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RecordEditor is a software application designed by the author to be used for seamlessly editing of.csv and.odt files. RecordEditor is an effective tool for those who need to edit, combine and compress data in different files without formatting. RecordEditor was designed and developed by the author, to save time, save money and preserve the design of your document while you are editing.
RecordEditor Features:

No impact on the performance of your computer

Keep your data and resources safe

Preview your document as you edit or make changes


Prevent data loss

Cut, paste, copy and delete records

Force edit whether or not you are in the right section

Search your database

Filter and sort out records

Import new layouts into the program

Create new layouts and save the new version of the document

Change the field values and add records

Export data into new formats or on-line

Import data from the XML format

Print, produce or send data in many formats

Generate letters from the database file

Set the tags in the copybook

Print the copybook in HTML format, and save it

Prevent data loss in the export process

Manage a multi-file database

Apply the styles

Add or remove attributes of a node

Print, export or save records

Merge the database file with other files

Restore or extract data

Maintain the structure of the copybook

Change the layout of the document, and select a layout

Import data from the XML format

Generate an XML copybook from a database file

Merge databases

Import data from the CSV format

Export the CSV data in a wide variety of formats

Split and join multiple databases

Draw a tree view from the database

Generate an index to the database file

Merge database records and generate their tree view

Filter and sort data

Clear the search from the document

Change the layout of the document, and select a layout

Print, export or save documents

Delete duplicate records

Integrate the fields in the database file

Add fields, delete fields or edit their values

RecordEditor Crack+ [March-2022]

RecordEditor is a simple, effective software tool that helps you quickly edit CSV files. The program lets you browse all the data from your text files and adjust it as you see fit. Thanks to the flexible editing tools, you can modify individual fields and add information, delete certain values, or even copy text to a different file in order to get it out of the way. The best part is that you can merge columns, sort items by the name of a field, create new columns, label lines of text, rename records, or create new layout configurations, to name a few of the options. Moreover, RecordEditor provides a straightforward graphical interface, as well as a wizard that allows you to quickly create new layouts.
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RecordEditor With Registration Code Free Download

Are you tired of your daily problems when it comes to CSV editing? If the answer is yes, you should try RecordEditor. This Java software allows you to open, modify, save, delete, and print a wide array of CSV files. Whether you are looking for a simple, clean, and easy-to-use CSV editing solution, or a powerful tool that lets you change formatting and create new layouts, RecordEditor is the right choice.
Using it, you can look for the desired record from different places, edit the text of the respective field, cut, copy, paste, and delete the information. The application also allows you to label all records, clean error messages, copy the selection, search for a specified value in different fields, filter or sort information by several criteria, add additional columns, set a different layout, as well as rebuild the tree.
RecordEditor installation
How to install RecordEditor on your system? You’ll just need Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Eclipse, and the main program file. Download it from the official website.
Main features RecordEditor
Let’s describe some key features of this software:
Can open, modify, save, delete, and print a wide range of CSV files
Apply specific formatting options
Filter, sort, and find records based on their contents
Using it, you can look for the desired record from different places
Edit the text of the respective field
Cut, copy, and paste records
Label all records
Copy the selection
Search for a specified value in different fields
Filter or sort information by several criteria
Add additional columns
Set a different layout
Rebuild the tree
Fullscreen mode and printer support
Export and import XML, HTML, and PDF files
Error and debug messages
The program never hangs, crashes, or displays any error messages
RecordEditor – Features
The following features are provided:
You can open, modify, save, delete, and print CSV files
Batch mode supports multiple files at the same time
Apply different formatting options
Filter or sort information by several criteria
Filter or sort information based on the following criteria:
Location of column number, record number, and record name
Minimum, maximum, and average character length
Field width, field decimal length, and field other length
Minimum and maximum numeric digits
Minimum and maximum text signs
Field case, text modifiers, and delimiters
Filter records based on the following criteria:
Location of column number, record number, and record name

What’s New in the RecordEditor?

RecordEditor makes it easy for you to work with CSV and other complex text file formats for Java and.NET software development projects. The program lets you easily manipulate multiple records in one file or convert the data into several formats: XML, JSON, MSSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL, Excel, Access, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, JSON, CSV, Perl, text, HTML, XML, etc. You can edit any record in a CSV file without changing the format (i.e. CSV to XML, CSV to XML and back, CSV to HTML, CSV to XML and back, CSV to JSON, CSV to SQL, CSV to Excel, CSV to MySQL, etc.). The program is quite simple to use, thanks to its graphical interface and plenty of options.

RecordEditor Features:

Record Editor allows you to add, remove, edit and delete records in a CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, SQL or any other form of file.
The program lets you convert a text file into multiple formats:.XML,.JSON,.MSSQL,.SQL,.MS Access,.MySQL,.HTML,.CSV,.Perl,.TTT, etc.
You can perform several manipulations with the text file: cut, copy, paste and delete records, hide fields, use a search function, sort the rows, export the data, etc.
RecordEditor allows you to define the layout of the record and create new layouts using the wizard.
You can customize fields in each record, specify the JAR files for Velocity, Xlst, etc., modify the program look and feel and have more control over the program settings.
You can print the record info or export the data to any file type, including Excel, HTML, MSSQL, Access, Oracle, MySQL, XML, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, JSON, CSV, Access, Access, SQL Server, XML, text, HTML, Perl, etc.

RecordEditor Requirements:


How to Install RecordEditor on Mac OS X?


Mac users need to use MacPorts to install the application as its dependencies are not available in Mac App Store, so you need to use a third-party source to download the package file.
Click on the link below to go to the MacPorts website.

RecordEditor Requirements:


System Requirements:

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