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Ascella Log Monitor Plus is an application that was designed to be an agent for event log monitoring and management software.
It follows the health of a server or workstation hardware, software and operating system on all computers in your network. Makes system administrators’ everyday job easier by taking care of critical events registered by Windows event log.







Ascella Log Monitor Plus Crack Full Product Key Download

Provides detailed information about the operating system health of a computer.
Traps critical events that are not captured by many event log monitors.
Provides a simple Web based GUI to configure the monitor for any machine on your network.
Provides the functionality to allow you to launch the monitors directly from Microsoft Outlook.
It can monitor Windows systems on a network and issues alerts when any critical conditions occur.

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How to activate Ascella Log Monitor Plus Product Key?

Ascella Log Monitor Plus is a software that comes with a full version code. In order to activate it we provide the link below. Once you log in you’ll find the link to activate the software.

What is a key for Ascella Log Monitor Plus?

To install Ascella Log Monitor Plus to your computer it will ask you a key. The key is the password of the email account or website where you’ve registered.

Ascella Log Monitor Plus free download

Ascella Log Monitor Plus is available for free download on our website. Ascella Software offers all their applications on our website for free download. You can download Ascella Log Monitor Plus from a single link below.

“I’ve had Ascella Log Monitor Plus on a full scale network running for about 3 years now. Since it’s inception, I found it to be valuable for its ability to monitor health and status of my users and computers. It’s a true network-based event monitor. I’ve received some crashes (reported in the Ascella Technical Support forum), but they’ve been minor and work is currently being done on a hotfix. The developer is definitely making strides. And the free version is an excellent value.”

Is Ascella Log Monitor Plus a safe to download?

When you download Ascella Log Monitor Plus you may encounter third party software or computer viruses. It’s important that you have a proper anti-virus program installed on your computer.

Ascella Software uses McAfee to scan their software on a weekly basis. As a customer you will have access to that report and may request your software be removed from McAfee’s database if it’s not detected as safe.

Why Ascella Software?

Ascella Software has been in business for over 20 years and understands that today’s requirements are very different to what

Ascella Log Monitor Plus Crack + Product Key Full [Win/Mac] Latest

+ Sends alert messages to the notification area of the task bar when a problem is detected
+ You may choose to listen for a specific event or all events
+ By default, Ascella Log Monitor Plus Crack For Windows will monitor all events occurring on a specified account, but you can specify to monitor a specific event or all events
+ Allows you to set events to ignore
+ If a specified event is found, Ascella Log Monitor Plus will immediately alert you. This feature is called “On Demand”.
+ You can also set the time interval of monitoring
+ You can monitor multiple event logs on a specified account
+ You can set event handlers that will execute when you receive an alert message
+ You can send alert messages to the notification area of the task bar when you receive an alert message
+ You can execute tasks when a specified event occurs
+ Application monitor mode is supplied as a built-in DLL. It monitors only event log information and it is required by Ascella Log Monitor Plus.
Ascella Log Monitor Plus Features:
+ Inspect application, registry and system event logs
+ On Demand monitoring
+ Set events to ignore
+ On Demand reporting
+ On Demand scripting
+ Possibility to use an external scripting language in an editor window
+ Support for JavaScript-based scripting language execution
+ Possibility to use an external scripting language in an external editor window
+ Support for VB-based scripting language execution
+ Possibility to use an external scripting language in an external editor window
+ Support for C-based scripting language execution
+ Status bar window to indicate the real-time status of a monitored application
+ Detailed reports about monitored event log files
+ Possibility to create user-defined objects for event log file monitoring
+ Possibility to monitor multiple event logs simultaneously
+ Possibility to monitor all the events that occur on a specific account (configuration file)
+ Possibility to monitor all events that occur on all accounts (configuration file)
+ Possibility to monitor all event logs on a specified account
+ Application status messages;
+ Application status messages with option to launch the application;
+ Application status messages with option to show details about the application, system and event log information;
+ Application status messages with option to execute the application;
+ Application status messages with option to show application information;
+ Script history;
+ Script textbox;
+ Script command window;
+ Script files;
+ Script command window

Ascella Log Monitor Plus

Installs, Uninstalls, Upgrades and Degrades software by sending commands directly to Program Compatibility Wizard

Controls the display of installed and uninstalled applications

Automatically removes slow installed programs to ensure high performance

Calculates and reports the numerical value of CPU and RAM performance indicators

Monitoring and reporting all things happening on a local or remote system using Windows event log

When an error occurs, it is caught by the software, and according to the error, an appropriate action is taken

After the software is launched, the monitoring and reporting starts immediately, never waiting until the job is finished.
When using the native Windows log, Ascella Log Monitor Plus is not required to launch a separate software to collect the event log. It’s possible to view the log from its Windows control panel. This gives you the opportunity to sort the log, filter the log by time periods, or search through the log. You can also trigger the event log check when something happens on the computer. If the check finds anything wrong, the log is automatically closed.

Ascella Log Monitor Plus is an agent for Event Log Management Software. It handles the event log data, and reports any problems it identifies to the user. If an error occurs while it’s monitoring the event log, Ascella Log Monitor Plus is able to immediately take the necessary action to correct the problem. You can choose whether you want to be informed about an error or not.

Ascella Log Monitor Plus is able to notify you of important events by sending email or sound to your mobile device, or by raising the system’s alert. You can choose which of these ways to be notified. The program is able to detect installed and uninstalled programs as well as slow installed programs, and automatically uninstall them if they are taking too long to launch.

Ascella Log Monitor Plus has been tested thoroughly and works as intended. There are no known compatibility issues. However, if you’re concerned that this might be the case, please contact the vendor to confirm that Ascella Log Monitor Plus supports your particular version of Windows.


Version 1.12.0 fixes the system tray icon.


Version 1.11.0 adds a lot of performance improvements and bug fixes. It also adds the ability to schedule checks to run at specified times.


Version 1

What’s New In Ascella Log Monitor Plus?

Create both normal and critical system information and troubleshooting support reports on demand.
Get rid of an annoying need to manually check critical system events on servers and workstations.
Get specific information for every single system event and take actions.
Ascella Log Monitor Plus License Key:
License Key: Ascella Log Monitor Plus License Key key is the technology that you can get access to the software at the moment you pay. The license key belongs to the digital media component because it’s an article of copyright.

Note to the buyer: If you want Ascella Log Monitor Plus Registration Code Free Version is also available and it’s more simple to take of. But the price of Ascella Log Monitor Plus also, while you can get such a software for free.

For more information about Ascella Log Monitor Plus, is available in other media (CD, DVD, online)
Any question about Ascella Log Monitor Plus, please let us know by contacting us on the Contact US page.

Why us:
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How to get ascella log monitor plus license key

1- Search ascella log monitor plus License Key from the search bar available at the bottom of this page
2- Copy the ascella log monitor plus License Key and place the code in the address bar and press Enter.
3- Go to the software and register it or take a time to download ascella log monitor plus and install on your computer.

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System Requirements For Ascella Log Monitor Plus:

2.8 Ghz Intel i7 8 core Processor
S.M.A.R.T Disabled
8GB Graphics Card
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
10GB Network Card
Download the latest version of the 4PLAYER installer here:
Extract the downloaded archive and run the file “4PlayerSetup.exe”
1. Check your antivirus software,

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