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The utility displays a top-down list of all loaded DLLs along with app-related information.
The interface is minimalistic, with just a few graphic elements.
The list of loaded DLLs will be refreshed periodically, every three or five minutes by default.
Processes started by other/system users will be displayed as well.
The app will export an XML and HTML file, that includes a list of all DLLs loaded on your computer and a full overview of all running apps using them.

The download link provided below, will carry you to the most recent stable release of the app as of this writing.
Download Link:

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LoadedDllsView Crack + Download (2022)

Added information from
Microsoft’s discussion forums

Other similar utilities


The algorithm should be sorted alphabetically by image title. First 3 will be shown, if need to show only two – use the “n” parameter.

url — Image URL

call — Image ID

page — Page ID

thumbnail — Thumbnail ID, only works if page uses SES2

The only tricky part is how to find if given page is using SES2.

This is how you get the ID of the page using SES2:
1. Load the page using Vue+Flux and SessionService
2. Check the browser history to make sure the user hasn’t already been there
3. Get the “pageUrl” from the Browser history (using Vue+Flux)
4. Set the

LoadedDllsView Crack + License Key Full

A utility that displays and offers many useful data points about currently loaded libraries and apps. From its main interface you get a list of all currently loaded libraries and the currently running processes which use those libraries.
• List all currently loaded libraries and processes that have used them
• Display all DLLs by process name in a simple left panel and a list of currently running processes by process name in a right panel
• Give detailed information on currently loaded libraries and apps like process name, process icon, process user, product / vendor, internal / company / file name, product / file version, attributes, full path, attributes, creation date and full path
• Shows / hides hidden DLLs and DLLs that are used by system services
• Displays memory usage of currently loaded libraries
• Displays memory usage and an amount of currently loaded libraries of currently running processes
• Displays the open window size and window position
• Displays mouse location and focus
• Provides detailed list of currently loaded libraries and processes by process name, product / vendor, internal / company / file name, product / file version, attributes, full path, attributes, creation date and file size
• Provides detailed list of processes which have loaded a currently loaded libraries and the list of currently loaded libraries
• Displays process icons of currently running processes
• Displays path to currently loaded libraries / DLLs
• Checks the integrity of a currently loaded library
• Displays all currently loaded libraries which are not signed
• Displays all currently loaded libraries which are signed
• Chooses a specific library from the list
• Renames all currently loaded libraries
• Exports a list of currently loaded libraries in XML format
• Sets the output folder for libraries list in XML format and creates a new XML file with all data lists
• Limits the output for a specific list of libraries
• Allows to export the currently loaded DLLs in a HTML / CSV file
• Exports a list of currently loaded DLLs in HTML / CSV format
• Displays a list of currently loaded apps in a tabbed format in an order which can be easily sorted and filtered
• Shows a list of libraries which have been installed by Windows Update and the list of updated libraries
• Provides a list of libraries which have been uninstalled
• Chooses the list of libraries to export in a folder
• Displays a list of installed apps in a tabbed format in an order which can be easily sorted and filtered
• Chooses

What’s New in the LoadedDllsView?

• Connected to Windows’ API with built-in support for DLL data (registry and.ini files)

• Libraries monitored (DLLs loaded from)

• Monitor only EXE and DLL’s (no simple registry key support yet)

• Shows the process using a specific DLL.

• DLLs loaded by processes or system.

• Includes newly launched (or activated) processes with a list of all currently loaded libraries.

• In-use libraries with their processes.

• Simple, fast and clean.

Disclaimer: No sample code is included (that would be too off-topic here on Superuser) and the application can be used with non-English versions of Windows, provided you have some ability to translate the sample codes into your native language.
It offers a basic filter function, so you will find out quickly what makes the most sense to you, if you want to have a global overview or have a specific focus. Regarding the list of currently loaded libraries, you can select a specific process as well, which might be even more useful in the case you’re looking for a particular process that was previously launched / deleted.


Dependency Walker is the application for you, but if that isn’t an option, you can try WannaFind (XCopy code).

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System Requirements:

The Source Filmmaker 4 features the following specifications:
OS: Windows 7 x64, Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1 x64
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-9590 3.8 GHz (Intel HD 4000 / AMD Radeon R9 270X)
Video: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD HD 7970
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
OS: Windows 10 x


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