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This is an open source Protien Data Bank (*.pdb) file format importer plug-in for Autodesk’s Maya Unlimited/Complete Animation and Special Effects software. PDBViz is created to facilitate dissemination of scientific research.









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– Designed for scientists, researchers, students, and students of science
– Made to convert files directly in to a.mol2 format for molecular modeling
– Build on OpenBabel’s “create mol2 plugin”
– Includes visualizations for animation, molecular visualization, and protein-ligand docking
– Supports interactions such as hydrogen-bonding, covalent bonds, and Van der Walls forces
– Has the ability to generate outputs such as animations, molecular rendering, visualizations of protein-ligand interactions, and protein – protein and protein-ligand docking
– It is written in C++ with the use of Qt 4
– The code is structured to be easily extensible and updateable
– The code is modular to allow for easy addition of new functionality
– Includes a Graphical User Interface for easy use
– Can be run from the command line as well as through an intuitive menu
– Documentation available online
– Compatible with Windows and Linux
– Currently only supports tessalation structure/protein format
– Currently doesn’t use any registered trademarks or copyrights of Autodesk, OpenBabel, or PDB files.
– Supported Linux:
– Ubuntu 11.04
– Ubuntu 10.04
– Ubuntu 9.10
– Ubuntu 8.04
– Ubuntu 8.10
– Ubuntu 7.10
– Ubuntu 7.04
– Ubuntu 6.06
– Ubuntu 5.10
– Ubuntu 5.04
– Ubuntu 3.4
The system requirements are as follows:
– Windows XP SP2 or higher
– Gnu C compiler
– Qt 4
– Python 2.6
– Python sqlite module

Program currently under development.
Recent advancements include:
– Installing files from within the protocol dictionary, thus making it easier to install and update the files.
– Print directly to stdout to a file.
– PDB text editing.
– A framework for adding comments to the PDB files.
– Detects non-standard PDB files.
– Detects missing files, such as the structure, errors, etc.
– Text Editor right in the menu and all commands are implemented.
– Adds references to known scientific publications to the PDB files.

PDB viewer
This software was created by Jonathan Hsu. This software is in no way associated with Autodesk Inc. or used in conjunction with Maya.

PDB Viewer is a Windows software that

PDBViz Crack + Download

PDBViz Download With Full Crack is a visualization plug-in for Autodesk’s Maya Unlimited/Complete animation and special effects software package. It can be used to plot Protein Data Bank (PDB) files. The PDB files can also be read directly into the Maya software.
Author’s Statement:
Maintained and Developed by the Jim D. Toal, Ph.D. Research Group of the School of Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Last update 2018 (for Maya 2018 Release). For more information visit: www.PDBViz Torrent Download.org.
*** This project is officially discontinued. For more information visit: ***
*** This project is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) in the hope that it may be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. ***
*** The PDB files read and visualized by PDBViz are freely available for academic use from: ***

How to Install PDB Viz

Start Maya

Go to: Window>plugins

Select the options in the bottom of the page

Click on the install plugins button to install them

Once they are installed a box will pop up, click on install.

Go to: Window>plugins

You should now be able to select PDB Viz from the plugin list. Click the down arrow in the top-right corner to configure the icons and other settings

Go to: Window>help>manage plugins

You should now see PDB Viz listed at the top of the page. Click on it to access the plugin settings

Go to: Window>help>manage plugins

You should now be able to select PDB Viz from the plugin list. Click the down arrow in the top-right corner to configure the icons and other settings

Go to: Window>plugins>PDB Viz

You should now be able to select PDB Viz from the plugin list. Click the down arrow in the top-right corner to configure the icons and other settings

Go to: Window>help>manage

PDBViz Crack [32|64bit]

– PDBViz is a Maya plugin that enables the import of Protein Data Bank files (.pdb) into Autodesk Maya 2011 Unlimited/Complete
Author: J. Alberto Rey & Oscar G. Olvera
This is a BSD licensed plugin available for all users on the free GNU/Linux platform.
License: BSD License.
Dependencies: Autodesk Maya or Redshift
PDBViz is available on
PDBViz Support:
You can reach PDBViz at contact.maya-pdbviz@gmail.com. You can also visit the PDBViz forums at
PDBViz Related Links:
– Maya PDBViz Support:
– PDBViz project homepage:
– PDBViz download page:
Version 1.2 – 2011/07/25
– Removed a warning that could be generated in some cases
– Changed the m4 macros
Version 1.1 – 2011/07/25
– Added a check for the Cygwin compiler when compiling
Version 1.0 – 2011/07/05
– Added check for the Maya compiler when compiling
– Added functionality to analyze the structure of the data records being imported
– Changed the structure of the import dialogue to match the new records
– Added some additional functionality
– Changed the code to be compatible with Autodesk’s development environment
– Added some documentation
PDBViz Usage:
– You can import your PDB files in the following manner:
1) Load the plugin by selecting the check box “Protein Data Bank Information” under plugins -> add-ons -> plugin manager
1) Define the structure of your files
1) Select the format of your files (*.pdb)
1) Select the number of residues and the pair of chains.
1) Select whether the file contains amino acid information or not.
1) Press the

What’s New In?

PDBViz is a visualization interface to the PDB file format. The interface makes it straightforward to view and analyze molecular structures in three-dimensions.
PDBViz runs on all platforms supported by Maya Unlimited/Complete.
PDBViz provides a number of new features to help you better visualize and manipulate your file structure.
You can view and zoom into molecular structures
You can rotate any molecular structure within the application.
Rotating around the Z axis will make the molecules look like a 3D object.
You can change the molecules viewpoint and make use of perspective modes like:
– Observer
– Parallel
– Orthographic
– Viewing the same molecule in all the standard views (X, Y, Z, R, and Theta).
You can zoom into details of the molecules surface to make use of lighting and other visual effects.
PDBViz can provide you with a figure generator that makes it straightforward to create your own figures.
PDBViz has a built-in viewer that provides a number of useful viewing options to help you better understand the 3D nature of the files.
After importing your PDB file, you can easily change the molecule names and figures of reference.
You can also create custom figures
You can also use the “History Panel” to easily switch back and forth between your old figures and the new ones without losing your whole figure hierarchy.
The History Panel is ideal for pulling figures from a PDB file into your scene without having to merge each figure by hand.
You can alter molecule names and figures of reference to match your needs.
You can also load figures from the built-in viewer to your figure hierarchy.
You can also import figures from other files such as PDB, NBF, MAYA, etc…
The built-in viewer also supports features such as:
– Angular Pivot
– Collision detection
– Cylinder rendering
– Grouping figures
– Hitter
– Isometric view
– Lighting and viewing options
– Pan-and-Zoom
– Parallel view
– Perspective view
– Multi-plane and Roll
– Rotation around the X, Y, or Z axis
– Rotate-the-View
– Selection
– Viewing in standard views (X, Y, Z, R, and Theta)
– Zooming in the X, Y, and Z axes
– Static rendering mode
– Stitch to curve

System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz
100 MB available disk space
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT


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