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Meta Numerics is an advanced development class that can be used to implement scientific computing and statistics inside applications.
Meta Numerics bundles a rich collection of functions for complex numbers, matrices, spinors, as well as uncertain values.







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Meta Numerics Activation Code is a collection of C++ classes for
complex numbers and
The basic types are
Matrix, and
The classes are based on
C++ template classes.
The Meta Numerics Product Key framework provides
software infrastructure for implementing numerical
computation and statistics inside applications.
Meta Numerics Full Crack consists of two major components:
(1) numerical evaluation of functions and
(2) statistical methods for producing uncertainties
and confidence intervals.
The fundamental mathematical entities are
matrix values,
matrix variables,
matrix variables,
matrix range,
matrix range,
matrix range (svd),
matrix range (svd) (multiplication),
matrix range (svd) (inverse),
matrix range (svd) (transpose),
vector value,
vector value,
vector value (2D),
vector value,
vector range,
vector range (svd),
vector range (svd) (multiplication),
vector range (svd) (inverse),
vector range (svd) (transpose),
complex number,
complex number value,
complex number value (2D),
complex number value,
complex number value (2D) (multiplication),
complex number value (2D) (inverse),
complex number value (2D) (transpose),
complex number range,
complex number range (svd),
complex number range (svd) (multiplication),
complex number range (svd) (inverse),
complex number range (svd) (transpose),
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complex number value (2D) (multiplication),
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complex number range (svd) (inverse),
complex number range (svd) (transpose),
double value,
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double value (2D) (transpose),
double range,
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Implementations of high-performance numerical algorithms in C++.
Meta Numerics Product Key comprises a large collection of functions and algorithms, including:

The C++11 version of the tgmath library provides the following routines that are among the fastest, most portable and most accurate general-purpose C++ implementations of mathematical operations:

[ The tgmath library functions are commented below. ]
[ The exact compiler and compiler options required for the above library functions are described below in the library compilers documentation section ]



tgmath is a header-only C++ library and does not require a C++ compiler to compile, link, or run. The library was originally designed for use in embedded systems that do not have a compiler or make, gcc, or Visual Studio, but the library is also being used in C++ projects compiled with these compilers.

tgmath uses namespace tgmath::detail to provide a small number of exception-safe functions that are especially useful for application programming. The tgmath library is not a general purpose exception-safe object-oriented programming library like those found in C++, Java,.NET, or PHP.

The library provides the following classes:

[ The tgmath library is header only. ]
[ The exact compiler and compiler options required for the above classes are described below in the class compilers documentation section. ]


Current versions of the tgmath library are header-only libraries. The tgmath library compiles without any special compiler options or compiler exceptions. It will not compile if a header file is included that does not match the corresponding header included with the library.

The above compilers options are for C++98/03 compilers. Newer compilers are likely to be supported soon.

[ The compiler options are described below in the compiler options documentation section. ]


The TGMATH.TGTXT file contains the input and output for the above compilers and tool options. The input is named TGMATH.TGTXT and the output is named TGMATH.OPT. It can be generated from the TGMATH.TGTXT.

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Meta Numerics [Latest]

This module can be used to implement statistics, probability, and
complexity classes.
The code that accompanies this module is in C++.
typedef Complex8 doublereal;
doublereal value1 = rand();
doublereal value2 = rand();
doublereal value3 = 0.9 * value1 + 0.1 * value2;
typedef Matrix3d matrix3d;
Matrix3d A;

doublereal value4 = matrix3d.mul(A, A.transpose());
doublereal value5 = matrix3d.norm1();

typedef Spinor spinor;
Spinor m = spinor::identity(4);

typedef Uncertain uncertain;
uncertain v1 = rand();

typedef Complex complex;
complex z = 1 + 0.3 * complex(i, 0.5);

size_t POD = sizeof(complex);

typedef int bigint;
bigint i = 2147483648L;

typedef string string;
string s = string(“hello”);

For user-defined classes:
Template types are a formal C++ notation, e.g., Matrix2d.
Here we have used a template type, with parameters and defaults for the Matrix2d
class Matrix2d {

Matrix2d A;

typedef Matrix2d matrix2d;
As we have seen above, the main difference between the Matrix class and
Matrix2d class, is the default value of the members.
So, what is a template?
A template is a class in which, instead of specifying the class
members, you specify their types, like the above Matrix2d example.
When you use a template class, you do not need to specify the class
members explicitly, you specify the types.
For example:
class Matrix2d {

Matrix2d A;
Matrix2d B;

typedef Matrix2d matrix2d;

What’s New In Meta Numerics?

Meta Numerics provides a collection of features for numerical computations and statistics:

– A unified mathematical framework to perform all the basic operations with complex numbers
– Fast routines for computing with complex numbers, including a single-precision complex vector class with auto-increment
– High performance for the most used mathematical operations with matrices
– Additional features for doing statistics
– Compatible with Python and.NET

It is developed in C++, and therefore does not depend on the Python or.NET runtimes.

The class provides a basic set of utilities to implement numerical computations. It also provides a full mathematical framework for complex numbers.


– Numerical computation:

– Algebra: linear algebra for complex numbers

– Arithmetic: basic arithmetic operations

– Complex numbers: basic operations with complex numbers

– Linear algebra: operations on matrices

– Trigonometry and geometric functions

– Circular functions: modular, exponential, etc

– Vectors: basic operations

– Matrices: basic operations

– Spinors: manipulations with spinors

– Statistics:

– Univariate distributions: normal, Poisson, etc

– Multivariate distributions: joint, marginals

– Fitting of models with distributions

– Estimation of parameters

– Comparison of models using likelihood ratio

– Monte Carlo integration

– Maxima like functions

The class also provides a framework to create custom classes for numerical computations. The reason why it is a good idea to create a custom class for numerical computations instead of just using the class’s methods directly is that we want to be able to compute with those functions independently from the Python or.NET runtimes. For example, we can write a Python function that computes the determinant of a matrix and we can use the resulting object inside a.NET function without the overhead of marshaling and unmarshaling the objects from the different runtimes.

A Basic Example

To see a basic example of how to use the class, let us start by implementing a multivariate Gaussian distribution. To compute the Gaussian distribution in N dimensions, we need to implement two public functions. The `pdf` function is the main function that implements the most relevant operations for our example:

double pdf(T *input, unsigned int dimension);


System Requirements For Meta Numerics:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Core i5-2500K or later
Memory: 6 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
HDD: 5 GB available space
Resolution: 1280×1024, 1680×1050 or 1920×1080
Included Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 6970 or higher
Additional Requirements:
Required VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or higher
Recommended VGA:

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