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Allows you to view and modify IP settings, by displaying and editing IP settings.

Calculates and displays your IP and MAC addresses.

Provides a simple solution for determining your computer’s IP address.

Offers a panel for viewing and modifying IP settings.

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later


About Intego

Intego is the top software developer for macOS, Windows, and iOS. Its suite of award-winning tools offers firewall, security, networking, privacy, and video tools. For Mac users, its award-winning Intego Mac Security suite delivers core defense against malware and viruses, and supports Windows users with Intego’s suite of Windows security and utility software. In addition, Intego works with security technology partners to enhance the security and performance of consumer and enterprise solutions.Certain semiconductor devices may employ strained (i.e., lattice-mismatched) semiconductor substrates to enhance the performance of the devices. As an example, strained silicon substrates may be employed to enhance the mobility of charge carriers in a silicon based channel of a field effect transistor (FET). Forming the transistor on a silicon substrate formed on a silicon germanium substrate (i.e., a silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor or SiGe-HBT) may enable the mobility of charge carriers in the channel to be enhanced. The strength of the underlying band gap discontinuity that is formed at the junction between the different types of semiconductor material (e.g., silicon and silicon germanium) employed to form the SiGe-HBT may determine the degree of enhancement in mobility (i.e., the “strain-enhanced mobility” or SEM).Q:

Extending the Margins of a Web page

Does anyone know how to extend the margin of a web page? I have a page which is split into two columns and I need the right column to extend beyond the page width. This is the code I am using

Some Text

Main Text

.main {
padding-left: 2%;
padding-right: 2%;


Macro language tool that can be run from a USB drive or CD-RW, without the need for any installation.
Macros are scripts that execute a series of keyboard shortcuts or mouse actions at the press of a button.
KEYMACRO provides predefined macros (available in the application’s Help menu) and is capable of supporting a large number of standard mouse actions.
As well, you can add custom macros.
This is a fairly simple but useful tool that allows you to create your own macros quickly and easily.
However, this doesn’t mean the program offers all the possibilities you might be looking for.

USB drive or CD-RW drive, access to the Internet.

Evaluation and conclusion
This software provides a lot of useful commands and options for the user. However, it doesn’t include the main features you might require, such as saving macros to a USB or CD-RW drive. In addition, it doesn’t offer any sort of file or directory structure.
On the plus side, you can save your macros for later use. Furthermore, you can run the application directly from a USB drive or CD-RW, without the need for any installation.
Since it can perform basic actions and tasks with a simple click of the mouse, it’s a helpful tool for those without any technical skills.
KEYSTAR Description:
A powerful task automation application for Windows that can be run directly from any USB drive or CD-RW.
KEYSTAR allows you to create your own macros for performing standard and predefined keyboard and mouse actions.
The tool is capable of supporting a large number of standard mouse actions, including mouse clicks, left mouse clicks, right mouse clicks, double clicks, left mouse clicks with modifiers, as well as mouse movements.
In addition, the program supports custom macros.
The macros are either created in an editable text file or by manually using the application’s keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
If you need to save the macros in any of the supported file types, it can do that, as well as copy macros to CD-RW or USB drives.
It’s a fairly simple yet functional application that enables you to save and use macros on your USB drive or CD-RW.
KEYSTAR requires you to have a connection to the Internet.

USB drive or CD-RW drive, access to the Internet.

Evaluation and conclusion
This software tool offers a lot of useful features. However, it’s

IconIP Download

This is a Desktop utility developed by Niveen N.. The main program executable is iip.exe. The setup package is about 845.68 KB (8092 bytes) when donwloaded.

Program details

URL: niveen.tech
License: Freeware
File size: 845.68 KB

Antivirus information

No viruses were found in this program.

Warning! Although the free download at GetPCSoftware.com is completely virus and adware free, please be aware that software piracy is theft. Use the GetPCSoftware.com install page to keep your license key a secret and make sure that your antivirus program is up to date.Q:

Setting a variable in a different module based on a URL

I am wondering how to set a variable in a different module based on a URL
This code displays a variable using a “URL”
$.fn.bannable = function(){
var postID = window.location.pathname;
return postID;


But what I need is something like this:
$.fn.bannable = function(){
var postID = window.location.pathname;
postID = “”;
if(postID.indexOf(“delete”) > -1){
postID = “whatever”;
return postID;


Is it possible to do this?


To make it work, you would need to return a function from bannable function, which would modify the original postID.
$.fn.bannable = function(){
var post

What’s New in the?

Monitor and control your networked computers, including wireless ones.

Copyright 2005-2012 iPhoneSoft.com All Rights Reserved. iPhoneSoft.com is a independent software vendor. This notice is
solely to make users aware that iPhoneSoft.com has a
non-infringing commercial relation with a third party.
All the links in this software are not affiliated to iPhoneSoft.com in any way, and iPhoneSoft.com
does not endorse any product or service mentioned at iPhoneSoft.com.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an optical recording medium, and more particularly to an optical recording medium which has high capacity of recording information and is capable of recording information at high speed.
2. Description of the Related Art
Optical information recording media such as a digital versatile disk (DVD), a compact disk (CD) and so on record information on a data recording plane by irradiating light onto the data recording plane. The DVD records information of at least one layer for about one hour to two hours in a wavelength band of 650 nm to 780 nm of a red laser. The CD records information for about 75 minutes to 1 hour in a wavelength band of 780 nm to 820 nm of a red laser.
The DVD recording method is the constant linear velocity (CLV) method. The CLV method is a method in which a linear speed is kept constant when recording. According to the CLV method, a constant linear velocity is kept in the longitudinal direction of a track and a spiral groove is formed. At this time, a groove is formed with a groove depth of 0.6.mu.m to 1.0.mu.m and a groove width of 1.6.mu.m. As a result, the information capacity is increased by about twice.
In case of the DVD, a data recording plane is formed as a recording layer made of a phase-change material. Data is recorded using a change of a refractive index upon phase change of the phase-change material. To improve an error rate, the DVD includes a label plane for manufacturing address information. The label plane is made of a different phase-change material.
However, since the DVD can record only about 4.7 GB of information at maximum, a higher capacity of information is required. In addition, in case of the DVD, it takes a long time to record information, and thus the recording method is not appropriate to digital moving image recording.
On the other hand, there are known a new optical information recording medium in which laser light in a wavelength band of 780 nm to 820 nm is used and a data recording layer is formed of an organic material, and an optical information recording medium in which laser light in a wavelength band of 650 nm to 780 nm is used and a data recording layer is formed of a metal.
These optical information recording media are also suitable to digital moving image recording. However, since the thickness

System Requirements:

The following is a list of minimum system requirements for the game. Your computer will be at a minimum “reasonable” for playing all of the game content included.
Recommended Requirements:
The following is a list of recommendations for the game. All of these requirements are necessary for optimal game play.
PC Minimum
OS: Windows 10 64-bit Edition
Processor: Intel Core i3-640 2.3GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD equivalent


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