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– 2 Filter FM mod. ranges – complete waveforms with LFO waves and 3rd order FM
– 2 Amplitude Mod. by LFO range – h.w. control over Amplitude Modulation
– 2 Split control – h.w. split of the mix signal to the 2 LFO waveforms
– 3 Pitch modulation of the 2 base oscillator – or h.w. as 3rd mod to the Osc Mix Range
– 2 Osc Mix ranges – with dual Oscillators
– 2 Osc Mod. ranges – Osc Mix 1 and Osc Mix 2 have 2 OSC Mod. ranges (LFO and MULT)
– 2 Ring Mod. ranges – Spiral Mod. or Ring Mod.
– 2 Ring FM Mod. ranges – 1st order. 2nd order and midi
– Midi, CV, MIDI clock generator
– Loudspeaker – 3 pres. and filter and 6 line outputs (2 thru 4)
– MIDI In and out
– MIDI output h.w. MIDI Thru
– Switchable Music mode, Osc 1+2, Osc 1+2+LFO, Osc 2+LFO and Osc 1+2+LFO+Ring Mod.
– Selectable Waveforms
– Independent Oscillator Mod (OSC 1+2) + Ring Mod. (Ring Mod. 1st. oc and Ring Mod. 2nd. oc)
– Osc 1/2 Ampl. Mod. Mix range
– Osc 1+2 Pitch Mod. range
– Osc 1+2 LFO Waveform (LFO) 1-4 Mod. range
– Osc 1+2 LFO Mix range
– Osc 1+2 Mix range
– Osc 2 Pitch Mod. range
– Osc 2 Mix Range
– Osc 2 LFO Waveform (LFO) 1-4 Mod. range
– Osc 2 LFO Mix range
– Osc 2 Mix range
– Osc 1+2+Ring mod. Mix range
– Osc 1+2+Ring mod. osc mod. range
– Osc 1+2+Ring mod. ring mod. range
– Osc 2+Ring mod. Mix range
– Osc 2+Ring mod. osc mod. range
– Osc 2+Ring mod. ring mod. range
– Osc 1+2+LFO+Ring mod. Mix range
– Osc 1+2+LFO+Ring mod. osc mod. range
– Osc 1+

Alpha 3 3.0.1 Crack Serial Key

The implementation of the classic FM synthesis techniques is one of the results of years of development of our developed character synthesizer. This type of synthesis was once highly appreciated by musicians and composers. Nowadays it is mostly limited to modular synthesizers. This is our contribution to this type of synthesis and the synthesis of the well-known VCO2.
Dont just take the FM out of the box. Use the built-in Modulators to create a unique sound. Our RingModulator, VoiceModulator or ModFilter allows for a continuous morphing. A morphing that is of course not possible with some software. Our RingModulator works like a friction wheel or motor. This ring that follows a friction curve is continually pushed through our specially-programmed ModFilter. Like that we can create a true ring FM. Our ModFilter is not based on the filter function at all. If it is based on the lowpass curve, then it is only a very simple ModFilter. Instead of that the whole sound is created by a morphing of 2 different waves, which roll on each other. This works like an almost analog of a true analog modulator. Not only the filter cutoff is also changing, but the volume and amplitude. You can control all sound parameters by the keyboard.
Alpha 3 also includes 2 additional basic synthesizers. The Oscillator can be used as a noise source. The ToneModulator can adjust the sound of the Oscillator with great flexibility. All these are of course more traditional ways of synthesis with the Alpha 3, but also the easiest. So, you can program the Alpha 3 as you normally would a classic subtractive synth. The perfect combination of classic controls like cut/filters and modulation and modern digital ideas like LFO, Pitch and the RingModulator.
In addition Alpha 3 contains all the usual oscillator functions. Our own VCA stands for Voltage Controlled Amplifier. This is the strongest and most modern stand-alone VCA available today.
This is the very tip of the iceberg! The rest is up to you with this synthesizer.
The synthesizer Alpha 3 is fully programmable. The effect processor is an LA2 and is therefore equipped with several unique effects. We also offer a lot of presets that can be freely loaded and stored in the RAM.
Before that we gave a full introduction to the classic synthesis with our “State of the Art” diagrams.
Alpha 3 in Detail:


Alpha 3 3.0.1 Crack + [Mac/Win] 2022 [New]

Real Analog synthesizer, with simple to use GUI.
2 voices each with 2 oscillators.
2 ADSR envelopes
2 ADSR envelopes with the same timbre
Octave button
Octave button for Oscillator 1 and Oscillator 2
Mix fader
Ring modulator
Cut faders
Pan knob
Volume pedal
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What’s New in the Alpha 3?

Hands On Synthesizer. Any of the 45 standard and the 7 custom envelopes can be edited in real time, as often as you want. You always have full control over the sound, even at the most intense moments. A new feature is FOCUS: By selecting the right envelope, you can focus on a part of the sound and get a lot of information just by analyzing the envelope display. And finally, you control the filters like you never could before, with a very different interpretation of FM. The control over two analog filters with 7 different waveshapes, an adjustable filter cutoff, plus 2 modulation sources and a morphing ringmodulator allow sound developers to modify and create extremely wide and exotic timbres. A revolutionary concept.
Modular, Analog, Expression
Alpha 3 can be taken apart in modules. This allows a high degree of flexibility when programming as you only have to attach modules. You can work with the synthesizer like a module itself: You can control the entire synth with 1 or 2 joystick controllers, or use the touch-sensitive console to manage the synth, which makes using the Alpha 3 very intuitive.
Mac & PC compatibility
The Alpha 3 is a full Fruityloops compatible synthesizer, which means you can use it on any computer or Mac. One of our special features is that Alpha 3 supports all major DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
Insane Arpeggiator and a Killer Performance
The Arpeggiator is perfect for creating your own arpeggios, which is something you’re used to when using a classic keyboard. The Arpeggiator lets you use the synth as a real instrument that can be played with a controller. It also has an integrated Drum Sequencer and a recorded sample technique that lets you loop up to 16 sounds at once. The built-in Kompressor lets you instantly save presets. All sounds are available via your music software of choice: You can use Alpha 3 as a sample library for DAWs like FL Studio, but also as a plugin for any other software.
Insane Mixer
The 1:1 mix control allows for adjustments of full range with one knob. The filter cutoff can be adjusted via the parameter f_mod-f [FO], where f_mod stands for Filter FM and f stands for Filter Cutoff. The analog filters can be easily controlled via the 2 knobs of the filters.
Secret Master Knob
A secret master knob exists, which gives you full

System Requirements:

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