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Whois Report Generator

A powerful tool that will help you figure out many things. Whois is the abbreviation for the Domain Name System, which is a database created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and managed by IANA. This database holds information about various top-level domains (TLDs). While most browsers are set to display the entire contents of a Whois report on any domain you visit, Sam Spade lets you configure your own filtering rules, so that you can display certain information or filter out specific details.
You will find it very useful to get a quick look at a domain name – its DNS WHOIS record, its current owners, the current status and more. Sam Spade’s Whois tool is equally useful when you find yourself in a tricky situation, where it may be necessary to send a verification request to a domain name or perhaps even buy a domain from someone else.

– Setting any number of filtering rules that help you get information about domains and help you perform certain actions on them.

– Emailing the domain and an IP to a blacklist to automatically block the domain

– Filtering the report to include information about certain domains

– Retrieving all domains that match the specified IP

– Retrieving a list of all domains that are hosted on a certain IP.

– Taking a screenshot of the report to use for further analysis

– Sending a verification request to the domain to verify that it is in good standing.

Updating Sam Spade

Sam Spade is up to date and free of viruses. Our antivirus program found no viruses in this software. The most common way of getting malicious software onto your computer is to download software from the Internet.
If you have a question about a specific security issue with this software contact the publisher directly.
system requirements:

* 64-bit OS platform.
* 2 GB of RAM.
* Windows® XP 32/64 Bit compatible.
* 2 GHz processor.
* DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with at least 256 MB of VRAM.
* 40 MB of disk space.
* 64-bit JRE version 6 or later.Aldi Stores

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Sam Spade Serial Key

Sam Spade is a Swiss Army Knife for the Internet. With it you can browse the Web efficiently and stay away from spam. Being a powerful multi-tool for web-surfing, tracerouting and ip-address checking Sam Spade can also e-mail you when it finds harmful sites or email addresses. It supports filtering and reporting abusive sites and email addresses. Check if a domain is registered with MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) to protect your email address. Search domains by IP address, domain or traceroute to view the actual IP addresses. Sam Spade can analyze content of your webpages, check for ads on them and even view them in the blink of an eye. All in all it is a true Swiss Army Knife.
Some Features:
– Supports MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System)
– Ability to report/blacklist abusive domains
– Allows you to check IP address of webpages
– Domains search by IP address, domain or traceroute
– Allows you to analyze html content (crawls domains)
– Filter urls (supports Regex)
– Fast or slow traceroute
– Ping, whois, and SMTP check
– DNS check
– Supports proxy connections (both HTTP and HTTPS)
– A/V filtering


File size:

63.6 MB

Date Added:




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Sam Spade Crack [Win/Mac] [2022-Latest]

Sam Spade is an advanced, cost-free,
powerful and easy-to-use Internet
Spam detector. It scans all outgoing
emails and tracks all senders to build
a fast, intelligent spam list.
When it detects unwanted emails,
it can automatically block them.
Fully automatic and very effective,
it’s the most powerful solution for
minimalizing unwanted messages.
It also integrates into Outlook,
Yahoo! Mail, MSN, Gmail,,
Hotmail, Novell, Apple Mail, and
other mail clients, so that you can
set or view rules right from the
mail client!
Please see the related articles in
Software and Forum to learn how to
setup rules and manage the results
* Sam Spade Rules Editor
* Sam Spade SMTP Blacklist
* Sam Spade Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
* Sam Spade 3.1
* Email SpamScaner Pro
* 100% Virus Free
* No special configuration needed,
you can start to scan emails right
* Scan all emails on all accounts
* Scan new emails as they arrive,
* Includes free Sam Spade Plug-in
for Microsoft Outlook that allows you
to set rules and manage the results
using Outlook itself
* Scan new emails as they arrive,
* Scan incoming emails in bulk and
batch mode for off-line handling
* Includes Sam Spade SimpleView
Award winning image viewer
* Support for all popular email clients
* Supports 20+ languages including
English, German, Spanish, French,
Italian and much more
* Supports all IMAP protocols including
Gmail, MSN, Yahoo! Mail,,
Hotmail, AOL, and more
* Supports POP3 protocols including
Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail
and more
* Supports Exchange
* Supports IMAP, POP3 and Webmail
* Supports sendmail, exim, dovecot,
sendmail, qmail and more
* 10GB system memory to handle large
* 8GB working memory
* 45 day free trial
* One license for an unlimited number
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* Very stable, 15+ years of
* Over 90,

What’s New in the Sam Spade?

Sam Spade is a security oriented malware scanner, a catch all program that serves to find out who’s sending you unsolicited email, but also a clairsentience tool that gives you the feeling that you have just surfed a criminal web.
We have always thought that security on the internet should also include prevention and prevention can only be achieved if you have the means to intercept attacks before they reach their target. Sam Spade is such means.
With a professional user interface, it allows you to scan email addresses of people who send you spam, scan online sites and websites to find out if they are infected with malware or network security holes.
What’s Inside Sam Spade?
Sam Spade is a real time computer virus / malware scanner.
* When someone tries to access a web site you have on your computer, Sam Spade can intercept the incoming request and check if the hosting server is infected with malware or not.
* When the email address of someone tries to send you spam, Sam Spade can intercept the outgoing email message and scan it’s email address for suspicious behaviour. If a match is found, Sam Spade will display the results in a graphical window.
* When someone tries to send you an e-mail message, Sam Spade will check if the email address is registered in the ISPs Blocking List. This list contains hundreds of email addresses (mailing lists) that are blacklisted because they were reported as spammers by their ISP. If the email address is on the Blocking list, Sam Spade will display the results in the graphical window.
* You can use the Scheduler feature to scan websites automatically at a predefined schedule. The scheduled scans will run on the same day, and with the same email addresses. The results will be shown in a graphical window.
* You can use the Fast Scan feature to scan websites and email addresses in a faster way. By using the Fast Scan, the scanning process is interrupted after a maximum time of 10 seconds.
* For each scanned email address, Sam Spade will generate a log. The log will contain the scan results and any information that might be useful for you later.
* After all scans are finished, you can download a copy of the log.
* You can also export the results of the scan into HTML format and save them into a folder.

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System Requirements For Sam Spade:
Requires a game with installed. Click here to check if you have it or you can get here
Game: StarCraft II
Requires a copy of StarCraft II installed.
Windows® PC
Mac® OS

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