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In our modern Electronic-Age, there is a strong trend that our offices move to paperless. Regarding the huge amount of files we deal with every day, there is a strong need for an INDEX software which can help us to manage and access our daily files. We developed EZ-FileIndex right for you.
EZ-FileIndex is a powerful file-indexing tool for easy and efficient file management. It can be used to create index files for all your files and documents using hyperlink. The file index can be easily categorized, organized, and manipulated with EZ-FileIndex. The file opening, copying, and moving is only one click away.
The application also provides search functions, which can help you locate your files very quickly. This software is suitable for managers, professionals, and students, especially professors, graduate students, and industrial researchers.


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EZ-FileIndex Crack [Latest]

Key features:
• Massive, comprehensive index.
• Advanced search, browse and organize.
• Advanced indexing features.
• Add/remove or reorder categories/subcategories.
• Sort by categories/subcategories.
• Batch index operations.
• Import existing directories.
• Export index.
• Save as PDF.
• Save as EXCEL.
• Batch index.
• Restore index.
• Mark index.
• Deselect index.
• Remove index.
• Import CSV file.
• Export CSV file.
• Add CSV file.
• Delete CSV file.
• Add relationships between files and categories.
• Replace categories/subcategories.
• Rearrange categories/subcategories.
• Go to category of documents.
• Go to category of documents when selected.
• Set categories to/from file.
• Identify and delete duplicates.
• Support for external and local files.
• Zoom in and zoom out the index window.
• Support for tabbed windows.
• Multiple views.
• Position control the tabbed window.
• Categorize selected files with single click.
• Additional functions of EZ-FileIndex Cracked 2022 Latest Version include:
• Large and small file indexing.
• Bulk indexing operations.
• Based on Windows 7, 8, 10.
• Free of bugs.
• Free of viruses.
• Free of spyware.
• Free of defragmentation.
• Free of scheduled update.
• Free of time limit.
• Free of watermark.
• Free of double watermark.
• Support for all Windows platform.
• Support for DirectX 9 or higher version.
• Support for 64-bit Windows.
• Supported languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.
Installation instructions for Windows:
1. Click the “Download” button to start to download the EZ-FileIndex.
2. Double-click the EZ-FileIndex.exe file to start the installation.
2. Create a user account with an administrator’s privileges. (Please note that the administrator privileges are used to index the whole

EZ-FileIndex Crack + With Product Key Free Download X64 2022

EZ-FileIndex Torrent Download is a powerful file-indexing tool for easy and efficient file management. It can be used to create index files for all your files and documents using hyperlink. The file index can be easily categorized, organized, and manipulated with EZ-FileIndex. The file opening, copying, and moving is only one click away.
There is no external force required to configure a folder in EZ-FileIndex. All folders and files will automatically be listed in a folder tree.
The indexing results can be customized with ease. You can use the drop-down menu to set up the conditions. For example, you can make use of any combination of punctuation and special characters to perform the search. The advanced indexing can help you to make the search as specific as you want.
With the application, you will be able to create and manage a huge number of files with ease. You will no longer need to spend hours organizing your files in a different tool before you can use them.
EZ-FileIndex has a user-friendly interface that requires almost no training. It is light and simple to use.
The application’s main window consists of the following components:
1. Main Window: The main window is completely frame free. You can minimize it and use only its essential components. This window includes a task bar to show you the computer’s memory status.
2. File Window: This window enables you to create a link file. You can configure your file’s owner, title, date, comment, and other properties. You can also add a description.
3. File Control Panel: This window enables you to view your file, copy, cut, copy, paste, move, and rename.
4. Help Window: This window enables you to view the help information for EZ-FileIndex. You can also get it online by clicking on the Help link at the bottom right corner of the main window.
Using EZ-FileIndex is simple and easy:
1. Run the setup file and follow the given instructions.
2. Run the application.
3. When you’re done with the configuration, close the program.
4. Open File Index, click on the Add button.
5. Choose the files that you want to add to the file index.
6. You can set the text color, font size, and style of the file index items. You can also add a description for your files.
7. Click on the


EZ-FileIndex is a simple but powerful file-indexing tool for easy and efficient file management. It can be used to create index files for all your files and documents using hyperlink. The file index can be easily categorized, organized, and manipulated with EZ-FileIndex. The file opening, copying, and moving is only one click away.

Logfile_Index_Creator is designed to help you quickly and easily create multiple logfile indices and view them as a single indexed list. It supports parsing of many different logfile types, and does not require any command-line tools or bash scripts!
Indexing of Apache, IIS, Weblogic, MySql, Oracle, tmux, exim, hbase, logstash, elasticsearch, redis, syslog, and zabbix logfiles is supported, and more are added regularly.
Simple installation and easy configuration, the logfile indexer can run as a daemon with a number of command-line parameters, and as a Windows service.
Logfile_Index_Creator Features:
* Very easy to use
* Runs as a daemon or as a Windows service
* Support for many different logfile types, including: apache, iis, weblogic, mysql, exim, hbase, syslog, and zabbix
* Easy configuration
* All indices are stored in a single index file, and can be viewed as a single list
* Supports various types of pagination
* Supports an unlimited number of index files

This program “AI Indexer” will help you find fastest route to a target.exe file. Quick indexing of a word file and a long list of files. Allow you to recover and recover deleted files. We are focusing on the well-known.exe file which is used by most of us because of the reasons to speed up your search and index all files and your search engines.AI Indexer – the fastest indexing software that make you faster in your searches. Most of us would have to open the files that we’re interested in, so you’ll need a program that can perform the job quickly. AI Indexer does just that. It’s the fastest file indexing software that can index up to 20,000 files, as fast as possible. Have you ever wondered why your search engine (ie. google, yahoo, etc…) could not find you the desired file

What’s New In?

1. Use the File Index to locate your files easily.
2. Support the Management of One-Click (Hyperlink).
3. Provide search functions and a convenient quick-access interface.
4. Automatically organize your files.
6. Support One-Click File Opening.
7. Support Searching with Text, Textwords, and File Name.
8. Support Searching with Category.
9. Support Searching by Date.
10. Support Searching by Size.
11. Support Searching by Last Modified Date and Time.
12. Support Multiple Pages of File Searching.
13. Support Multiple Documents of File Searching.
14. Support Drag and Drop in File Searching.
15. Support Drag and Drop in Category Searching.
16. Support Drag and Drop in Ppt/ppt Searching.
17. Support Drag and Drop in PDF Searching.
18. Support Drag and Drop in Sitemap Searching.
19. Support Drag and Drop in Powerpoint Searching.
20. Support Drag and Drop in Other Searching.
21. Support Multiple Steps in File/Category/Ppt/App Searching.
22. Support Multiple Steps in File/Category/Ppt/App/Title/Subject Searching.
23. Support Multiple Steps in File/Category/Ppt/Title/Subject/Word Searching.
24. Support EXE, HTML, H264, RAW, JPEG, BMP, PSD, PNGB, TIF, TTF, HTM, PDF, EPS, DPX, AI, ODF, ODS, DOC, PPT, PPTX, PY, SWF, SWG, PPTX(x) file Searching.
25. Support All Devices (Desktop/Mobile/Tablet/Laptop) and All Version (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/10.2/10.3/10.4/10.5/10.6) in Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8

System Requirements For EZ-FileIndex:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: DirectX11 capable
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 2GB available hard drive space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card, compatible with Windows 7 (minimum)
Controller support: Xbox 360 Wireless controller
Additional Controller Support:
Hardware: Standard Xbox 360 controller
Network: Standard wired Xbox 360 controller
Replay: On (PlayStation®


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