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MessengerFlash Live

MessengerFlash Live is a freeware software application developed by SMS Software. The most common version is 2.1, with over 582 000 downloads, as of June 29th, 2010. MessengerFlash Live is designed for Windows.

MessengerFlash Live Main Features

Not only can MessengerFlash Live flash the window as you use it, it actually modifies the window itself to allow modifications. Some modifications may be temporary, some more permanent, and sometimes it will flash the window in order to determine which modification will be left on the window.

Starting with MessengerFlash 2.1.1 the changelist now lets you specify up to 10 programs at once


MessengerFlash allows you to flash windows on most applications running in Windows. During the fullscreen mode, windows will flash at certain intervals indicating some action that MessengerFlash can perform. This allows for easy notification when other windows show up. This is primarily used for your IM programs like MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, but is applicable to any application that can be fullscreen.


Most applications that are Windows aware can be flashed during the fullscreen mode. These include games, Internet Explorer, word processors, PowerPoint, etc. Once you are done, simply exit the fullscreen mode.

Some other applications may not have known how to detect if you were running in fullscreen mode. In this case, MessengerFlash will modify the window to show up a border with the blue flashing line. This will allow the application to detect that you are in fullscreen mode and may let it know that the window should not be flash. However some fullscreen applications may be unaware of this and will flash the window when they should not be doing so.

Most implementations allow for the flashing interval to be fixed and that to be set to the default, every X seconds. This allows for a user to customize the flashing to match their usage, while still being able to flash the window at pre-set intervals.

The interval of how often the flashing should take place is usually set from user preferences, but may also be changed with the slider box at the bottom right of the dialog window. This allows a user to set how often the window should be flashed and give you more flexibility.

Version history of MessengerFlash:

2.0 – Initial version. This was mainly written for Windows Live Messenger. This version used the system generated window flash. This version is very buggy, and was

MessengerFlash Live

MessengerFlash provides a similar functionality as the flash plugin, but it’s based on the WM_ACTIVATE message.
This means that you can integrate it in your application, so your users are alerted about your windows all the time they are fullscreen.
A first shot looks a bit like your picture. Here you can see an example:

MessengerFlash Installation:

I managed to get a working 32-bit.exe setup file for you, but you can’t run it in VirtualBox due to its requirement for fullscreen mode. I will try to create a.vmdk disk image later. If you succeed, please post a reply with the setup link.

MessengerFlash Version Support:

A: No sound

Q: It worked before but now it doesn’t.
A: Did you reinstall MessengerFlash? Try starting MessengerFlash in the virtual machine directly instead of running the.exe. Another option is to copy your.exe to your machine and run it directly.Q:

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MessengerFlash Live Crack + Keygen

System Requirements:
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 8.1
– Windows 10
Please read this manual carefully and perform a backup of your existing Messenger configuration before performing any installation, removal, or changes.
MessengerFlash Live is only supported with the Windows Defender version of Messenger Windows Live Edition and the newer Windows Live Messenger 2013 / Windows 10 version. It is not supported by Windows Messenger version 11.
MessengerFlash Live is not supported with Windows Live Messenger for Mac.
More information regarding Windows Live Messenger Please visit our forum:

WinMX Details of the Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive application for Windows, Mac, Mobile and Xbox – As a part of the Web sites and Services Area, Windows Live SkyDrive Offers you a place to save your files, view photos, play music and videos as you create, store and share documents, images, music and video.
Supports the following versions Windows 7 / Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 /Windows Vista / Windows XP / Mac OS 10.3 or above / Android / iOS
Requires free service from Windows Live for SkyDrive.
As a part of Microsoft SkyDrive service, this application will require an internet connection from your computer. For more information about Microsoft SkyDrive please refer to the SkyDrive Web sites and Services area of Windows Live.
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MessengerSend is a program for messenger services on the internet, allowing you to send instant messages or emails, all from a single window.
It works with messaging clients and services like MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ, XMPP, Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk, IRC, etc. It will create connections, add participants, start chatting, and send messages. The program allows you to send files, images, and other resources to others.
You can click on links within the message, and the browser will open in your chosen client.
MessengerSend allows you to preview messages, and send HTML messages, in all clients supported by the program.
MessengerSend Features:
Create and send messages and files

What’s New In MessengerFlash Live?

How to Add Phone Number to MSN Messenger 2003 or MSN Messenger 7.5 contacts?
MSN Messenger has a “Complete Contacts” option in the menu “My Contacts”. This means that MSN Messenger has a list of all your contacts in a specific format. It can be very convenient to use this option.

However, one of the contacts may be registered as “local”, while the rest of your contacts are “online”. You don’t need to add the contacts with “local” status to MSN messenger. You can add phone number in contacts only online.

In “My Contacts” menu go to “Complete Contacts” and go down to the new option “Add Phone Number”. The window with “Add Phone Number” window will appear. Fill in the necessary form.

Tutorial on how to create contact list in MSN Messenger 2003.
All your MSN Messenger contacts are in the form of a hierarchy: sub-contacts and “local” contacts. “Local” contacts have contact details of a local telephone number or telephone number of a friend. You can add the contacts with telephone numbers or friends in MSN Messenger 2003 contacts.

In the menu “My Contacts” go to “Complete Contacts” and go down to the new option “Create Contacts”. The window with “Add a contact” window will appear. There are two ways to add the “local” contacts:

Add by nickname. Fill in all required fields. The “Add” button will have a red cross on it.

Add by phone number. Click the checkbox to enable “Add by phone number”. Fill in all required fields. Then you need to add a phone number or an e-mail address of a friend. After that press “Add”. You will get a list of “local” contacts with telephones or “Add by nickname” contacts. You can choose the “Add by nickname” contacts.

You can set categories in contacts of MSN Messenger. All MSN Messenger contacts can be divided into “local” contacts, work contacts, and contacts in other groups. You can add the appropriate contacts to “local” contacts, work contacts, and contacts

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, OSX

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