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LoadPlanner is the first system that offers comprehensive load planning and optimization solution.
The heart of LoadPlanner is its sophisticated 3D loading algorithm, the result of many years of intensive research and cooperation with leading logistics providers. But what makes us different is that LoadPlanner is an advanced rule-based system. It has unique capabilities to:
· Classify business objects (items, orders, containers, etc.) into flexible system of categories. 
· Formulate high-level business rules and constraints, and apply them to selected categories. 
· Use business rules and constraints in the process of load planning and optimization. 
· Solve multi-tier load planning problems (packaging – palletizing – container / trailer loading). 
· Produce results in form of easy-to-analyse interactive 3D graphics.
LoadPlanner Desktop is a boxes, pallets, trucks, trailers and containers loading optimization software.







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LoadPlanner Desktop Download With Full Crack is a powerful, easy to use desktop system, which will provide you with the tools for solving complex optimization problems. LoadPlanner Desktop Activation Code is an advanced rule-based system, capable of using business logic and rules to model the entire system of packaging, palletizing, strapping and placing.
Comprehensive list of features:
Dynamic 2D and 3D warehouse simulation. 
Advanced rule-based optimization engine. 
Rule-based operation planning. 
Easy-to-read and interactive 3D warehouse rendering. 
Smart, data-driven material flow and storage planning.

Service Features

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Mobile Application

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Website Features

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LoadPlanner Desktop X64 (Latest)

LoadPlanner Desktop is a boxes, pallets, trucks, trailers and containers loading optimization software. LoadPlanner 3D software is a complete solution for the design and optimization of the logistics process, from product acquisition to transportation. LoadPlanner provides the unique capability to optimize the logistics process, working not only with 3D models, but also with business rules. The software offers a fully-integrated solution that performs several steps in one: from the definition of the most suitable configuration and product optimization in order to define the loading process and its working rules, to a detailed optimization of the configuration of the boxes, pallets, trucks, trailers and containers. LoadPlanner is a perfect tool for analyzing the entire logistics process and for improving it, eliminating all the inefficiencies.
LoadPlanner 3D Software Highlights:
· LoadPlanner 3D offers a very efficient load planning engine. 
· LoadPlanner 3D features a sophisticated optimization engine. 
· LoadPlanner 3D offers some unique capabilities to optimize the logistics process: 
– make changes to the logistics process on the fly. 
– generate shipping routes according to a given optimization criteria. 
– perform all the necessary calculations of weights, volumes, truck dimensions and capacities, and calculate the appropriate turn-arounds and distances. 
– perform freight consolidation, weight and volume optimized shipments, offer highly optimized routes, and define advanced truck routing. 
– automatically find out the optimal selection of truck cabs, trailers, middle-level trucks, and containers for a given shipment. 
– perform multi-tier load planning: packaging – palletizing – container / trailer load. 
– pack and transport a product or select a shipment based on specific rules, constraints, and needs. 
– use advanced drag-and-drop interface with intuitive multi-dimension tools. 
· The ability to create multiple shipment models, view them in 3D, and perform their optimization. 
· The ability to simulate the actual shipment. 
· The ability to load any specific shipment based on multiple selected shipping criteria. 
· The ability to view the optimization results in the 3D. 
· The ability to print, export, save the optimization results in files of any format. 
· The ability to export the optimization results as graphics and scripts. 
· The ability to perform freight consolidation. 
· The ability to define custom loaded shipping conditions for a specific shipment.
· Ability to provide

LoadPlanner Desktop Free

LoadPlanner Desktop solves load planning and optimization problems at the corporate-level and at the departmental level. The system takes into account:

Unplanned demand

Drop-offs and pickups

Split deliveries with multiple pick-ups

Multiple pick-ups and drop-offs

Lead times

Customized rule sets

Project portfolio

Load planning scenarios (multi-tiered)

Load planning and optimization scenarios (palletizing, shipping, etc.)

Load planning and optimization rules

Palletizing methods (departmental/group level)

Load planning modeling

Load planning (rails)

Load planning – containers

Load planning – trailer services

Load planning – trailer drops

Load optimization modeling

Load optimization (palletizing)

Storability analysis and optimization

Analysis of best packing methods

Analysis of best storage solutions

Load optimization analysis

Control of resources

Load planning workflow

Internal and external productivity reports

System administration

Labor and material and other cost savings

Internal and external Load planning User Guide



The planning of a load is done in two steps:
Load planning

Load optimization

While load planning is primarily a technical process, load optimization concerns itself with the more business-oriented aspects of planning. Load optimization includes defining the level of effort for both, organizing and scheduling, for each step of planning.

The optimized load is selected from the planning results (see figure 1). The optimization is done in two steps:

1. load optimization
2. load optimization analysis

The optimization of a load takes place in two steps:

1. optimization for logistics
2. optimization of the load itself

Optimizing the load for logistics:
While optimizing for logistics, the load is transformed into a representation that can easily be implemented for logistics. This is the basis for the following optimization steps.

Optimizing for logistics:

Prioritization of all orders (packages) to be transported

Determination of the shipping/logistics provider

Determination of the method of transportation

Determination of shipment types (package, pallet, container, etc.)

Determination of the distance between pickup and delivery

Determination of the capacity of transport resources

Determination of the delivery time (start of delivery, capacity of transport resources, etc.)

What’s New In LoadPlanner Desktop?

LoadPlanner Desktop allows to create your own business rules and constraints, based on your company’s needs. One major advantage of the system is that it can be used in different scenarios – for flat packing, vertical or horizontal palletization, container / trailer loading, etc.
All loading types are represented as boxes and are evaluated from 4 angles.
The software provides possibility to preview results and see the whole layout.
The features of LoadPlanner Desktop:
• Load planning analysis performed on 50+ types of shipping containers, using an innovative algorithm which simulates the entire process of loading operations.
• Dynamic GUI allows to define various shipping containers based on measurements, dimensions, weights, type of palletization, etc.
• Creation of valid 3D diagrams using on-screen 3D modeling tool (optional).
• Tolerance selection is performed directly in the program using the keyboard.
• All shipping containers are evaluated in 4 different angles to ensure load optimality.
• Ability to solve limited-space, skewed and/or packaging chains
• Toolbars for container (container stacking, palletizing, loading trailer, palletating trailer, intermodal, etc.)
• Quick analysis of the most significant parameters for container classification according to the container width, height, depth, length, weight, types of palletization, composition, etc.
• Ability to analyze containers of different types (pallets, intermodal, ocean containers, etc.)
• Definition of any number of containers and their derivatives (sub-containers, containers with lading, pallets, etc.)
• Business rules management – can be used in any situation to implement your business logic
• Allows to filter results according to distance, type of truck, cost, etc.
• Ability to simulate the process of loading operations using various types of trucks (AGV, etc.)
• Ability to create business rules (can be used in various shipping situations – containers, pallets, trucks, etc.);
• Ability to solve complex multi-tier problems (container – pallet – truck – trailer).

… provides a means for managing your business rules and constraints for all types of shipping containers, including containers for intermodal use. It lets you determine the most suitable type of container for any given situation.

Software Description:

DemandPro is the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use retail demand planning software on the market. Improve profitability and better manage your

System Requirements:

4GB Hard Drive
DirectX 9.0c
Video card: ATI X1950Pro/XT
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
Gamepad: 2 buttons
The Cade-VX is a commercial video game controller designed for Microsoft Windows using the DirectInput API. The controller is capable of accurately replicating the 2D movement of a mouse, as well as 1D and 2D keyboard input. In addition, the Cade-VX is capable of being used for


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