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• Y.A.M.C! is an easy to use, feature rich and inexpensive email client.
• It is the ideal tool for all Windows users.
• Y.A.M.C! is a strong email client that supports multiple email accounts, text, HTML, and attachment emails as well as searching and multiple options for saving and organizing messages.
• Y.A.M.C! provides a complete and well organized user interface for the user to quickly locate emails and manage contacts.
• Y.A.M.C! provides a unique feature that allows you to search Google for any highlighted word in the email body.
• Y.A.M.C! includes an event planner, an address book, a calendar, filters and many more features that will suit every user’s needs.
* Import and Export of HTML Emails (HTML Purifier)
* Contacts & Contact Groups
* Customizable Email Lists
* Supports several email accounts at once
* Email Checking
* HTML Email Support (v 1.3.0 and higher)
* Support for Multiple Email Accounts
* Search Mailboxes (narrow and unlimited)
* Instant Messaging
* FTP/WebDAV and IMAP4/SSL support
* Email Filtering (limited)
* HTML Parser (HTML Purifier) support
* Calendar (includes native Tasks and Calendar Applications)
* Works with POP3 and IMAP4/SSL
* Attachment support (email with images and other files)
* Built-in Sender Filter
* Decryption (AES) Support
* Export Filtered Contacts as vCard
* Import and Export Contacts
* Multi-Threading Support
* Activex support
* Many more features (read the detailed Help menu)
* Fast to install and easy to use
* Free to download
Y.A.M.C.! Cracked Accounts does not support POP3/IMAP4 with SSL
* Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 and newer
* Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
• JRE 1.5 or higher (javax.mail.Message.htmlStripped)
• JRE 1.5 or higher (javax.mail.Message.htmlUnstripped)
• Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5
• Download and extract the Y.A.M.C.! For Windows 10 Crack (.zip) archive

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Use this email client to organize your mails and get them to your desktop right away. You can import contacts, appointments and even events from popular applications like Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and others.
Y.A.M.C.! will remember all your passwords and let you login as many times as you like, with just one password. For added convenience, you can configure auto reply for your messages as well as turn off email alerts for new mail.
Y.A.M.C.! comes with an address book, calendar and an event planner to help you keep up with your daily activities. Email checking options include sending and receiving mail via POP3, IMAP and SSL.
Y.A.M.C.! has been tested on:
– Windows XP and above
– 64bit
– Broadband connection (faster Internet connection will improve downloading speed)
What’s New:
How To Install:
Just unzip and install on your system. You may need to run the setup.exe after extracting the folder. You can also run Y.A.M.C.! from your desktop.
Special Thanks:
Special Thanks:
Special Thanks:
How To Report Bugs:
If you have any problems with this software, please contact us by email, before posting a message on the forum:
Keymacro – Y.A.M.C.! – for Windows


Y.A.M.C.! is a simple email application that runs without registering or installing. It is designed with the desktop environment in mind, but is easy to use, has a clean interface and a lot of features. Y.A.M.C.! support multiple mailboxes and displays each mailbox separately on the desktop. You can easily navigate among your emails and email folders. Email with attachments is supported.
Y.A.M.C.! is easy to customize. You can add your favorite shortcuts and tools to the main window or to a new window. With Y.A.M.C.! you will be able to work with your emails in a way that fits your personal style and convenience.
Y.A.M.C.! comes with pre-installed, useful applications: a dictionary, translator and spell checker.
Y.A.M.C.! description of features:
-email checking
-message creation
-address book
-filter option
-search option
-event planning
-voice mail
-contacts managing
-mail conversation
-web history
-Google search
-PDF reader
-MS Word reader
-HTML editor
-file manager
-email client
-mail logging
-shutdown log
-program shutdown
-remove (close) all message
-quick folder
-header editing
-send email
-add address
-set as default
-address book organization
-editor for contacts
-select multiple

100% CLEAN Certification

Y.A.M.C.! has been tested by Download82.com team against viruses, spyware, adware, trojan, backdoors and was found to be 100% clean of any form of malware.. We guarentee that Y.A.M.C.! will meet your needs and you can use it without any harm to your computer..

Y.A.M.C.! – Y.A.M.C.! is easy to use and attractive email program, that supports multiple mailboxes, email checking, HTML mail and also offers an address book, calendar and more.
It also includes a search function, customizable folders and several import/export options as well as a unique feature that allows you to search Google

What’s New in the Y.A.M.C.!?

⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️ is a free/opensource multi-platform email client that supports multiple mailboxes. It is easy to use, attractive and has a unique feature that allows you to search Google for any highlighted word in the email body. Additional features include an event planner, filtering options and more.

⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️ supports multiple mailboxes, email checking, HTML mail and also offers an address book, calendar and more. It also includes a search function, customizable folders and several import/export options as well as a unique feature that allows you to search Google for any highlighted word in the email body.

· Check multiple mailboxes
· Search through your emails
· Create and customize folders
· Check your email history
· Filtering options
· Set up a calendar to keep track of your appointments
· Plan meetings and reminders
· Get notified when new messages arrive
· Read HTML mail (useful for your school or work)
· Receive SMS notifications from your email
· Set up email forwarding
· Export mails to a file, CSV or Text
· Import mails from a file, CSV or Text

Do you have a Gmail account? If you do then you can import Gmail account mails into Y.A.M.C.! (Try the demo to see if it works for you). If you don’t have a Gmail account you can also create a Y.A.M.C.! account directly from within the application.

⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️ uses a nice design that works great on desktops, laptops and tablets. It supports the most common resolutions, from 1024×600 to 1920×1080. ⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️ works great on all devices; from Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️is developed and maintained by the Y.A.M.C.! team in italian language. The Y.A.M.C.! team is also responsible for the development of several other tools for managing and storing information.

⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️ is distributed under the GNU GPL3 licence. Y.A.M.C.! is available for free on the GNU Project’s Free Software Directory. You can also download a free demo for this software.

⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️ has also been packaged for Archlinux.

⭐️Y.A.M.C.!⭐️ version has been released (on 10

System Requirements For Y.A.M.C.!:

Windows 7 64-bit or later; Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Intel Core i5 2400S or later
AMD Phenom II x4 945 or Intel Core i3 2120 or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or better
Support for dual monitor display is not supported on Mac OS X version.
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