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■ With the help of this handy Contact Manager you will keep your personal contact database easily accessible and organized.
You can call to a contact, e-mail to a contact site, dial a phone numbers using the modem or save the contact data into a text csv format file (with Data Wizard).
You can fill all necessary data (i.e.: address, phone number, e-mail) for all your contacts in one record, and when saving it they will be listed by name and surname.
Want to call to a contact?
just click the bold text “Call” (or “Dial”), select a phone number to be called from the list and complete your call.
Want to get a contact’s e-mail?
just click the bold text “Email” (or “E-mail”), select a e-mail address from the list, leave the rest of data to the default value.
Want to save the contact record into a text csv format file?
just click the bold text “Save as csv” (or “Save as a csv file”), choose the text data format file type (currently only csv format file is supported), choose the folder (in Windows Explorer) in which you want to store the file and click the “Save file” button.
You can adjust several other options for your convenience, by clicking the “Settings” link (at the bottom right), you will see two tabs for “General” and “Data Wizard”.
The tab “General” gives you the opportunity to see the application status, the file extension list, time of saving and max records.
The tab “Data Wizard” allows you to adjust values of the data input fields (numbers, mail, etc.)
You can get the full description of the application, its functions and see screenshots here:

and here
Important notice to user of iReferent Light
After registration iReferent Light uses your User Name for the purpose of collecting data statistics and showing ads. During this time you are free to use all functions of the application without paying anything.
For the further use you are required to purchase iReferent Light.
According to our research, in 5-6 days after purchase, all this data will be sent to our company by our web site statisticians and

IReferent Light 6.46 [Win/Mac]

iReferent Light Product Key is an easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users that organizes your personal call center to work in “hot” mode (while speaking) and keeps track of your contacts with this customizable data warehouse. It has the unique database structure.
Usually the similar programs have only strictly fixed (structured) numbers of fields, e.g.: a phone numbers, an address, an e-mail and etc.
As a rule it is either not enough for users (if a program is too small and simple) or they are not used completely (if an application is too big and complicated). iReferent Light is fully saved from this disadvantage.
You can input into the database any (!) number of the description fields, from name of your pet to your boss car mark. But for all that you might fill only those specific fields in every record, which are really necessary.
Also the application allows you to keep the detail phone call history, dial phone numbers directly from the program using a modem, lunch of browser or email to a contact’s site.
With Data Wizard you can print data from your database or/and to save them as a text csv-format file
If you have any comment, give us feedback.
Logfile – Main modul:
Logfile – iReferent Light modul:
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IReferent Light 6.46 Crack+ Full Version [Updated]

iReferent Light is a complete contact manager software that is based on an extremely innovative database design. It has two main sections: general database and contact manager. The general database contains “blind” fields that allows you to keep all the contact info for multiple contacts. Each contact can have a number of fields as many as you wish. Each field is formatted with a predefined standard.
Each record in the contact manager includes the same number of “visible” fields that is determined by “hot” mode, who is currently speaking. When a conversation goes “hot”, fields on the left panel can be modified. For example, you can enter a phone number of a contact to be dialed, an address, a web address, etc. The program remembers your contact history that will be “used” if you are viewing the record.
The program records the calls according to the scheme: main, sub, main, sub, main, sub,….
The program also allows you to perform a menu of actions like answering phone calls, archiving, re-sorting, etc.
When you want to change the database at any time, you can do that and see any changes immediately.
Each record in your contact manager database is saved to a csv text file. You can print and/or save this file to a csv-format text file.
iReferent Light can be used as a portable program that can be installed on any computer.
First of all, the application should be unzipped to any directory, for example C:\\.
Then, in the Windows Explorer, right click to C:\ and choose “Copy” and “Move” to a new directory that you want.
This directory should be on the main hard drive partition.
After that you should install the program.
Double click on the setup.exe file and close it after it has finished.
A setup window will appear: “Choose destination directory”.
Select this directory.
Note: if you need to install the application into the system directory (C:\\iReferent), select this directory.
After that, you should start the program and close the installation window.
You will see the main interface of the application.
Use arrows to access the database.
If you see the record you want to edit, click it.
iReferent Light (Version
Installing iReferent Light will automatically install only the software you want to use

What’s New in the?

“IReferent Light is a powerful Contact Manager (CRM) for your PC, with a huge and highly detailed personal database. You can put all the information for your contacts into one database, manage incoming contacts, investigate information from your contacts, handle your calls, see who calls you, and much more.
With this software you can work in “hot” mode and perform your work, but still make and receive phone calls.
IReferent Light has a very useful “call phone” feature which enables you to make and receive phone calls with any of your chosen phone numbers. You can also dial the company numbers directly by the modem or via a Web browser. You can also keep a detailed history of all your calls.
iReferent Light’s database is easily modified using the Drag-and-Drop Data Wizard. You can print out any part of your database using the Data Wizard.
With iReferent Light, the whole contact database is saved into a text CSV file. This file can be used for mailings, printing and any other purpose.
IReferent Light is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003.
The French version of iReferent Light is available for download from the web site. This version of iReferent Light is fully supported by the support system.”
Designed by: Full Power Software
iReferent Light –

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Software tie-in publications, electronic product catalogs, magazine subscriptions and other materials may contain respective publisher’s, product or service information. All such information constitutes part of the
copyright notice.

Opened field names are in RED.

Note: The title is not in the database

iReferent Light – CRM for the PC, with huge detailed personal database.

Great, it seems like the same software and only a slight change in the name but the program includes 2 versions.
I installed the trial version. On Windows 95 it doesn’t appear to be fully compatible.
It opens and installs fine, but when it’s time to launch the program it won’t load and the computer hangs.

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System Requirements For IReferent Light:

You will need to use your copy of Unturned to play this mod, which can be downloaded from this website:
You can install this mod via the shared link above or manually by copying the contents of this archive to the folder “Content” in the game’s directory.
Optional Files
The optional files can be downloaded here and installed manually.
When playing with this mod enabled, the main character is the one with the blue outline on the lower right corner

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