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Nüvi editor is a program to help you edit waypoints that you can save to disk or send to your nüvi. The program has a Geocoder linked to Google Maps which you can use to get the coordinates of an address and also has a Google Maps view page which will let you narrow down your coordinates to within a few feet of accuracy.
With Garmin’s POI loader you can also use files created by nüvi editor to create thousands of ‘Points of Interest’ which you can store on your nüvi or on a SD card in the slot on the side of your nüvi. The nüvi is a great little device, however it lacks the ability to go back and re-edit waypoints that are stored in it.
This small deficiency can be a nuisance when you realize that the nüvi also stores addresses and phone numbers. Even though you can get the directions to anywhere, it is still useful to store the rest of the information.


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Nuvi Editor 1.12.3 Crack + Free Download For PC [Updated-2022]

With Nuvi Editor you can save every waypoint you create on your nüvi
as an editable record. It can be editable at any time and even
preserved in case you uninstall the nüvi software. When you’re ready
to create or edit a new waypoint, just load one in Nuvi Editor,
translate it with the Geocoder and save.

Nuvi editor is a program to help you edit waypoints that you can save to disk or send to your nüvi. The program has a Geocoder linked to Google Maps which you can use to get the coordinates of an address and also has a Google Maps view page which will let you narrow down your coordinates to within a few feet of accuracy.
The program:

adds a map to open in Google Maps when you open the map
adds a code box in a separate window to translate your waypoint
allows you to edit the text that you enter
allows you to edit the GPS waypoints that you enter
allows you to save the information you entered as a new waypoint
allows you to send the information you entered to the nüvi when you exit
allows you to save your saved waypoints to the SD Card
allows you to save the waypoint from the SD Card to the nüvi
allows you to delete the information that you entered in the code box

And a Google Maps page that will open up when you click on the map on the left:


There are no real disadvantages to this software other then the requirements that are mentioned above, which are:

Windows XP / Windows Vista
Maps/Google Maps
nüvi / Garmin Rino APP v2.0 or later


This software is free to use and has a free trial version which you can use before you buy it.


This is a solid free alternative to the Garmin software, and allows you to store waypoints on your Nüvi.
Download Here
If you’re looking for a paid alternative, here is a quick review of something different…
Review Here


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Nuvi Editor 1.12.3 With Registration Code

Nuvi Editor creates new waypoints that you can store on your Garmin nüvi and send to the nüvi using the memory card slot in the side of the device. The addresse, phone numbers, and GPS waypoints from your nüvi can easily be edited in your favorite text editor and saved to file.
Just open the editable.INI file in your favorite text editor and use it. The easiest to use version of a Garmin editor program.
See the in-depth video at this

There are two ways to load/save to/from the nüvi.
1. You can use the Garmin’s POI loader app to create a POI file that you can then load to the nüvi.
2. You can use the nüvi editor program.
Once you load or edit a POI file the new location is sent to the nüvi’s memory card
The steps for editing are the same for both methods.
*Start Garmin’s POI Loader App
1. Go to your computer’s start screen and enter the name of your nüvi device –
NOTE: For nüvi-350 Series.
1.Start the Garmin POI Loader App
2. Find the.INI file. (It will be in your Garmin file folder).
3. In the File Name box enter “nüvi.ini”.
4. In the Load From box enter the.INI file you want to load to your nüvi.
5. In the Save To box enter the GPS address (destination) or Phone number (phone) for the waypoint.
6. In the OK button click to save the new waypoint. The new waypoint’s address, phone number, latitude and longitude are sent to your nüvi.
To save the edited file back to your nüvi, use the POI viewer in the nüvi editor to find the edited file, choose the new name, and click on the ‘Save’ button.

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Nuvi Editor 1.12.3 Crack With Product Key [Win/Mac]

Nuvi Editor Features:
Narrows down the address or coordinates you have by putting them into a Google Map interface (see example below)
Add address/coordinates to your nüvi from a text file or GPS waypoints created with our free POI loader.
Save your waypoints to a text file or to an SD card.
Google Maps View Page
Use Google Maps with some GPS data to get a direct reference to where the waypoint is.
Import/export of waypoints from the nüvi to other programs


For more information about the Nuvi Editor program, see this video review:

To download Nuvi Editor, the download is free, just click the green “Download” button below.

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What’s New In Nuvi Editor?

Nuvi Editor lets you edit the waypoints in your nüvi by creating new waypoints, changing their coordinates, reducing their size and make them more prominent on your nüvi’s display, then you can save the file in GPX or ASCII format or save a GPX file in NVD format for importing to other devices.

You can rename your waypoints too. So if you want to use it on your Garmin GPSmap 62S then you can store waypoints with a name other than ‘POI’ or ‘Latlng’ so you can remember where they are.

Nuvi Editor has a nüvi function with a Google Maps view as well. With this view you can find the correct coordinates from the latitude and longitude boxes that look like this

When you click on the code this pop up window will appear:

Click the search icon and type an address or post code.

You can narrow down your search by setting your minimum accuracy and then clicking on the map to give you a window like this:

Because you haven’t set the minimum accuracy we just get about 2 results from all your waypoints.

If you have a small or exact street address then you can also set your search radius for your address to define your radius for which you want results.

When you have entered a street address then click on Map and then type a key in the search bar such as ‘Street’ and then type a key for your address such as ‘LN’ then click on the search icon:

Because we haven’t set the search radius from our address we just get results from our whole search area.

Now you can see there are no results for your address at the moment, it will look like this:

Click on the grid icon to zoom in and if you see some results then click on the symbol next to a result to make it white.

Now you can see the results you will need to review so you can find the one you are looking for:

On the left hand side click on the ‘+’ icon and add the waypoint to the map.

If you want you can make the waypoint more prominent on the map by dragging it with your mouse and if you zoom in more then you can select the waypoint and edit it with your mouse too.

Now you can see your new waypoint on your map. If you want to see your nüvi mode you

System Requirements:

PlayStation®4, PS Vita.
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