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DBXscanSHX is an Autcad extension designed to scan folders for DWG files containing references to SHX files and to generates reports.
It’s a tool which scans all drawings in the selected folder (and its subfolders) and writes a report about the SHX files (shapes) detected in the individual files. It does NOT make any changes in the DWG files.







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In a nutshell

Scanner works in two modes:
1. Mode of Complete Scanning (analogous to the basic DBXScan functionality)
2. Mode of Quick Scanning (analogous to the DXFScan functionality)

Quick Scanning is much faster than Complete Scanning.

The Quick Scanning option allows you to quickly scan the DWG files and save the detection results into a text file (e.g., for integration into a script) for further use.

The Quick Scanning option will detect also references to the SHX files.

The following options are available:
1. Quick Scanning
2. Complete Scanning (default)
3. Working Copy
4. Selected Folder
5. Supported Formats

1. Compatible with AutoCAD
2. Compatible with AutoLISP
3. Word-Document-Interface
4. XML output


DBXscanSHX [Options]
[Options] (check for more information in the
DBXscanSHX manual)

Takes a DWG-file and a path as input-parameters.
-a, –full-scan: Complete scan of the DWG-file and all its children-folders.
-s, –quick-scan: Quick scan of the DWG-file and all its children-folders.
-s[-h|–help]: Shows this information.
-r[-d|–directory]: Specify a directory where to look for DWG files.
-t[-w|–workspace]: Workspace where to write detected DWG-files.
-f[-g|–formats]: Search only for specific formats.
-h, –help: Shows this information.
-v, –version: Shows the DBXscanSHX version and exit.
-o, –output-mode: Specify output mode (ANSI, XML, etc).
-i, –input-mode: Specify Input mode (Complete, Quick, etc).
-c, –compatible: Indicates if DBXscanSHX is compatible with AutoCAD (e.g. version 17.00) or AutoCAD

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This tool can be run as a batch file or in a GUI.
It generates report which describes SHX files found in the folders.
The report contains the following columns:

– Directory\Path – Name of the detected shapefiles
– Shape file name – The name of the shapefile
– Shapefile extension – The extension of the shapefile (.SHX)
– Shapefile index number and date – The index number of the shapefile
– Description – A brief description of the shapefile
– Imported from – Whether the shapefile is imported from a DWG file (1 = Yes, 0 = No)
– Export to – Whether the shapefile should be exported to a DXF file (1 = Yes, 0 = No)
– Created – Date and time when the shapefile was created
– Updated – Date and time when the shapefile was modified
– Modified – Date and time when the shapefile was modified

Version History:

Date/Time Version 09-15-2017
Version 08-24-2017
Version 05-22-2016
Version 02-19-2016
Version 09-14-2015
Version 02-15-2015

How to use DBXscanSHX:
1) Download the DBXscanSHX executable file from the link below.
2) Run DBXscanSHX.exe and follow the prompts.
3) Once DBXscanSHX is finished, view the report created.
4) Copy/Save the generated report to your computer.

I’ll provide the DBXscanSHX.exe executable.
You can follow the instructions in the DBXscanSHX.exe to launch the tool as well as view the DBXscanSHX.exe generated report.
The optional help is also provided.

DBXscanSHX Help:
dbxscanshx.exe [/I[rpv]] [/D[version]] [/C[int]] [/B[dwg]]
[/u[p]] [/m[in]] [/n[br]] [/s[bs]] [/h[h]] [/S[h

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How to use DBXscanSHX:
For installation see the readme.txt.
As you can see the DBXscanSHX installers are easy to install and run.
Download DBXscanSHX

In order to install DBXscanSHX, open an Autocad Auto-Startup (Startup menu > Programs > Startup) window and click on the ‘DBXscanSHX’ icon.
Or click on the DBXscanSHX icon on the desktop.
Note: This DBXscanSHX setup has been created from the installation of the DBXscanSHX as you find on this page.

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What’s New in the?

1. You select the folder (and sub-folders) to scan

2. Then DBXscanSHX starts to scan all DWG files in the selected folder (and its sub-folders)
The scanned files will be copied to the program’s temporary directory (for convenience)

3. DBXscanSHX generates a  report of the scanned files

4. When ready DBXscanSHX creates the output report (reports.txt)

5. DBXscanSHX doesn’t report any warnings of possibly problematic files
6. DBXscanSHX doesn’t ask for permission to open the files it scans
7. DBXscanSHX doesn’t make any changes in the DWG files

I use DBXscanSHX for about 2 years without any problems.

Here are the findings i’ve made with DBXscanSHX and Autodesk AutoCAD:

1. DBXscanSHX can’t recognize an SHX file (that contains an REC) and treat it like a regular DWG file (without any SHX reference).
2. The results of the scan are incorrect when a DWG file is opened by Autodesk AutoCAD
3. If a DWG file is opened by Autodesk AutoCAD and contains a SHX reference (for example in the drawing or in the file properties), DBXscanSHX reports the reference, but fails to generate a report.

The most frequent case is:

1. I open a DWG file which contains a SHX reference
2. DBXscanSHX reports the reference
3. DBXscanSHX fails to generate a report
4. Then, I double-click the DWG file by clicking the button “Open With” or by clicking the button “Import Into Database” (and not the other way around). Then, I get the error:

Import of diagrams failed because model is opened as a drawing by another program

The file is open as a regular DWG file.

The results don’t change if I start DBXscanSHX after I’ve already opened the DWG file by double-clicking and selecting the button “Open with” (when the DWG file is still opened as a regular DWG file) or by selecting the button “Import Into Database” (when the DWG file is already open as a regular DWG file).

System Requirements For DBXscanSHX:

At least 8GB RAM
We have tested Ludo and saw that it works on a range of PC specs. If you are on a low spec machine, it may run more slowly, but will still function.
Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.
Mac OS X 10.9 or later (recommended)
SteamOS or Steam OS (Linux)
The following hardware configurations are recommended:
Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU (Sandy Bridge


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