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When you open Jade, the first thing you see is your real estate database. This is where you will enter the data that is used in your printed materials and web pages.
A tabbed record organizes property information. Here you can store specifications, images, descriptions, sale/invoice details and track activities and events.
The grid lets you see your properties in a list that you can search, sort, group and copy. You can even export the properties you have displayed in the grid to a spreadsheet, text file or HTML page.
Very often, you will be entering data by selecting from a menu. You can change the contents of these menus to suit your market.
Install Jade on an internal network or as a standalone application on a single computer.
O-line Marketing
Jade’s Web Publisher creates inter-connected web pages for your real estate listings and uploads them to your website.
Jade generates:
Categorized Listings
A Property Search Engine
All you have to do is click ‘Create Web Pages’ and then ‘Publish’.
Customization is flexible and easy.
Basic web listing
Property Search
Off-line Marketing
To print real estate brochures, flyers, listings booklets, window cards or reports, all you have to do is select a property or display properties in the grid and then, choose what document you want to print.
The same is true when you want to create an instant PDF (Acrobat Reader Document) or a word processor document.
The templates that Jade uses to generate these materials can be edited.
Listings booklet (PDF)
Responding to potential buyers
A potential buyer’s preferences are stored in the Enquiries database. A step-by-step wizard helps you to record the enquiry.
Once you have captured the enquiry details, Jade can generate an email or a letter outlining details of matching properties. You can also batch-match all enquiries to properties and respond to multiple enquiries periodically.
Enquiries Manager
Making a presentation
Designed to provide you with an ultra fast presentation tool, Quick View shows any property or selection of properties on screen as a custom web page or website that you can show straight away to a prospective buyer.
Quick View pages and websites can be saved on your computer, CD or laptop.
Managing Contacts
Comprehensive records can be kept on all of your contacts, including personal and business details, notes and photos.
Reports for common tasks like printing labels, envelopes, standard letters and business cards are supplied, all of which may be customized.
Contacts may be imported and exported.
■ 1 GHz processor
■ 512 MB memory
■ 50 MB free hard disk space
■ 1024×768 pixels screen resolution
■ 30 days trial







Jade Property Suite Crack + PC/Windows (April-2022)

Desktop Recording
With Jade, you can tap into your network and record your desktop activity. You can then save this screen shot for later use and for your client’s reference.
You can schedule recorded activities, convert the movie file into a format that’s compatible with your iPod or other portable devices.
The software’s intuitive interface helps the novice user with no prior experience.
The learning curve is low.
As a result of the program’s ease of use, you will find it easy to record activities with the least possible inconvenience.
First-Time Users
In a traditional real estate course, new agents are given a detailed and time consuming orientation to the real estate process. This course normally takes two to three hours.
With this software, you can record your first activity in about 10 to 15 minutes.
Your first impression counts. This activity will put you ahead of your competition.
The software also includes an activity for agents that don’t have a computer.
Training and Qualification
Instead of using expensive, time consuming computer courses, you can record a qualification video. This can be used as a reference for your clients, or, for your own training.
Hard to Spot Traffic
If you want to get to a client’s website from the internet, you can use our search engine to get there.
We maintain a complete index of all the sites and pages on the internet, and will find your clients’ website automatically.
The records are stored on our web server for our client’s use.
A Unique Advantage
Your real estate company may require a certain amount of computer literacy from its staff, but real estate can be a very diverse activity and it can be common for agents to work from different locations.
With this software, all agents can use one computer from any location.
Source Control
You can arrange to use several desktop computers, and have all of your own records backed up.
This software only saves the files that you actually use.
As a result, the amount of software that you need to download is small.
Agent Desktop Hosting
If you have a tight budget or one computer per agent, the software is designed to be hosted on your desktop computer.
Direct from our server, you have access to the latest versions, free updates and the most up to date information.
Without a computer,
the office. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which the data in a job listing is more critical than the job summary.
Only the job description is printed on any

Jade Property Suite X64 2022

Jade Property Suite is a solution that will transform your business and land your real estate business in a whole new level.
New users will see the benefits of working in a database environment where it is intuitive and very easy to work in, allowing business to expand quickly.
Jade Property Suite presents everything you need to help you take control of your real estate business.
Richer reporting
Comprehensive reports
If you have ever tried to find how much you have spent for a property in the past 3 years, or how much you spend per month for property management, you will find Jade Property Suite helpful.
You can get a clear picture of all of your expenses and profits.
Manage your database
At any given time, you can keep up to 300 properties.
You can enter new listings, accept offers, edit them in the printed database, change the status of your properties and manage them all in a single database, all conveniently presented in a web based form.
From a new user’s point of view, Jade Property Suite is the simplest way to manage your real estate business.
Universal Edition
You can share your account with your partners or customers. Anyone can use the account from anywhere in the world.
Once you have made the account available to a customer, you can track all of your contacts, property details, enquiries and important reports all in one place.
Manage and access property information anywhere, at any time.
Install Jade on your computer, on a network or create a web site to showcase your properties to potential buyers.
Quick View -Create a custom web site for a selection of properties.

Quick View is built into Jade’s core.
Jade Property Suite has been approved by government on-line agencies.
Jade is also registered with the Canadian Law Society as a legal billing software

Jade Real Estate Marketing Software Review

Business Catalyst is a very powerful web site builder.
The included website builder is rather basic and some features are not available.
■ On-line database for listing information, contact details, etc.
■ File upload facility
■ Email invites
■ Supported by a company that is independent of CRM software.
■ Only supports web pages
■ No template system
■ No ecommerce functionality
■ No off-line marketing tools
■ Requires a database

TigerCase CR

Jade Property Suite Crack + Free

More than simply a web site builder, JadePropertySuit makes your property information visible and searchable, quickly and easily. Real-estate, office and industrial properties can be catalogued and sorted to make them easier to find, in print brochures or web pages, even on mobile phones.
The web site builder lets you create a site for a real-estate business or for a property manager.
Existing properties can be re-listed and copies of properties already on the site can be supplied as print listings or PDF files.
The site can also be used as a simple, searchable database of properties for other businesses, for example real estate agents.
The system provides an easy way of creating intelligent print brochures, flyers and business cards.
QuickView to make sales presentations and tours a breeze.
The web edition of JadePropertySuit is available for Windows and Mac OS platforms.
The native version is available for Windows and Mac OS platforms.
Please contact us for pricing details.
The native JadePropertySuit programming tools are available to license for a nominal fee.
All items are available for sale or lease.
Total count: 1
Business can include, as examples, real-estate, office, shopping and restaurant businesses, plus apartment buildings, leasing firms, residential building management firms, legal practices and auctioneers.
The native version is not available for Mac OS.
JadePropertySuit Help
JadePropertySuit is a universal property database program for Windows and Mac OS.
The main functions of the program are listed below.
Create a database
Add properties to your database
Edit properties in the database
Search properties in the database
Process Reports
Batch-match properties
Generate web pages
Maintain a listing of properties and customers.
Create a print listing from a web page.
Customize web pages.
Create a Property Search Engine.
Create self-mailers.
Create flyers and window cards.
Create business cards.
Create a printable advertising brochure.
Create invoices.
Create an owner’s package.
Manage contacts.
Create reports.
Price: 2,500$
Register: 1,000$
Pricing: 500$
Tech support: 1,000$
Activation Support: 1,500$
Transfer via email: 1,000$
Pricing & Registration for:
JadePropertySuit: 1,500$

What’s New In?

■ Print high resolution promotional materials
■ 3D Property Viewer:
■ Providing an easy way to search, browse and display your database of properties
■ A great way to manage, organize and share your property data.
■ PDF creation software:
■ Creating reports for common tasks like printing labels, envelopes, standard letters and business cards is supplied.
■ Compatible with Windows 2000 and greater
■ Addictive (demo version).
This product includes at least 1 component that is not included in the list of free products on this website (likely a virus, adware or spyware).
Some products may require additional post-installation configurations in order to function properly.

This product includes at least 1 component that is not included in the list of free products on this website (likely a virus, adware or spyware).

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