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NSIS Autorun Crack + [Mac/Win]

Update 22/06/2018: The NSIS Autorun team announced that they will “no longer release new builds nor make any improvements to Autorun.”

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Inno Setup


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Official NSIS Autorun website
Official NSIS Autorun Forum
Autorun for Inno Setup

Category:Windows-only freeware
Category:Installation software
Category:Intelligent enterprise software
Category:Utilities for Windows/**
* Copyright Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0.

#pragma once

namespace Aws

namespace CSMLErrorBase
AWSError MakeCSMLError(CoreErrors::Client dir);

namespace CSMLErrorSerialization
struct EnumTraits
enum { SerializationMinLength = 4 };
} // namespace CSMLErrorSerialization
} // namespace CSMLErrorBase

namespace Aws
namespace CSMLErrorResolver

static inline Aws::Client::AWSError GetErrorForName(const char* errorName)
int hashCode = HashingUtils::HashString(errorName);
if (hashCode == CSML_Error::NotFound)
return Aws::Client::AWSError(CoreErrors::Client::NotFound, “CSML resource not found”, errorName, “”);
else if (hashCode == CSML_Error::ServiceUnavailable)
return Aws::Client::AWSError(CoreErrors::Client::ServiceUnavailable, “CSML service

NSIS Autorun Full Product Key [Win/Mac]

Many people are downloading my program for NSIS because it’s free, can do any kind of executable files (executable,vbs,bash…).(
I use NSIS Autorun Serial Key for launch any kind of file, I use this for so different way to install my files, I use so a lot this tool, my biggest files installation (and one of the biggest) is my application Entreprise Manageur HP Printer (

Some features of NSIS Autorun:

Burn and play in a non-rectangular window (I use it for NSIS installer)
Don’t need to wait for file to end, launchs automatically (Use it for autoexec.bat)
Burn the DVD with sound and animation
Install virtual drive with C:, D: and so on (Use it for VB install)
Load the registry
Backgrond image and automatical icon (They do the work!)


What you’re describing sounds just like the sched.exe utility that is usually shipped with MS OS’s. It allows you to schedule tasks to run when specific conditions are met. For example, you could schedule a task to run at logon, in the background.
Other questions like this suggest that it’s indeed a Microsoft utility:

How to start a program on Windows startup
How do you do “auto-run” in windows 7/8?

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NSIS Autorun Registration Code

NSIS Autorun can be easily used as a standalone program.
It can also be used as a framework to build more complex autoruns, such as:
Single applications with UI-less custom rollovers
Multi-Media autoruns (CD, DVD, USB)
Installers with tabbed custom rollovers
For help and support using NSIS Autorun, visit our documentation site on nsisautorun.com
Download NSIS Autorun and try it for yourself
You will need NSIS 2.46 or later.

Latest release: NSIS Autorun 0.9.1

Email support, bug reports and features requests to:


View credits and source code:

There is a closed source version of NSIS Autorun. Go here:

NSIS Autorun has been developed by Atmospheric Programmer AB (Armenia) and is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. In no event shall Atmospheric Programmer AB (Armenia) or its licensors be liable for any damages or losses arising out of use, or inability to use, NSIS Autorun.
The authors disclaim all liability for personal injuries, including death, sustained by the user or anyone else, and any and all consequential damages, resulting from NSIS Autorun’s use.
Using NSIS Autorun is at your own risk. If NSIS Autorun causes damage to your computer system, your warranty is void. There is no warranty for error free operation or appropriate functionality of NSIS Autorun. NSIS Autorun is provided “as is” with no guarantee of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event will the authors or any contributors to NSIS Autorun be liable for any damages or losses arising out of use or misuse of NSIS Autorun.
NSIS Autorun is hosted by Atmospherique.



What’s New In NSIS Autorun?

NSIS Autorun is a graphical autorun engine for NSIS. It was developed to be easy to use. There is no need to edit script files, no need for manual copying of files or registry entries. The NSIS Autorun is very easy to use, as all major parameters and engine features are available via a single interface.
With NSIS Autorun you will get the most important features of NSIS, such as NSIS Scripting, Windows Scripting, Inno Setup and AutoIt. A single set of.nsi installer files can be executed by any of these engines.
Very easy to use
Support for non-rectangular windows and animation
Advanced support for sound (for example for web pages, advertisements, animations)
NSIS – Advanced page
NSIS – Advanced page helper functions:
Burn NSIS script files to CD / DVD
Install NSIS scripts to HKCU – NSIS script files
Install NSIS scripts to HKLM – NSIS script files
Install NSIS scripts to HKCR – NSIS script files
Install NSIS scripts to HKCU – NSIS script files per user
Create NSIS scripts
Automatically open a file or URL in the main window
Automatically open a file or URL in a new window
Automatically open a file or URL in a new window with a given size
New NSIS Scripting (automated) for automation with Inno Setup
NSIS – Mac support
Allows NSIS script files to be opened using the OS X Application Loader
Allows NSIS script files to be opened using the Archive Utility
Allows NSIS script files to be opened using the Finder
All NSIS script files can be executed with the new NSIS Autorun
All NSIS script files can be executed with the new NSIS Autorun
NSIS – Options
Support for the NSIS key
Display engine options on the NSIS main page
Show animation on the NSIS main page
Show log on the NSIS main page
Show clickable logo on the NSIS main page
Run from the NSIS main page
Hide NSIS main window and show the NSIS product window
Auto-hide the product window
MSI file opening on the NSIS main page
Automatically launch programs/URLs on the NSIS main page
Open source editor:
GZIP editor
Bzip2 editor
InstallShield editing

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: 1GHz Processor recommended (2GHz is strongly recommended)
Memory: 256MB of RAM required
Graphics: 128MB of Video Memory is recommended
We will be hosting a first-come first-served tournament starting at 11AM PST
. In the event we do not reach full capacity of players and pools are full, players will be randomly seperated by race to see which races are not represented in the tournament.
Bracket Selection will occur on a first come


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