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There are many uses you can find for your Android smartphone, besides making calls, sending text messages or playing games – you can also use it a remote controller for your computer and you only need to install a dedicated application, such as Iron Remote.
Install the mobile app on your Android phone
In order to benefit from the functions of Iron Remote, you first need to download and install the mobile application on your phone, as well as install the desktop server on your computer.
Once this step has been completed, you need to start the server and connect the smartphone to your PC – this is usually done automatically, but you also have the possibility to enter the PC’s IP address manually.
Remotely power off the PC, use the mouse or play YouTube videos
Before using Iron Remote, it is best to take the time and browse through the documentation, otherwise you might have a hard time discovering all the functions since they are not very intuitive.
You can easily shut down, restart or hibernate your computer using the corresponding commands on your phone, as well as move the mouse pointer and stop or play media files, including YouTube videos.
Feature-packed app for controlling PCs using a smartphone
All in all, Iron Remote is a nifty app that can help you perform a wide range of tasks on your computer using solely an Android smartphone.
You might need to spend some time learning the functions, but once you got used to them, you can remotely manage your PC like an expert, making your presentations look more professional than ever. However, it needs to be mentioned that the mobile app needs to be purchased in order to enjoy it on your smartphone indefinitely.







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Iron Remote Free Download

This app allows you to control the mouse on your PC using a smartphone. This is a neat and useful app that allows you to control your PC using your Android smartphone and the free Keymacro software.
The mouse may not seem like a big deal, but controlling it is very useful when you want to quickly do something.
When you have installed Keymacro on your PC, you will be given the option to control the mouse using the mobile app. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to view the software’s options and configure your own gestures.
The app is also able to play videos on your PC, so if you have a lot of meetings to go to, you can turn on the screen and play videos, allowing you to put all your thoughts on ice.
In addition, the app can be used as a tool for video conferencing, allowing you to control your PC and use the microphone and video camera without leaving the meeting room.
Keymacro can also help you interact with your PC using the keyboard, allowing you to control your emails and open files.
Keymacro may not be a tool used by everyone, but the fact that it is free makes it an awesome app for many users.
An important feature of the app is the accessibility of its options and functions. You can configure the app to fit the layout of your screen and you can even access the app from your tablet.
Moreover, you can control the mouse using both touch and drag, as well as using your finger or a stylus.
All in all, the app does its job well and it is a great solution for those who do not have an extra mouse to control their PC.

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Remotely power off, reboot or hibernate your computer using an Android smartphone.
Conveniently move the mouse pointer and play media files, including YouTube videos.
Full-featured application designed for desktop management.

Features of Iron Remote 4.4.1

Move the mouse pointer

Shut down, restart or hibernate the computer

Control your computer remotely using an Android smartphone

Play media files (music, videos, etc.)

Iron Remote in top selling categories

Iron Remote is a decent Android app, which, due to its peculiar functions, can be a great help in the case when you are away from your computer and want to remotely power it off, restart or hibernate it. To be more exact, all you need to do is install this app, set up the desktop server and connect the smartphone to your computer, after that you can remotely control it by following simple commands. No doubt, this is a time-consuming task that can be made easier by using the well-thought functions, but, all in all, you can manage your computer using your mobile phone pretty much the same way as you would do it with a remote control – but for a fraction of the price.

About is an Android app store that preserves Android apps and games for casual users as well as Android enthusiasts. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. This includes personalizing content and advertising. To learn more, click here.Vibrational energy flow and energy transfer in the electronic relaxation of a flavin in noncovalent interactions.
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What’s New in the Iron Remote?

An application that allows you to remotely control your computer using your Android phone or tablet. Also allows you to view, log and power off your computer remotely.
Part of the


How to use your Android phone as a remote control for your laptop

How to use your Android phone as a remote control for your laptop

How to use your Android phone as a remote control for your laptop

Viewers like this video? Click here to see more:
Create a remote desktop connection via SSH and control your computer from your Android phone!
Set up a private network through your WiFi network to establish a connection and speed up transfers.
Part 1: Setting up public and private networks.

Part 2: Where to download the Desktop remote application:

Tip: To use this app you should download and install the desktop server application:


published: 15 Oct 2017

Remote Desktop Control Chrome OS using Android or iOS (Video)

Remote Desktop Control Chrome OS using Android or iOS (Video)

Remote Desktop Control Chrome OS using Android or iOS (Video)

This is a remote desktop software that is intended to establish remote connections with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. This software is very useful when the services of a PC are needed while not at the same physical location.
You can use this software to establish remote connections between your physical computer and smartphones, tablets and other devices through a local area network. You can use this software to access local resources on your computer or simply to access and work files on your smartphone.
Remote Desktop Control features include:
Support for multiple protocols including VNC, Citrix, Independent VNC, VNC over SSH, RDP, and Remmina.
View local and remote desktop from the same interface.
Remote assistance with full audio and video.

Getting to know Android Studio 2.0 – how to navigate

We are in the final days of the Android Studio 2.0 preview, which is the first Preview version of the official Android Studio update. It is expected that Android Studio 2.0 will be officially released by Google on May 23, 2015. The preview

System Requirements:

All the requirements you need to know about to play Analogue Armageddon:
Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 or higher, Radeon HD 6870 or higher, Intel HD Graphics 3000 or higher
DirectX® 11
Monitor: native resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p)
All supported resolutions will be supported
Sound card (not required): Optional for all game modes
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 8.

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