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PowerDel Free Download [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

PowerDel is an easy to use utility for deleting files and folders that are locked. PowerDel scans the system for locked files and folders and then shows you the properties dialog of that file or folder. You can then choose to unlock the file or folder and delete it from your computer.
You can even drag and drop files and folders from the lock file list to the list of “to be deleted files”. The order of the items on the list is not changed but the items are deleted from the system. The user-interface is in french, since the program was written in french.
Please contact the author.
The “To be deleted” list shows the name of the files and folders which should be deleted with the mouse. The selected file or folder will be deleted when pressing the Ctrl+Enter button.
You can show the list in columnar order and/or sort it by:
– file name
– file size
– date modified
– extension
– owner
– date created
To be deleted
Close & Exit
Close & Exit
Press Ctrl+Enter to:
Select files and folders
Delete selected items
Optionally use mouse to select files and folders
Specify the type of lock:
Windows Explorer –
Windows Explorer
Change the selected file’s properties
Add to context menu
Open in Explorer
Open in Notepad
Open in Word
Open with…
Open With…

The File System Inspector.
Allows you to examine and query the file system at any level.
The File System Inspector allows you to examine and query the file system at any level.
The File System Inspector is an enhanced version of the command line “dir /a/o” command line.
The File System Inspector can also show a detailed list of every sub-tree inside a folder
DirectoryListDlg is a directory list dialog.
DirectoryListDlg is a directory list dialog.
FileSystemDlg is a File System Manager dialog.
FileSystemDlg is a File System Manager dialog.
FileSystemViewDlg is a File System Manager dialog that shows a tree view of the files and folders on the computer.
FileSystemViewDlg is a File System Manager dialog that shows a tree view of the files and folders on the computer.
GrepDlg is a directory listing and search dialog.
GrepDlg is a directory listing and

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Download KeyMacro 3.7 from Download

KeyMacro is an easy to use macro recorder for Microsoft Windows. It is based on shell extension technologies and can record hotkeys, mouse clicks and other user actions performed using keyboard, mouse or other pointing devices. KeyMacro features a simple and clean interface and an intuitive system of macro recording.

It provides a powerful functions module with a full list of available commands that are automatically displayed to you in the module, for example, “Press F8 for File open dialog box”, “Press Del for Delete files”, “Press Ctrl-X for Cut”, etc. You can also view the list of commands in a special window and manage your Macros with ease. You can easily replace Windows key combinations with KeyMacro macros.

KeyMacro supports the following data formats: xls, xlsx, hpp, hppt, csv, txt, xml, ppt, pptx, bmp, mp4, jpg, jpeg, gif, and bitmap.
KeyMacro Key Combination Table (PC Only):
Available in Excel 97-2003 format.

1) No more missing key combinations
2) Easily and securely delete files/folders/DLL from the hard disk
3) Add more options for different types of applications.
Just select a file or a folder, and you can easily delete it without worrying that the operation will make the deleted files/folders/DLL appear again on your hard disk.
You can also safely delete the hidden files or folders.
You can easily insert a password to protect the privacy of your data.

You can easily delete the files or folders after several repeated attempts.
You can easily get back the lost file or folder.
Using EaseUS Data Recovery you can recover the deleted files/folders/DLL from the registry (Microsoft Explorer) or local disk (Windows File Explorer).

Download EaseUS Data Recovery and take a deep search to make sure the deleted files are not gone!

What’s New


1) Support more system settings.
2) Support more key combinations.
3) Support more protected media.
4) Support more media formats.
5) Support more system tools
6) Support more Internet browsers

1) Support more system tools.
2) Support more Internet browsers.

PowerDel [Latest] 2022

PowerDel is a free system utility that helps you to delete items that are being used by your programs without any risk. You can free an item that is being used, no matter where the item resides on your disk. PowerDel supports shell extension and can even be used for the latest OS.
* Delete locked items that you cannot close
* Support for more than 50 shell extensions: Apache, Java, Firefox, IE, VLC, Games, Media Player, Office, MS Office, Windows Media Player, Java, and more.
* Optimized delete speed for Shell extensions
* Can be used for the latest OS
* Do not waste your time cleaning your registry
* Supports more than 50 different shell extensions.
* Registry fix is not included.
* All delte command can be customized in ‘Options’ menu.
*Can be customized*
*Shell extensions*
*Item types*
*Drive types*
*Minimum system requirements*

GoodI am not sure if this is a great idea, I am using win7/win8, but when I try to uninstall the broken app I get the following error:

“a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.”

I have tried closing all running programs, I have tried disabling the device, yet nothing works.Winchester SP44 Power-Pistol

The Winchester SP44 is a single-action pistol chambered in.44 Magnum, a cartridge used primarily for varmint hunting. It is the smallest-caliber service cartridge based on the Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver. In spite of its small caliber, it is considered a heavy caliber due to its large cartridge capacity and higher energy ballistics than would otherwise be expected for its size.

The SP44’s action is unique in having no external hammer, utilizing an integral single-action-only trigger mechanism. The trigger mechanism is also known as “Burgertown action”, named after inventor J. D. Burgert, to whom it is supposedly credited.


The.44 Magnum cartridge was designed to offer a larger caliber while maintaining a relatively light recoil of that same size, compared to other.44 caliber magnum cartridges such as the.44 Special and.45 Colt. This allowed for

What’s New in the?

PowerDel is the most useful tool to manage the registry of Windows. You can view and edit the Windows Registry at will. With PowerDel you can safely delete the entries you don’t need, even if they’re used by an important program. PowerDel supports all types of registry entries. With PowerDel, you can: – Delete keys, values and values of boolean type (TRUE/FALSE). – Delete files and folders, including folders within folders. – Delete subkeys. – Set values of boolean type to TRUE. – Set values of boolean type to FALSE. – Set Registry values to 0. – Set Registry values to 1. – Set Registry values to 2. – Set the value of a string type to a large number. – Set the value of a string type to a number of a string type. – Set subkeys to values of boolean type. – Set keys to values of boolean type. – Assign a value of any type to a key or a value. – Save or load the Registry. – Export and import your changes to the Registry. – Create and edit shell extensions. – View and edit the system information.

Program’s interface:

PowerDel has a really simple interface: there’s a tree of directories and folders in the left sidebar and a table of entries in the right sidebar. This interface allows you to quickly navigate through the entire Registry in a more intuitive way.

PowerDel has a simple and intuitive interface.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, it is easy to use and navigate.

The interface of PowerDel has been designed to help you navigate the Registry quickly and easily.

There’s no need to navigate through the tree to search for your entries: just search in the table directly.

To quickly access the most used controls, there is a button on the left of the entry that opens a menu where you can edit the key/value/subkey/value in a more intuitive way.

PowerDel supports shell extensions: to use this feature, just right-click on an entry and then select the ‘Extend’ option in the context menu.

PowerDel has been designed to be compatible with your computer’s environment.

There’s no need to open your environment explorer: just right-click on an entry and then select ‘Open’.

With the ‘Open’ option, you can open any file in your default file browser.

With the ‘Extend’ option, you can open the corresponding registry key in your environment explorer.

Useful PowerDel Shortcuts:

– Click on the blue arrow to the right of an entry.
– Right-click on an entry to edit the key/value/subkey/value in a more intuitive way.
– To open a file in your default file browser, click on the ‘Open’ button.
– To open the corresponding registry key in your

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or better
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 (6GB VRAM) or AMD RX 470 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 25GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Please note that Control is not available in the following countries: France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands,


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