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It takes some time just to think what the Internet brought about or enhanced, let alone make a list. However, one that benefits a lot is news, and in about a second, the entire globe can be up to date with latest subjects of interest. RSS feeds are used in this regard, for quick reading, but ListTheLinks Free Headline Browser wants to give you a lot more.
Web browser with emphasis on news
At a first look, the application pretty much looks like a web browser, but this is only because a good part of it is. Most of the space is taken up by the pages you visit, with an upper toolbar that holds all controls you need, and side panels that provide quick access to other areas or saved bookmarks.
There’s a decent amount of presets to work with, and there’s a chance your favorite news provider is inside that list. If not, just write down the address in the dedicated field and bookmark it. The application automatically looks through it and creates a news category structure to easily pick topics.
Could do with a little more work
It’s possible to work with multiple tabs to keep an eye on more subjects. A filter lets you choose only the latest news, or even those older than eight, or twelve hours. However, topic categories need to be manually created.
Sadly, there’s no built-in notification system, not even a tray entry to pop a message up when new feeds come in. Export options are not implemented, except if you want to save the list of bookmarks. Last but not least, functionality can prove to be a bit of a struggle, and although not a lot of system resources are used, several glitches are encountered every now and then.
On an ending note
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that ListTheLinks Free Headline Browser wants to bring a little innovation to the way you read news, but gets stuck somewhere along the way. With a little work on functionality, it might just one day be able to replace your default web browser, if news are your top Internet priority.


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A web browser with emphasis on news. Read and send to friends your favorite news feeds for FREE.
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Search for RSS feeds that keep you up-to-date with your favorite topics, receive instant notifications, and be able to view related images or videos.

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ListTheLinks Headline Browser will help you keep up to date with breaking news. Search through many thousands of RSS feeds and get the headlines and descriptions without spending a cent.

iOS 8.3.2, also known as the iOS 8.3 update, has been released today by Apple. The iOS 8.3.2 update comes with a fix for the problem where the all-new Apple TV would no longer play content from iTunes.
Apple released iOS 8.3.2 earlier today. The update was released as a software update for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.
Apple has now released a fix for iTunes 12.8, which means users have now got to wait for iTunes 12.9 to download iOS 8.3.2.
Apple also released iOS 8.3.1 a few days ago which fixes a problem with Wi-Fi connectivity on iPads and iPhones, the update was released on October 31, 2014.
This will be a non-service update and it will be released by iOS 8.3.2 to users who have already updated to iOS 8.3.
For latest news and updates on iOS 8.3.2 update, keep watching the following space for iOS 8.3.2 release.

On October 31, 2014, Apple released iOS 8.3.1 which is a non-service update. The iOS 8.3.1 was released to fix Wi-Fi connectivity problem in iOS 8.3. Apple released the iOS 8.3.1 update to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issue that was being experienced in some regions of the world.
On Friday, December 19, 2014, Apple released iOS 8.3.2. The update had a feature to allow users to view the content in iTunes on Apple TV. The update also included a fix for a problem that was affecting users with iTunes 12.8.
For latest news and updates on iOS 8.3.2 update, keep watching the following space for iOS 8.3.2 release.

Apple has released its iOS 8.3.2 update on Friday, December 19, 2014. The release of the update was also followed by an announcement of the iOS 8.3.1 update that fixes Wi-Fi connectivity problem on the iOS 8.3.
The iOS 8.3.2 update can be downloaded via iTunes and can also be downloaded directly on iOS devices via OTA update method.
The iOS 8.3.2 update was

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WriteToNoteBook is a best and free web-based diary, as well as a note taking tool that lets you insert and edit notes and diary entries. It supports markdown syntax and is a markdown editor.
Simple to use
WriteToNoteBook features a simple and clean interface, with a focus on an intuitive navigation experience. All you need is to enter the title and your note or diary entry, then press the “Enter” button to start the process.
HTML notes and diary entries
WriteToNoteBook provides support for more than 40 different types of notes, including markdown syntax. It also has a diary mode, with support for markdown syntax.
Set the background of your notes and diary entries with Google Maps.
WriteToNoteBook is a web-based diary and note-taking tool. It’s a free web service and is designed to be easy to use, helping you to write diary and notes in an intuitive way.
Supports almost 40 different types of notes, including markdown syntax.
Support for more than 40 different types of notes, including markdown syntax.
Background of your notes and diary entries with Google Maps.
WriteToNoteBook supports markdown syntax and has a diary mode that lets you write your diary entries with markdown syntax.
HTML support and the ability to write notes and diary entries in markdown syntax.
WriteToNoteBook is a best and free web-based diary, as well as a note taking tool that lets you insert and edit notes and diary entries. It supports markdown syntax and is a markdown editor.
What’s New in This Release:
· Add MyGizmo, MyXMLRPC, MyWS and MyDNS protocol support for recording, exporting and importing data.
· Add support for foreign characters in the diary and notes.
· Improve the note list filtering and searching.
· Add a note list export feature to let you export notes as a list.
· Add support for an image album in the diary and notes.
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What’s New in v1.10.23:
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What’s New in v

System Requirements:

To use the mod you will need to have 64bit Java version 1.6.0_12 or higher (compile-time checked).
You also need a system that runs Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with gnome-panel 3.4.2 installed.
This mod requires the recently released patch for and may require the patch for as well.
Install Instructions:
Mod names in the instructions can be ignored and modified if you want. Just copy and paste the code that

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