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openHTM provides you with an intuitive application that enables you to view how the HTM Cortical Learning Algorithm works, displaying an implementation of Jeff Hawkins’ brain theory.
HTM stands for ‘hierarchical temporal memory’, a biomimetic machine learning model that takes into consideration the algorithmic properties of the neocortex.







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This tool is made for those who are running Windows from an external storage device, for instance, USB drives. It’s called NTFS Substitute and creates a new partition file system.
Once you run this program, it replaces the entire root partition on an external storage unit (USB drive) with a file system that is invisible to Windows and safe to boot. Then you can continue to use the external device and the PC will operate as usual.
The program allows you to create and save a bootable ISO file, to partition an additional drive, as well as change the default partition type and size. You can manually select drives, delete them or resize them.
For instance, you can freely create a NTFS partition for Windows operation, as well as a FAT32 one for Linux or other types of operating systems. Moreover, it’s possible to assign different partition types and sizes to all available drives.
The tool doesn’t create any unnecessary files, so it won’t cause any traces behind. After removing NTFS Substitute, you can work with the selected external drive as you usually would.
NTFS Substitute is a free, open-source solution and it is recommended for users who are not comfortable with automated tools (using Boot Camp to create an external drive is quite tedious).
Micro IT Pro Recorder supports most popular recorders, supports all major audio and video formats, allows you to record audio and video in real-time and create new files or folders. This saves time during video recording and lets you share your videos with friends and family.
This is a video editing app for Microsoft Windows that enables you to quickly create tutorials and movies, save them to your computer and share them via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It’s easy to use and can be launched by double-clicking any files that users may typically add to their desktop.
The interface is quite straightforward and neat-looking, where users can scroll through the list of supported recorders, select the format they need, set the start and stop time of the recording, and play the preview. Afterwards, you can choose to extract, import or create new files and folders.
When recording or creating new files, the app lets you view the time remaining, depending on how long the process will take to complete. You can then select a playback mode (one-button video or timer playback) and adjust the view mode to see the video as it plays.
The list of recorders is quite extensive, covering most popular ones,

Fusion 12.5 [Latest] 2022

QDICT is a handy dictionary, a client application designed to be used to access local and distant dictionaries (from DICT format or with the DICT protocol). It’s faster than, and more convenient than, opening a terminal to execute a dictionary application, and at the same time it is more comfortable than using a dictionary tool embedded in a word processor. When it comes to a specific dictionary, no matter how big it is, you can access all its content in a few seconds.

To get more technical details and features, consult the main page, which has a list of supported dictionaries.
Local dictionary
Cronos is a portable dictionary application that incorporates all the necessary features for dictionary queries with the DICT protocol.
This tool can be run directly from the command line or as an external application. Cronos can access dictionaries on local network drives using the TCP/IP protocol.
Remote dictionary
This program enables you to access remote dictionaries with ease by accessing them through their DICT protocol. Also, it has the ability to open them in the PDF format.

However, there is no way to build a dictionary with this tool because it is just a viewer. Therefore, you should only use it when you need a quick and easy way to look up a word.
As mentioned earlier, this application will allow you to open dictionaries that are accessed in the DICT format, which are usually provided by different software applications and also by many different web browsers.
This tool is designed to use a special protocol called DICT that is used by browsers to identify textual dictionaries. Thus, you can access dictionaries from any program that uses the DICT protocol, as well as the web browser.
It can’t be said that this application is very user-friendly, since it doesn’t have many features other than a simple dictionary viewer. Moreover, as noted earlier, there is no way to build a dictionary using this tool.
I just wanted to share with you something that is in my opinion, a useful project management tool that helps you keep all of your projects in order.
Get new projects and a notification about the current ones as soon as they are added, so that you may take the necessary steps to carry them on.
Marketing & promotion
If you run a small or a medium business, your biggest challenge is probably to promote it effectively. In order to do that, you need to establish a strong brand image for your company,

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The Fusion LX is a useful music player designed in such a way that it makes it easy to work with an entry level music player and also helps you get to know the software better.
What’s more, this application also allows you to import contacts from your phone, so that you can quickly add them to the software. As a brief overview, the application comes with a comprehensive content, support for multiple formats and an impressive collection of codecs.
Some of its innovative features include an equalizer that comes with 32 bands, dynamic volume adjustment, support for multiple playlists, powerful search, a browsing file system and a few more things.
Compatible Devices
This application has been tested on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. What’s more, it’s also compatible with Android, as it can import and export contacts on your cell phone.
What’s New:Version 1.2.0 Added search for MP3 players, album art and moreWhat’s New:Version 1.1.1 The Application keeps on getting betterWhat’s New:Version 1.0.0 The initial release of the Application.Requirements:
• Windows XP or higher.
• Supported Windows Version are Windows Vista and Windows 7.
• Fusion.
• Windows Media Player 9 or higher.
• Should have at least 40 MB of Free Space.
What’s New:Version 1.0 The initial release of the application.
• Windows XP or higher.
• Supported Windows Version are Windows Vista and Windows 7.
• Fusion.
• Windows Media Player 9 or higher.
• Should have at least 40 MB of Free Space.What’s New:Version 1.0 The initial release of the application.
• Windows XP or higher.
• Supported Windows Version are Windows Vista and Windows 7.
• Fusion.
• Windows Media Player 9 or higher.
• Should have at least 40 MB of Free Space.Main Features:
• Supports MP3, WMA and WAV files
• Supports multiple formats
• A huge collection of codecs
• Integrated search
• Album art support
• Thumbnail support
• Supports multiple playlists
• Integrated into Windows Explorer
• Allows sending files from one MP3 player to another
• Supports songs from all genres
What’s New:
• Search feature
• MP3 Player updates
• Pixel formats
• Bug fixesWhat’s New:
• Version 2.0 Added support

What’s New In Fusion?

Fusion is a powerful and fully featured online data feed service that lets you discover new, customizable, and easily accessible applications that help you spend less time on the computer and more time with your loved ones.
Key features
First and foremost, Fusion comes with a comprehensive library of over 200 services that range from weather, to stock prices, sports, as well as the latest videos and news. Fusion also grants a possibility to search for and find different types of data aggregated by time and location.
Thanks to the Feeds panel, you can easily customize your favorites, and streamline your daily life. In this way, you can easily access Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Hootsuite, Nextdoor, and YouTube feeds. Moreover, the Feeds panel includes a smart RSS feed scanner that will help you automatically find the items published at your favorite websites. You can even set up alerts to notify you when new contents have been posted.
Fusion has a Feed Reader module for viewing the full list of feeds and individual services. You can easily access feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Hootsuite, Nextdoor, and YouTube as well as RSS feeds, and read them on the go. You can even pick up other different feeds right from the website, and get them automatically stored in the database.
Thanks to the Data Feeds panel, you can easily manipulate data, including reading and updating the records, as well as copying or deleting them from the list.
For the cool kids out there, Fusion provides a widget which comes with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch app. So, you can access a wide range of web-based services directly from your device, and find new applications that are updated with new content.
In order to track favorites and quickly access content, Fusion includes a History module. It gives you a list of all of the feeds, along with the individual items that you have seen and applied before.
You can sort the feeds by category, as well as history. Also, you can specify the preference for the most recent updates, view the individual feed items in chronological order, or search for an item. You can also add items to your Favorites list and follow services that deal with the aggregated content that you like the most.
Fusion has a home screen to quickly access individual feeds and apply them to the main panel or on the lock screen.
Finally, Fusion allows you to save favorite searches or feeds in the History

System Requirements:

*Windows 10 or later
*16GB or more HDD free space
*HDD: 1.5 to 3.0 x MEGA / SSD: 128MB to 512MB
*Supported Language: English
*Supported Browser: Internet Explorer 10 or later, Chrome or firefox
*Internet connection
*Supported Resolution: 1680 x 1050 or


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