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– Online genealogical database to keep records about several ancestors, relatives, and other people.
– Help you track all events in your family tree by creating several databases for different kinds of events.
– Store details about dates, places, and people in the database.
– Create multiple family trees by adding several people with the same surname.
– Find a person in the database by specifying their last name and first name.
– Find a person with a specified number of children in the database.
– Display a timeline with the people in the database.
– Store details about multimedia files in the database.
– Find out the name, address, and phone number of the person from the database.
– Insert the current date, time, and date of the year.
– Print details about people in the database.
– Find a person by entering the name, surname, and place.
– Find a person by entering the name, surname, first name, and social security number.
– Search the database for errors, duplicate items, invalid dates, and missing data.
– Export the data to Excel, GEDCOM, PDF, HTML, and Text files.
– Import data from GEDCOM, Excel, and text files.
– Back up the database.
– Change the display date format.
– Import a calendar from a text file.
– Find out the name, address, and phone number of the person with a specified number of children in the database.
– Import information from a calendar.
– Display dates in the Gregorian and Julian calendars.
– Show the date of the day, month, and year in the calendar.
– Convert the dates and dates in the calendar to Gregorian and Julian calendars.
– Add repositories and find the name, address, and phone number of the person with a specified name.
– Show the location on a map.
– Add a person with the specified name.
– Display a timeline with the relatives in the database.
– Load events and multimedia items from text files.
– Add a multimedia file.
– Attach a file.
– Create a multimedia timeline.
– Add multimedia files to a database.
– Display a multimedia timeline.
– Add repository references to the database.
– Specify the date, source, and repository for a reference.
– Add a new database.
– Open a database.
– Change the database name.
– Rename a database

SmartGenealogy Crack +

The tool helps you record various changes for your genealogical database, such as adding new people, events, documents, sources, or repositories, changing information, rearranging persons, and converting dates.
Key Features:
• Possibility to enter the date of each event, name of the event, and the cause of the event
• Add multimedia files as new events in your database
• Search for duplicates, invalid dates, and missing surnames
• Display the same timeline as in PowerGEDCOM and FTBPro
• Can extract data from a standard GEDCOM file
• Convert Gregorian to Julian, Gregorian to Gregorian, and Julian to Julian dates
• It is possible to reset the entire database and all of its contents, or just a selected group of records
• Backup and restore a database by importing it
• Print the genealogy database as a PDF file
• Open, close, and rename databases
• Restore a database by importing it from a previous backup
• Convert data and dates from Gregorian to Julian, or vice versa
• Create new documents, people, and events
• Convert personal notes to text and add them to your database
• Find errors in your genealogy database, such as duplicated information and invalid dates
• View all entries in the genealogy database
• Set up the database by importing data from Excel
• Print a calendar view of the dates in your database
• Open, edit, and rename Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
• Import a file to SmartGenealogy by copying it to your hard drive
• Support Unicode text, video, image, Excel, and PDF files
• Find items and copy them to a new location
• Update a list of your favorite places
• View the events in the genealogy database in a timeline
• Sort and filter events
• Upload and download data from the internet, or import data from a file
• Use ‘new’ buttons to add people to your database
• Download data from the Internet
• Use an internal database viewer to find duplicates, missing surnames, and invalid dates
• Open, rename, and close database files
• Export a database as a GEDCOM file
• Convert dates between Gregorian, Julian, and Gregorian calendar
• Change the month and year displayed in the toolbars
• Open the toolbars
• Go back and forward in time by clicking on the calendar
• Zoom in and out by changing the window size

SmartGenealogy With Keygen


SmartGenealogy is a software program that helps you keep genealogical records of multiple people. The database can be shared online or viewed on the Windows desktop.

Select an ancestor from the list to see his details. Change the date to see a calendar with all ancestors’ birthdays. A quick search will show all ancestors.


For people with ancestry data on and 23andMe, SmartGenealogy contains all the data. Import from an existing GEDCOM (Family Tree Maker) database by going to Import

Identify missing birth and death dates. Use the Timeline Calendar to look at birth and death records. Scan a GEDCOM file with problems.

A note window lets you add notes about events and search for missing ancestors. Delete duplicate items or find those that have been overwritten.

Downloadable in English, Français, Español, Pусский, Deutsch, Русский,

Note: You must download the SmartGenealogy Windows 64-bit version to use this feature.


For those with iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices, SmartGenealogy is a Web and iOS/Android-compatible app. The App includes everything you would expect from a PC version plus additional features.


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What’s New In SmartGenealogy?

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Power supply
(1) Data plan required to be connected to internet. Not available in some regions or countries.
(2) After activation, the App’s License Key will be used to activate the service. It cannot be changed.
(3) Subject to the Rules of App Store in your region.
(4) By downloading this APP you agree to the terms of this User License Agreement.

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System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP SP2/SP3/SP4
Mac OS X 10.4.1 and later
OS: Windows XP SP2/SP3/SP4
CPU: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or equivalent.
Memory: 512 MB
Video: Radeon 9800 or equivalent.
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
Additional: PowerDVD SE (ver 1.2) or PowerDVD 6

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