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My IP Hide 1.27 Crack+ Free Download For PC

Hide IP is a powerful program that provides a virtual IP address on your computer. No-one can connect to your computer using its IP address, nor can they see your real IP address.
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Twitter: @andwiley
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My IP Hide 1.27 Crack Activation Code [Latest] 2022

* Optimized for Windows 10
* Get instant access to the Virtual IP address that’s compatible with most browsers
* Save your real IP
* Change the proxy server and port number directly from the right-click menu
* Easily start the application from Windows taskbar
* Prevent others from accessing your Internet connection
* Hide your real IP address using a virtual one
* Hide other services/websites
* Leave your home page
* Remove the Virtual IP address notification
* Change the proxy server and port number easily
* Automatic update
* No maintenance fees
The ability to change IP addresses frequently and those of the proxy server in a few seconds, without the need to restart or open specific applications, are the main advantages of this software. Furthermore, its users don’t need to worry about their real IP address getting discovered as the Virtual IP address displayed is the only one available to them.
Have a look at the most recent improvements and their new features:
– Support for Windows 10
– Change the proxy port
– Option to remove the notification
– Automatic and manual updates
– Dedicated sections to make changes, without getting confused
– Hide services in the taskbar
– Hide the page you visit while browsing
– Hide other websites
– Change the home page
– Hide cookies
– Safe browsing (advanced feature)
– Hide your real IP address
– Hide system notifications
If you want to use My IP Hide Serial Key from a mobile device, be it a tablet or smartphone, you can do so using the (free version) or (paid version).
To use the internet securely, you may want to obtain a VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, as the My IP Hide 2.0 application can still be accessed using the aforementioned VPNs.
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My IP Hide 1.27 Torrent Free [32|64bit]

Hides your IP address and permits to access specific blocked or unavailable webpages.
An unlimited number of proxy addresses, ports, HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
Easy to use and install.
Fully configurable and customizable.
Can be used in all countries.
Password and Time-based Features.
With the use of a password or time-based features, My IP Hide can be protected from unauthorized access.
Fully configurable proxy settings.
Multiple system tray icons.
Gestures support.
Compatible with all web browsers.
Free and open-source software.

My IP Hide for the PC allows for the blocking of an unlimited number of proxy addresses, ports, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, so you can access any blocked or unavailable website using a proxy server.
Its main window is very simple and intuitive; it displays your current IP, along with the virtual one used for surfing the Internet.
Additionally, in case you want to change the settings, you can navigate to the System Tray and access the proper setting from the right-click menu.
The General tab enables you to:
“Start the application every time you start your system.
“Bind the application with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
“Customize the proxy server settings.
“Enable the password and time-based features for the protection of the application.
“Toggle proxy settings.
“Configure the proxy settings.
“Modify the proxy server settings.
“Enable automatic proxy server updates.
“Add and manage proxy servers.
“Access the settings page from the System Tray menu.
The System tray icon allows for the configuration of the proxy addresses, ports, and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) protocols, with which you can access:
“Any blocked or unavailable website.
“Any website from the specific websites category.
“Any HTTPS web page.
“Any IP address.
“Any IP address subnet.
The Proxy Address and Port tab allows you to modify the default proxy IP addresses and ports, so you can have a different proxy address and port for each network connection.
Additionally, in case you want to use the “Default” tab, you can specify the proxy address and port that you want to use by default in your network connections.
The HTTP and HTTPS protocol tab enables you to change the proxy address and port

What’s New in the My IP Hide?

► Protect your Internet connection in case your country blocks the access to specific websites, services, or even other Internet protocols, such as DNS queries for example (in case you want to watch Netflix or any other service that requires Internet connection).
► Go in private mode without revealing your real IP address, which can be used for accessing blocked or unavailable websites or to send confidential messages.
► Quickly change your virtual IP address, enabling you to surf the Internet as if you were using a different location.
► Protect your network with the proper IP address, because My IP Hide can edit it so that you can securely connect to your network, without going through a firewall.
► Use the built-in debugger, which displays the My IP Hide status in case of any problem.
► My IP Hide is a Freeware from Esenetsoft.
What’s New in This Release:
– Changes in connection manager GUI, including bugfixes and new features
– New setting: Enable debug logs (in the config file) to enable logging of events on the console
– New option: Disable the firewall proxy in the Windows registry
– Added option to set up a proxy for a specific user on Windows systems
– Added option to set the proxy hostname in the config file
– Added option to set up a socket-based HTTP proxy, rather than a HTTP connection manager
– Added option to set a custom port number in case you are behind a firewall and have to use a different port for the proxy
– Bugfix: Network Drive entries now appear with their real drive letter
– Bugfix: The directory separator is correctly set to / rather than \ when the settings are saved and when launching the application
– Improved internal database loading and fixed reporting of connections errors
– Resolved a bug related to the handling of the proxy hostname setting
– Improved the internal worker mechanism, in order to reduce data/memory consumption
– Optimized the network connection manager to make it more efficient (especially when the application is launched in hidden mode)
– Bugfix: Selected language doesn’t change when clicking on the translation button on the translation management window
– Bugfix: If data changes to the configuration file while the application is running, the wrong configuration is loaded
– Fixed the issue where no entries were made in the history of a directory when browsing a remote network drive
– Bugfix: Added detailed reporting of connection errors in the main window
– Bugfix: The help files were

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later
8 GB of RAM
2 GB of VRAM
Graphics card:
DirectX 11 graphics card
1080p / 2160p / 1440p
PlayStation 4
PlayStation VR
Xbox One
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