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Quick BD Menu Crack+ Free Download [Win/Mac] Latest

Quick BD Menu Crack For Windows allows you to create navigation and menus with minimal effort.
Quick BD Menu Crack For Windows functions as a set of tools. All basic functions have a corresponding Quick BD Menu equivalent.

New Quick BD Menu version 2009 is released.

All other functions are integrated into Quick BD Menu. Quick BD Menu will now offer all basic functions and interactive tools.

About BD Interactive Menus

Quick BD Menu has been created specifically for the generation of BD interactive menus.

Buttons with additional function; during a chapter, audio or subpicture stream switching can be triggered by pressing the additional button. For example, the menu buttons offer the option of a call to your friends from the personal phonebook.

Structure of BD Interactive Menus

BD Interactive menus use the menu structure of the BD-Menu software. This means that all menu items are ordered according to their position in the menu.


Menu Item




Activate subpicture stream



View audio stream



Play video



Audio option (volume)



Video option (volume)






Switch audio/subpicture stream


Switch audio/subpicture stream


Play video


The position of a chapter or audio stream can be changed by clicking a menu button. The menu buttons allow a detailed description of the chapter and audio streams. A detailed description of the chapters and audio streams can be found here.

BD Menu Software Overview

BD-Menu is a BD interactive menu software used for the generation of navigation menus, playback commands and the program menu.

BD-Menu is able to use external data sources, such as navigation menus, the personal phonebook or a remote web server. The navigation menus offer a wide variety of features for the generation of custom navigation commands.

BD-Menu records the entire media playback, so it is possible to view BD interactive menus on any other device. BD-Menu features are also included in the program menu allowing playback of the recorded media.

The program menu also offers a full range of options such as custom activation commands, recording of played chapters, chapter and audio stream switching and the control of the BD-Menu settings, such as the recording mode.

Quick BD Menu Full Product Key [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

Quick BD Menu is a simple and handy solution for BD interactive menu creation. The application automatically allows the creation of navigation and menu commands, for example, button navigation, switching audio or subpicture streams or the highlighting and selection of needed chapters depending on the current movie position.
Quick BD Menu can also be used to easily generate chapters, audio or subpicture menus.
Quick BD Menu features:
• Ability to create unlimited BD interactive menus
• Ability to create one BD interactive menu for each selected chapter (full chapter mode) or create a user-defined sequence of BD interactive menus (loop mode)
• Works in full chapter and loop modes
• Offers “jump in” function
• Ability to include subpicture streams in the menus
• Ability to create a menu for the background sound
• Ability to create a menu for selected chapters (in chapter mode)
• Ability to generate a navigation menu with “move to” commands depending on the current movie position (in chapter mode)
• Ability to set up audio or subpicture selection (in chapter mode)
• Menu can be added to the currently selected chapter
• Ability to assign Hot keys to commands
• Ability to assign a key to each command
• Ability to open and edit menu commands
• Ability to open menus from BD menus
• Ability to save the menu
• Ability to save the files
• Ability to open the files in other programs
• Ability to make the installed menu an executable file
• Ability to make created files executable
• Ability to print the menu
• Ability to create a user-defined menu
• Ability to delete all the menu files
• Ability to find the names of all the menu files
• Ability to set the files name
• Ability to sort the files
• Ability to search for the file names
• Ability to create new menu files
• Ability to delete the files
• Ability to show the file name and path
• Ability to replace the file
• Ability to replace the file with a text file
• Ability to replace the file with the parameters of the menu file
• Ability to create a menu file with a custom name
• Ability to set subpicture selection
• Ability to include subpicture files
• Ability to set the position of the menu file
• Ability to access the server menu files

Quick BD Menu

Quick BD Menu is a very easy and powerful BD Interactive Menu Builder. The application is ideal for enabling the BD viewer to have all interactive menus ready in a couple of minutes without programming help.
The application is able to provide user-friendly user interfaces for the navigation and the menu creation. All effects and transitions are automatically processed by Quick BD Menu.
You can simply map all chapter and audio/subpicture menu commands onto all the predefined buttons in the application.
If you need more functionality, you can program any functions yourself and use them in the application.

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What’s New in the?

– One single executable file (after unzipping only 14mb or less)
– Embedding into BD menu files and.dat files via drag&drop function
– Adjustable color scheme
– Ability to save navigation commands to separate files.
– Create BD menu files
– Modify BD menu files
– Clickable buttons on BD menu files
– Create/modify/open channels with texts in individual BD menu files
– Automatic creation of audio and subpicture menus
– Spamming protection function
– Ability to add channel buttons without any menus
– Selections and parameters are saved
– Shortcuts and mouse configuration
– Automatic displaying of the current subpicture image
– Easy generating of selection panels for text or image files (or codecs)
– Lively and visually pleasing with an intuitive interface
– Error messages are displayed clearly and intelligently
– Lively and visually pleasing with many features to give you the power to create a menu exactly the way you like it!

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