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Microsoft Portrait For PC Download

* Headset support

* Session-based conferencing (caller/caller)

* Dedicated IP* Support

* Very low bandwidth support

* Call forwarding

* Shortcut to dial menu

* Mute and silent buttons

* Network status (Modem Active/Modem Inactive/Modem Off)

* Direct Browser access (URL)

* Get/Delete contacts

* Record of all calls

* Thumbnail view

* Date and time

* Call history

* Last call date and time

* Location sharing via GPS

* Call recording

* Optional password

* Record to.m4v file

* Stop recording via headset button

* Balance event based on inbound/outbound (not online)

* 5.1 audio support via standard PC speaker

* Use headset to listen to music

* Automatic start/stop camera

* Auto start/stop recording

* Notifications of incoming calls

* Auto trim

* Auto convert

* Auto adjust size

* Meet Later

* Pin to taskbar

* Settings

* Compose message

* Translation

* Import contacts

* Message silence

* Background music

* Chooser

* Embed media

* Import Address Book

* Local number editor

* Export contacts

* Search for contacts

* Shortcuts

* Call forwarding

* Support for SMS (MMS)

* Insert images

* Send picture

* Edit picture

* Delete picture

* Record audio

* Send audio

* Invite users

* Image selection (select/select all)

* Geotag

* Geo tagging

* Picture wall

* Picture wall support

* Picture wall text tagging

* Picture wall support

* Picture wall text tagging

* Status

* Status bar

* Auto complete

* Manage other advanced settings

* Sync friend list and history

* Support for multiple device

* Login after computer goes to sleep mode

* Optimization

* Trick

* Import from Contacts Card

* Import files

* Export file

* Import from Camera

* Sort contact by any criteria

* Export

Microsoft Portrait For PC Crack + Free [2022-Latest]

You can download the Microsoft Portrait for PC now.
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Another update, 100MB It’s a better update,

The Portrait application is a program that allows you to make a audio/video call over a computer to another one with Windows Messenger.
It has two modes:
1) Use MSN account (it uses your MSN Messenger account)
2) Use Portrait account (it uses your Microsoft Portrait account)
You can get both accounts through or Mango.
To make calls:
1. Open Portrait for Windows
2. Choose the option “Call”
3. Type the number from your contact list and press “call”
4. You will receive a message to accept or decline the call.
5. If you accept, the call will be established
If you decline the call, a message will be displayed to notify you of the call you declined.
To connect to a call:
1. Open Portrait for Windows
2. Choose the option “Connect to call”
3. Connect to the call you have received.
– Video (both simple voice or with webcam image)

Microsoft Portrait For PC For Windows Latest

Uses Wi-Fi or wired networking connection

Works with many machines and mobile devices

No signup

Video conferencing is used to:

Meet with friends and colleagues in person

Connect with new people

Discuss business matters in a straightforward and confidential way

Make friends with the world at large, even on a mobile or laptop computer

Use video conferencing to bridge digital and physical separation

Use video conferencing for home or corporate use

GPS Video is a GPRS/GSM/3G video application for mobile phones with camera functionality. This application will allow you to video chat with anyone in the world. The application is compatible with any GSM network around the world. The application sends a quality image to the other side of the conversation and is transmitted to your GSM cell phone as a video stream. The video stream can be broadcasted to the user’s SIP client or voice commands. Additional features include support for live voice and text telephony, multi-user chat and group video chat with your friends. The application also allows the user to record video.
GPS Video uses a free GPRS network. You must have an active internet connection to get the full benefit of the application.
GPS Video Description:

Convenient Home

Chat Video Calling


Individual And Group Video Chats

Voice And Text


Conveniently Video Calls

Video Chats

Communicate With Quality Picture


Your Own Image

Text Message

Save Time And Money

Your Own Image

Record Video


A Friend’s Image



The image will be your property.

Text Message

Your Voice Will Be Allowed To Be Recorded.

Text Image

Capture The Image

To Your Cellphone

To Your Computer

Stored Up To 7 Days


Dialer Support

Keypad Support










Add New Friends

Modify Friend



Drop Phone

Power Supply


Windows Account Support

Dialer Support


What’s New In?

Microsoft Portrait for PC is a video calling application that can be used as an alternative to Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) for mobile phones.
You can make phone calls to any of your buddies stored in the friend list of MSN Messenger, even if you do not have a Webcam.
You can also send pictures from the Webcam, so that people you communicate with can see your face.
Furthermore, you can store the record of recent calls so that you do not forget the nice things your friends have said to you.
Microsoft Portrait for PC Features:
• You can place calls to any of your buddies stored in the friend list of MSN Messenger, even if you do not have a Webcam.
• You can send pictures from the Webcam, so that people you communicate with can see your face.
• You can store the record of recent calls so that you do not forget the nice things your friends have said to you.
• You can call your friends and acquaintances using their IP addresses.
• You can browse MSN Messenger by using the options bar, which is displayed at the bottom of the window.
• You can receive calls from anywhere in the world using a wireless or dial-up modem.
• You can connect your video calling service with your MSN Messenger, or vice versa.
• If the computer is not equipped with a webcam, you can access an interlocutor’s photo.
• The video calling application can be used on mobile and desktop computers.
• Microsoft Portrait can be used with a LAN or wireless network, as well as dialup networks with lower bandwidth.
• You can either work with an account or create a new one.
• You can configure Microsoft Portrait for PC to work with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Windows Live Messenger

Publisher: Microsoft

License: Free

License Type: free

Platform: Windows

Date Added: 2012-04-26

Price: Free

File Size: 0.34 MB

P2P Softphones

P2P Softphones is a P2P peer-to-peer voice application that can be used to make VoIP calls using a computer’s microphone. It lets you use the computer’s microphone to access all chat programs on the network and makes the call directly to the other PC using the computer’s microphone. When you

System Requirements For Microsoft Portrait For PC:

[1] CPU: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7.
[2] OS: Windows 7 (SP1)
[3] RAM: 6GB minimum.
[4] GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD equivalent.
[5] Recommended PC configuration: Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz or greater, 16GB or more RAM.
[6] HD Graphics 4600 or greater recommended.
[7] Xbox One S & PS4 system requirements

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