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Indywiki is an open source project that aims to explore different ways of visually browsing wikipedia pages. Browsing can be done through images, while the text is still available to read.
Indywiki discovers and displays images that are the most related links to our search keyword. Images are displayed in tenths.
So if you are searching for a city as an example, after you get all images displayed on the Wikipedia page about this city, you’ll start getting links about related items (that might be other cities in this country, personalities and culture of this city and practically everything related, the more you keep on getting images.)
Indywiki achieves this by taking under consideration
· Articles that link to your article
· Articles that are linked from your article
· Categories to which your article and also all articles on previous sections belong to.
All links get a score, that increases if a link is at the first two categories, or if it belongs to one or more categories as your article. After Indywiki has discovered the related articles, it parses them and fetches their first image, in case they have one. Usually the first image is the most representative of an article. Now you can continue the search for as long as you like!







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The Project Page:
Indywiki does not use markdown. But the code is available on GitHub, so you can view it on your own computer.
The server operates on the CLOUDFLARE platform. So your images should load fast.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at this address: [email protected]


I think this is what you want:

Also I think you should put the text into a div tag, otherwise it will not be readable.


Enable METHOD in codeigniter MVC architecture

How do I enable method form in codeigniter? I only want to call “Model” method by using something like “MyModel” (I want to use my model in my controller, then in model and in view) I know that I have to extend it like that:
I hope I made it clear what I want to do. If not, feel free to ask.


Basically you have to make sure that you have added the MVC architecture to your application and have activated your MY_Controller before calling any model function.
So, before you can use a model in your controller, you have to make sure that the MY_Controller is activated.
This should work when your system is called up with application/index.php.


dymo label size

I’m creating a label in visual studio 2010. I notice that the label size defaults to 8 point. I would like to change it to a bigger size. I can’t find the size option anywhere. Is there anyway to change this in the properties for the dymo label?


You can change the font-size in code. Just change the DocFont.Size field in DYMOLabelRenderer.cs, DYMOView.cs, or DYMODocRenderer.cs, depending on what you are using.


Stack implementation with predefined types

I am currently learning c and i am trying to write

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In her book about Momofuku, The Noodle Bible, author and chef Christina Tosi writes that one of the ingredients she used to make the dish but “became a much-sought-after gift of its own” was remoulade.
Remoulade is a French sauce made of vinegar, mustard, and other ingredients, and traditionally served with shellfish and grilled meats.
In The Noodle Bible, Tosi writes that one of the famous dishes at Momofuku Noodle Bar is the “Bacon Fat Noodle Bowl.”
The Recipes
The recipes were the first recipes she wrote for the cookbook, published by Clarkson Potter in August 2013.
The recipe for the remoulade that followed immediately after the recipe for the “Bacon Fat Noodle Bowl” was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with peanut butter on the bottom, with the remoulade on top, served with an orzo salad.

We’re all very well-aware of the fact that tomatoes are the universal food of love and togetherness.
And that’s not it.
According to the American Heart Association, tomatoes “promote a healthy cardiovascular system,” they are “packed with important nutrients, especially vitamin A, K and C and folate,” and they are “full of healthy dietary fiber, potassium and vitamins B and C.”
The benefits are endless.
But did you know that it’s possible to eat tomatoes and have a less than stellar heart?
Alright, the truth is, we don’t really know for sure why tomatoes are good for the heart. But there are plenty of theories.
The first theory is the antioxidant one.
Tonic Carotenoids
Tonic carotenoids are a family of antioxidants in plants, vegetables and other foods that are linked to the prevention of heart disease.
The carotenoids are most commonly associated with tomatoes, but a lot of other foods contain them.
You’ll find carotenoids in fruits, vegetables and grains.
Most of these antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) in the bloodstream by preventing the formation of free radicals and helping to prevent plaque buildup.

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(1) Indywiki is an exploratory tool for exploring Wikipedia content visually.

(2) Indywiki’s appearance is a mock-up of VisualEditor’s, but is designed to be modular and easily customizable.


Explanation of Getting Started


Anaconda is a Python distribution for Windows and Linux. You can download and install it at:

The python version that works in Windows is 2.7. As it said on their page, you need Python or higher for 32 bit machines and Python or higher for 64 bit machines.

To install Anaconda, on Windows, go to your download folder, right click on your anaconda folder and select ‘unpack'(or double click on the.exe file)
And then navigate to your temp folder and open the anaconda-2.7 folder, double click on the file and click run.

Don’t forget to close the anaconda-2.7 folder once you are done using it.

The rest is simple.


Extract the zip file, and you should have a workspace directory that contains all the necessary dependencies.

To start using the app, call the following command from the command prompt:

python -m indywiki.manage –image

or if you would like to search for an specific keyword, or set a minimum number of related images to be displayed:

python -m indywiki.manage –image –search “carnegie-mellon” –minimum 10

By default, all images are displayed, except the first. If you don’t want to see

What’s New In?

Thanks to the co-development of a lot of people, a lot of code has been rewritten in the last years. Since 2009, an internal main developer of Indywiki, Simona, and external contributors like Mark, my son Aspire, have been to work. Indywiki is now a complete web application, built by more than 100 contributors. Its features include:· A REST web API for fetching data, and displaying pages.· An admin panel to customize the service and extend it.· A account to view pages in wiki format.· Implemented an offline mode, so you can start to browse even if you don’t have an internet connection.· Browsing the wikis pages in the new format modelled after the mobile of android.· Browsing pictures in the three new formats:.jpg,.bmp and.png.· Implemented a new image parser.· New SVG and HTML5 images.· A macro to quickly choose another language.· A macro to quickly load external images.· A macro to improve search results.· A new GUI to make it easier to browse.· Automatic image format detection and JPEG export.· Adblock exemption.Q:

Can client application monitoring be done using command line?

I need to log activity of a client application over a certain period. For all the steps involved in the same, I need to write a background command which can either run periodically or on demand as when the user logs in or out.
I am considering making a small driver program which can be integrated with the client application so that it runs in background. The driver will have the functionality to read files, connect to the database, check whether the application is running or not (using PsExec or SC command). The driver will then log the application-activity to a file.
Is this the right way to go? Is there any other way, which has less overhead for development/deployment?


Yes, this is the correct way to do it. Writing custom applications to do this sort of thing is a lot of work. It is much more difficult, and not necessarily more effective, to have a custom application which does the same. Write a wrapper for the application you are interested in, and call that from your main application (a service running periodically, or called from the main application, whenever you need to log something).


Why is “is using x

System Requirements:

Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles with internet access, system software version 1.0 (10/29/17) or later.
Xbox One X console with system software version 1.0 (10/29/17) or later.
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Xbox Live Gold (paid)
Additional Notes:
Remote Play requires Xbox Live Gold.
Remote Play is supported on select games only. Check the game for details.
To access these features, you must have an Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately).

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