines of code to open a web page, get the vulnerabilities, compare them with the software that we have installed on our servers and send a notification to the specified users.
We have more than 10000 installed servers and about 2000 vulnerabilities stored, so we need a fast and reliable application.
The source code of SIGVI R2 is open in public:# Signature of course

This file is of **utility** interest, not in nature.

__Please, make sure to edit `/usr/share/doc/pygments/README.rst`__, if you want to modify it

System Requirements:

Windows 7 64-bit or later
Memory: 1 GB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or better
Hard disk space: 1.5 GB
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
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