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EasyMenuCD Crack+ Download [Win/Mac]

EasyMenuCD, by Nick Choy, is a small program that allows you to quickly access to your CD-ROMs! Just click on any title in the list to be played. EasyMenuCD is very configurable, with a wide variety of styles and sounds available. If you enjoy EasyMenuCD, let me know!

file bug fix

file bug fix

bug fix

The EasyMenuCD application was designed to be a small program to make your CD collections easy, suitable for Autorun enabled CDs. Archive contains also the Editor for the initialization file (format is changed from previous release).
EasyMenuCD Description:
EasyMenuCD, by Nick Choy, is a small program that allows you to quickly access to your CD-ROMs! Just click on any title in the list to be played. EasyMenuCD is very configurable, with a wide variety of styles and sounds available. If you enjoy EasyMenuCD, let me know!

Small fixes and bugfix. Thanks Dr.Ng!

Small fixes and bugfix. Thanks Dr.Ng!

Small fixes and bugfix. Thanks Dr.Ng!

added method to create shortcut to the current running program.
because of changes in the filemgr, your CD index can be lost.
just reset it by press CTRL-ALT-ENTER
the “please wait” message was moved to under 5 seconds and in stand-by to 5 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
the program can also run in the tray. just right click on it to add to easy traylist.
signal lost under MacOS can be fixed if you use a manually created init file.
the default sound path was wrong.
the game selection menu sometimes crash when the delay time is set to a value larger than 20 (the default).
added method for customizing the title and sound label.
the minimize sound shortcut is now modified to “ALT+F12”
the preview/list change/refresh shortcut is now modified to “ctrl+F9”

EasyMenuCD Crack+ Free

EasyMenuCD is a small and easy tool to create virtual drives in Windows. The application is designed to be a small and easy tool to create virtual drives in Windows. (…)

EasyMenuCD Features:
1) Create User Drives from your CD/DVDRAM/R/RW collections.
2) Automatic detection if your drives are read-only, read-write or local-only.
3) Create User Drives for all files and folders, or only for selected ones.
4) Read only or write mode for the drives (automatically applies to non-selected items).
5) Exact same names for the drives as on CD/DVDRAM/R/RW.
6) File properties for the drives.
7) Delete autorun.inf files for all CDs to prevent Autorun.
8) Create autorun.inf files for selected CDs to make any of them readable and executable.
9) Extended file properties for drives.
10) EasyMenuCD can create a folder icon on Desktop and in the Windows Explorer tree.
11) Create a shortcut on your desktop and in the Windows Explorer tree.
12) EasyMenuCD shows the file properties of all files and folders of the drives in a tree.
13) EasyMenuCD shows the file properties for all files and folders of the drives in a tree, and select a file or folder.
14) Auto-guid for all files and folders

FileMaker Pro 9.

MagicISO is an open-source application that is used to extract metadata (moov, mvhd, etc.) from CD/DVD (BluRay) image data and to create data disks (ISO/HDI/VCD/MDS).
Open the installer. When the installation is complete, double-click MagicISO.exe to run the application. If installation was a package (installer), then all may be already installed. If not, install manually.
Support extractor for multiple DVD-Video format (DivX, XviD, MPEG, etc.);
The data can be opened or closed;
The open format allows to be changed with other formats;
Support to extract data from DVD-Video/Audio CDs;
Allows to create data disks, ISO images, VCD images, USB boot images, etc.;
Extracts video from a disc, even DVD-


The EasyMenuCD is a small software program for CD’s. It makes creating CD collections easy, suitable for Autorun enabled CDs. It supports all types of standard ISO images, it is able to organize the images into folders for organization, it is able to assign proper filenames, it can also rename files before burning, and it can burn any number of folder to single CD-R discs (and DVD-R/CD-R discs).
You can also create or edit your own CD-R disc, or create entire directory structures on blank CD/DVD-R discs. And many other features.
EasyMenuCD Environment:
EasyMenuCD should be able to run on any Windows version. It is easily configurable and runs very fast.
New In EasyMenuCD 2.3 – All images are stored in a database: the table is named “images”. Information about the files are stored in a table named “images-details”. This solution is very flexible and allows easy maintenance. Editing information about the files is made easier.

CD Label Creator
CD Label Creator is a CD Label creation software developed by János Varga. It is a powerful label creation software for making complete optical discs with wide range of options for creating a customized disc title, producing disc labels in high resolution and saving them on CD or DVD/Blu-ray formats. CD Label Creator is ideal for CD Label creation for bands, record labels, DVD/BD manufacturer, video production and other fields. This CD Label Creator has been created for creating and printing high resolution CD Label in PSD (Photoshop document) format for printing in the most widely used print service in the world – Canon.

SimpleAudio Recorder
SimpleAudio Recorder is a freeware audio recorder for recording audio files from a microphone and saving them to one of your favorite audio file formats. The program is based on the popular audio editing program Audacity which was developed by Thomas Vander Stichele and released on September 23, 2001. The program supports multiple file formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AVI, MID, M4A, MP2, MP4, AAC, OGA, SND and CD Audio. An external mixer and equalizer can be used for perfect audio mixing and processing.


EasyCD is a powerful CD authoring, editing, and packaging software for Windows. EasyCD provides most advanced features

What’s New In?

EasyMenuCD is a small program to make easy to create menu CDs. With EasyMenuCD you can easy to easily create and distribute your own CDs. You can just compile the EasyMenuCD program and than you can easily design menus and set the autos for booting. You can easily change the menu if you want. You can get a lot of features with EasyMenuCD. Some features:
(1)Auto-Start data when your CD is inserted.
(2)Autorun data.
(3)A menu that will make easy your CDs and it will help you to distribute your CDs easier. You can make new menus. You can make different slides for different menu position. You can print menus.
(4)You can easily edit the initialization files. It is similar to notepad.
(5)You can create installation files to distribute your CDs.
(6)You can change the title, the menu and some files.
(7)Easy to edit menus.
(8)Easy to add new menus or new slide.
(9)Easy to print the menu.
What’s New in Version 2.01:
– Now it supports x64 platforms.
What’s New in Version 2.00:
– Now you can make your own initialization file to easily when the CD is inserted, it’ll set itself to the specified data.
– Now you can set numbers for the menu menu:
– BootSlide
– Main_Menu
– Auto_Start
What’s New in Version 1.10:
– Now the title can be specified in initialization file
What’s New in Version 1.00:
– (NEW) Now you can edit menus.
– (NEW) Now you can show different data in the menus.
For compatibility:
– (NEW) Now you can make your own menu from scratch.
– (NEW) Now it supports languages.
What’s New in Version 0.91:
– (NEW) Now you can change the menu.
– (NEW) Now it supports language.
What’s New in Version 0.90:
– (NEW) Now you can put an image in menu.
– (NEW) Now you can put the image at the first menu in the slides.
– (NEW

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 SP1
Processor: 2.5 GHz dual-core processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 650/ATI HD 5670 (D3D11 compatible)
Network: Broadband Internet connection required
OS: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Additional Notes:
This product includes both Mac and Windows version
Mac version: Windows version:


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