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Multimedia files come under a whole bunch of forms, depending on the encoder used to build the resulting file from sources. However, not all programs are capable of reading for playback all existing formats, especially portable players. In this regard, ReConvert comes with the means to help you choose and convert multimedia files to the desired format.
Can be used on the go
A cool thing about it is that you don’t even have to go through a setup process to make it work, and so you can start a conversion process as soon as download is done. Just be sure to install .NET Framework if it’s not already there, because it’s a mandatory requirement for functionality. Registry entries are not altered in the process, so you can even use it on the go.
The visual design is a pretty compact window, but manages to cleverly delimit and present all of its sections. On one side you find all import and output fields, while the other panel is used to define quality settings in case you choose to convert according to your own settings.
Various preset and custom values
The application relies on the FFmpeg encoder to convert files, but it’s already included so you don’t waste any time looking for it and installing it. In terms of file support, you can work with quite the variety of audio and video files, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM, QT, MOV, FLV, 3GP, WAV, and MP3, with different preset configurations for popular multimedia devices.
Sadly, you can only process one file at a time. As mentioned, it’s possible to ignore preset configurations and define your own. If custom format is selected for output, setup values for audio and video parameters become available, such as codec, bitrate, framerate, size, aspect ratio, extension, samples, channels, and more.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that it’s best to be sure of the format of interest before initiating playback of an audio or video file. In case the target device doesn’t support the format you own, then ReConvert offers a high chance to provide the settings you need, either by choosing from available presets, or configuring your own parameters.


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With Word Converter you convert MS Word files to PDF and vice versa. You can also extract content from the file into any other application. The program supports all major MS Office file formats, including DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, and others.
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ReConvert With Registration Code Download For PC (2022)

“ReConvert 2022 Crack is an easy-to-use and free windows multimedia converter. When it comes to converting videos or audio files, it can not be missed. The user interface is well designed and it can easily process audio or video files. After opening, you can choose from presets or customize the settings, including video and audio formats, frame rate, audio codec, video codec, channel number, video size, video aspect ratio, and audio channels. Most file formats are supported. If your multimedia file is supported, you can also send it directly to popular multimedia player and cellphone supported directly.
It can convert your downloaded videos and audio files to popular multimedia player and cellphone supported formats without altering the original video or audio files. You can also convert your multimedia files to popular formats and rescan the multimedia files to convert them to proper format. You can also batch convert files at a time with the batch mode. It is safe and easy-to-use.
Key features:
1. Auto conversion of Audio and Video
2. Supports many file formats
3. Resample/Decode option
4. Copy to clipboard
5. Batch conversion
6. Supports multiple audio and video formats
7. Preview in program before conversion
8. E-mail option
9. Per-file options
10. Source and destination preferences
10. Key features:
1. Auto conversion of audio and video
2. Supports multiple file formats
3. Video and Audio codecs can be selected during conversion
4. Resample and decode options
5. Destination folder can be pre-selected or customized
6. Supports any media file(.mp3,.mp4,.avi,.wmv,.divx,.mkv,.avi,.rm,.3gp,.mov,.wav,.ogg,.flv,.m4v,.mkv,.wmv,.dat, etc)
7. Supports multiple audio/video formats for one media file (convert music or convert audio/video and music together)
8. Supports per-file settings
9. Supports batch conversion
10. Resample and decode options
11. Supports all popular media players”
“a.Auto conversion of audio and video
b.Supports multiple file formats
c.Resample and decode option
d.Destination folder can be pre-selected or customized
e.Supports any media file(.mp3,.mp4


ReConvert — is a powerful program and the best tool to convert video, audio, images of any size to desired format with the highest quality and without loss of quality. It is a perfect video converter that allows you to convert several files and preserve their qualities.

This program has a simplified interface, so all you have to do is to drag-and-drop files onto the window to initiate a conversion. It is very intuitive, so even a beginner can get into it without problems.

In terms of presets, the software offers a wide range of presets, such as 3GP, QT, WMV, AVI, FLV, MP3, WAV, RM, MOV, MPEG, and WMA, and many more, so you will always find the perfect format for you. Moreover, you can use any number of presets, and also choose to save the settings as a favorite for use it them in future. Also, you can choose to convert the audio only, video only, or both.

What’s more, it has a comprehensive set of options, which allow you to set the output format, bitrate, resolution, frame rate and more. The option is friendly for both the novice and expert, and with a few minutes, you can get a high-quality file within the format you desire.

It’s a feature-packed video converter, with all of the basic requirements, such as customized presets and video or audio file conversion, resolution, bit rate, frame rate and more. Also, it offers additional features, such as video editor and photo editor.
ReConvert Specifications:

ReConvert Video Converter is the best program for video or audio files that is for converting multiple files or converting an individual file to different formats. All formats can be very easily dealt with because it supports a lot of formats and all the necessary settings.
It’s really a handy tool which is capable of achieving an ultimate result without consuming any of your time. So, one can use this freeware to easily convert multiple videos or audio files into different formats.

ReConvert Software is very easy to use as it allows you to convert all of your media files without any hassle. There are different ways to convert files, which you can select and choose according to your requirements.

You can easily convert multiple files using this application. With this application, you can also convert your videos without loss of quality. You can also convert music files with the

What’s New in the ReConvert?

ReConvert is a Windows application that can convert multimedia files from one format to another with ease. This includes audio as well as video files, allowing you to convert files from AVI to MP3, from MPEG to AVI, from WMV to MP4, etc. It also contains the necessary functions needed to burn MP3, AAC, AVI, and other multimedia files to a CD.
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Main Features

Accelerate conversion

– Accelerate conversions by using resources of the cloud such as AWS or Azure to make sure that your conversion is quickly done.

Save costs

– Save costs by limiting resources on the computer you are using or by using resources of the cloud such as AWS or Azure to make sure that your conversion is quickly done.

Professional conversion

– Professional conversion by using the latest technologies for the best quality conversion (MP3, GIF, and PNG).

Flexible options

– Flexible options by choosing the file type that you want (PSD, SVG, HDR or PNG) and the encoding option you want (MP3, GIF, OGG or PNG).

Help at your hand

– Help at your hand by asking us your questions. You can even get answers in the form of a new template to use in your next projects.

After subscribing

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit Intel-based Macs with a Broadcom or Atheros chipset and a Broadcom wifi card.
Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7/8, 64-bit Intel-based Macs with a Broadcom or Atheros chipset and a Broadcom wifi card.
Android OS 1.6.3 (or later) and Kindle Fire tablet with latest OS version.
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