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What is Composer?
What it can do?
Updates & improvements over the years

How do I start?
Who needs it?
How to install it?


What is Composer and what it can do?
Who needs it?
How to install it?

That’s all for now! Any questions or any suggestions are welcome? They will be as well most likely be considered and some of them might even be included in the next release.

About Composer

Developers all over the world use Composer to handle their dependencies and Composer has existed long before PHP 5.3. Composer has been actively maintained and improved over the years.

A few years ago, Composer changed the way we manage third party dependencies in PHP projects. Since then, the syntax has undergone several changes and improvements and it is now a best practice to use Composer, instead of the manual dependency install methods such as require_once(), include() and require().

For a detailed introduction to Composer see


The purpose of Composer is to serve as a dependency manager for PHP projects. Its main purpose is to ease the setup and updating of dependencies (extensions and libraries). Composer also provides a way to update these dependencies to the latest versions without worrying about a lot of extra configuration.


Composer is available at

Composer provides support for many different platforms including macOS, Windows, and Linux. All of these operating systems have an installer that can be used to install Composer.

In case the installation fails for any reason, you can always run Composer from the command line using the following syntax: composer install.

If Composer is already installed on your computer, and you need to upgrade it, you can use the following command: composer self update.


Usage of Composer can be divided in two parts.
The first part is providing the composer.json file to Composer. This is a simple JSON file which helps Composer to provide basic information about what extensions and libraries should be included.

For a basic explanation of the composer.json file, see the documentation at

The second part

Composercat Product Key

Screenshot of Composercat’s home screen

Final Thoughts

Composercat has a neat and clean design that works just fine on all major OSes

It’s a modern, sleek, and beautiful cross-platform GUI for Composer

Works flawlessly, and looks right at home on the latest iterations of Windows

Having said that, its very simple to use and work, and it is both functional and highly configurable.

Although, the issue is that it is not a universal application and, at the same time, it is available for Windows only.

If you’re a Mac developer, then you will most likely love using Xcode. It’s the world-renowned platform for developing iOS apps, and it has been the industry standard for developing cross-platform applications. It’s also one of the reasons why many developers prefer Mac OS as their daily driver.
However, despite the fact that Xcode 10 sports an entirely new look, some things have not changed at all. In this article, we’ll be checking out and exploring Xcode’s edge-like navigation pane, called the Navigator.
Xcode 10 Navigation
Xcode features a new edge-like navigation pane called the Navigator. It replaces the main Xcode pane and presents developers with a summary of their open files. The main pane is still present, but users can only open files from this new edge-like pane.
Navigator is very useful if you’re working on a large project or many files in the editor pane. It is a great place to view the contents of files right in the editor.
But, if it’s not the case, then you can still access the files you need from the main pane with the click of a button.
The navigator pane has a series of tabs arranged to present a summary of your files.
Navigator in Xcode 10
Navigator comes with a variety of features like Preview and Preview Content, which allows you to preview the contents of an opened file even while the file is open in the Editor pane. It allows you to view the contents of files right in the editor.
In the screenshot above, you can see that the navigator pane is set to display file previews.
As you can see, the Preview pane displays the file contents in the right pane of the editor.
This allows you to view an opened file in the editor without closing and reopening the file.
Additionally, you can also see

What’s New in the?

Composercat is a modern and very useful GUI for the most popular dependency manager written in the Electron framework, mainly for Linux. Its purpose is to make Composer a full-featured, cross-platform and modern application, as well.
Although its primary purpose is to improve your daily workflow while working on Composer-based PHP projects, it also contains other features that are not necessarily related to Composer, like, of course, being able to manage all your packages, dependencies and configurations.
This application is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3, and it is distributed through npm.
Similar to other less focused solutions and apps, Composercat is as minimalist as it gets, however, despite that, it doesn’t come short of a great user interface.

This is a new application for managing your dependencies in Composer, installed with Docker. It’s possible to use native Linux client


Using Composer 2.x (current version 2.0.2)

Getting and creating projects with Composer

Checking project dependencies

Managing packages

Updating dependencies

Creating and deleting packages

Managing versions of packages

Managing git repositories

Settings configuration

Dependencies release

Runs on a wide variety of platforms

Complete and intuitive user interface (headless)

Lots of documentation

Fast growing community

Supports many other dependencies (JsonSchema, Mesos, etc.)

Killing applications

Not that we didn’t put a lot of effort into Composercat, but we did. However, it seemed as if we weren’t doing a good enough job in the end. We’re sure that this tool will do the right thing for you, and as soon as you try it out, you’ll be able to tell us what you think.

Whether you’re a PHP developer who wants to automate the boring and often time-consuming tasks that Composer can do for you, or if you’re simply interested in automating the workflow associated with working with Composer, Composercat is definitely the right tool for the job.

We’ve spent a long time trying to get the stuff that we want to do for our customers. Ultimately, the best way to do that is to let them know that we’re doing it. So it’s best to be able to tell them whether we’re doing something for them or not. So

System Requirements:

Windows Vista or Windows XP
Internet Explorer 7
Further notes:
This is not in any way a port of a previous mod, this is a new completely different version of the mod.
Do NOT install this over the original Jm_Handler mod or vice versa.
Version 2.2
Jm_Handler Version 2.2 is released.
This is a completely new version of the mod so all of the content is new. The only items that are transferred over from the previous version of the mod are the configuration file and

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