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| Author: IrcamGoetia | Category: Aleister Crowley, Angel, Spirit, Saint, Michael (Archangel). Babylonian wisdom | 20-10-2016
STARS AND FREEDOM Sometimes in the years of hard struggle, when a person embraces all the being that is in him, like the wind sweeps a grove, until only flowing smoke remains, then in a single impulse he begins to ask questions, the answers to which he does not know. And he comes to the conclusion that freedom is something that does not depend on anyone, but there is something that you can share with your neighbor. So one of the most touching words of Oscar Wilde, heard by me, was: – Freedom is joy. Freedom is the most beautiful and lofty thing that a person can wish for, but it is difficult to achieve. The exciting feeling of freedom is a very rare and expensive feeling. Even when a loved one leaves us forever, you need to feel your freedom, because then love will not leave you anyway. For what you want, you must freely desire, and what you fight for will be given to you, but will be taken away from you if you fight for what has no meaning. However, if we try to fight for one or the other, it may not return. There are such holy families where people seem to be forcibly attracted to something specific. They have to fight for it, fight like they’ve already won; the same thing that they must win – that must be their business. The same is true in love. If we try to fight for someone, we have already won, and he will not come back to us. Therefore, there is no point in fighting for anyone. If there is love, then there is freedom. If there is no freedom, then there is no love. There is no point in fighting for this or that. You can fight for the liberation of a person, you can fight for freedom, you can strive for something – all this will lead to true freedom. That’s what Saint Francis once said. Fighting for freedom is too easy, fighting for love is too hard. Besides, the fight for freedom can be too hard. Once I fought very hard for freedom – in Switzerland, in England, in America. I couldn’t live like this anymore. One day I went to France to spend a week with a priest with whom I had known and became friends for a long time. He had no family, no children, but I was pleased with neither



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