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BCL easyPDF SDK contains a comprehensive set of PDF COM Object APIs, designed specifically to help you develop and maintain PDF server and desktop applications with very minimum effort (in most cases, 3 to 15 lines of codes are all it takes to generate PDF and complete your programming project). We build BCL easyPDF SDK from the ground up to fit well in an environment where Ease-of-Use, Quality, Speed, and Reliability are of great importance.
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BCL easyPDF SDK Crack Keygen is a managed.NET PDF COM API. It simplifies the development of programs that generate PDF files from a variety of sources. It can be used from a managed environment, such as C# or VB.NET.
The library allows you to convert string representations of objects to PDF object trees, and vice versa. It also allows you to manipulate the PDF objects in the object tree, such as saving them, or exporting to other formats.
The library has many useful methods for working with PDF files, and the entire library is contained in just a few very simple code files.

If you wish to use BCL easyPDF SDK Crack Keygen as a commercial product for your clients, then you may download a license key. The license key provides a 15-day free trial of the library.
If you wish to continue using the library after the 15 days, then you have to purchase the commercial license which is discounted by more than 90% of the current price. The licenses are available for purchase in terms of subscription, to give you flexibility. The price is as per the license and/or subscription.

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BCL easyPDF SDK is a part of BCL PDF COM SDK, a collection of all BCL PDF COM API. You can download the full BCL PDF COM SDK to have the best PDF COM API solution.

Fully commented code that makes it easy to follow along with. Tutorials, details on what each method does, and additional features like data transfer objects, validation and XML. Written for C# but you’ll be able to follow the concepts using any.NET language.

EasyPDF is the leading provider of PDF, PDF/A, and OpenType PDF editing and file conversion software for Microsoft Windows. We also offer many easy to use tools to create PDF files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or HTML documents.

We’re not a C++ library (we’re a managed COM library) so the chance of getting a C++ friendly GUI is not high. But if you want one, the easiest is to use EasyPDF’s Windows Forms UI (their Office UI is also pretty good, but they don’t provide an installer).

One question is – why not use the PowerPDF library, which is free and also not.NET?


EasyPDF SDK Crack Activator

Compile and run macros/built-in functions available in PDF files in order to achieve PDF processing functions. More specifically, this extension allows you to define macros or built-in functions and assign values to them, using their names and optional parameter lists.
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KEYMF Description:
Full compatibility with the OpenType and OpenType.95 specification, including support for TrueType and OpenType embedded fonts, TrueType OS2 and OpenType CID embedded fonts, script names and unicode points
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KEYMET Description:
Metadata and XMP can be stored in PDF files as custom metadata by XMP metadata fields. XMP metadata fields are accessible through an API function. The XMP API can be used to get the content of an XMP metadata field or modify its content.
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Writing plugins are required to add document-level functions. They can be either internal plugins or external plugins. Internal plugins are built into the PDF processing engine. External plugins are external programs that act as dynamic document processors.
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KEYPS Description:
PDF standard compliant, PDF-X, PDF version 1.7 or later. PDF-X allows PDF files to embed the OpenType document structure and use true type fonts. PDF-X can also be found in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
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KEYPP Description:
Interactive forms are XML-like constructs that enable users to fill forms on the fly by marking fields as filled-in, using an interactive form editor tool.
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KEYT Description:
This interface is provided for applications that need to send the PDF to the printer.
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KEYX Description:
Adobe® XMP can be used for storing metadata about document structure, dynamic content, or other unique information in PDF files. In addition, Adobe® XMP is commonly used to refer to an XML document that includes definitions of XMP metadata fields and the actual data that they hold.
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KeyZ Description:
Add a digital signature to a document that is stored in PDF format. Digital signatures can be used to validate or authenticate the identity of the signer


Bcl easyPDF is a BCL Library for C# and other.NET languages. Bcl easyPDF provides PDF COM Object API, which is designed to wrap existing PDF COM Objects to BCL easyPDF, and is also a set of PDF COM Object API. BCL easyPDF has BCL easyPDF API first, which is an easy to use, easy to understand and easy to get started with PDF COM Object API, and it is good for creating PDF server and desktop applications. This Project contains a lot of well-structured and documented API.
Project works fine on Windows, both 32 bit and 64 bit. BCL easyPDF API supports Windows NT 4.0 and later. BCL easyPDF SDK also works with.NET Framework 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5.
Project Specifications:
1. Developer Name: BCL easyPDF
2. Developer Group Name: BCL easyPDF
3. Version:
4. Language: C#
5. License: Microsoft Public License
6. Price: free

It provides a simple yet very powerful way to draw vector image, bitmap and text on the screen and save them to images or vector files.
It can save image from image picker, web images, PDF, flash, etc.
Image object. Any vector image file, Web image, animated GIF, PDF, Flash, etc.
Save image from memory or file.
Image cropping and rotation.
Image resizing.
Image rotation.
Image mirroring.
Image alpha blending.
Image alpha-transparency.
Image transparency.
It can crop and trim the image, by specifying a rectangle.
It can save the crop image to an image file.
It can save the crop image to a vector file.
It can save the crop image to an image picker.
It can crop and trim the image, by specifying a rectangle.
It can save the crop image to an image file.
It can save the crop image to a vector file.
It can save the crop image to an image picker.
It can rotate the image, by specifying an angle in degrees.
It can save the rotated image to an image file.
It can save the rotated image to a vector file.
It can save the rotated image to an image picker.
It can rotate the image, by specifying an angle

What’s New in the?

easyPDF SDK is easy to integrate PDF COM Object (DCOM) APIs into your application. With these APIs, you can create, manipulate, and modify PDF documents.

If you’ve ever worked with HTML, you know that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has long been used to render web pages, even when you access other applications. Now the “next best thing” is to process PDF files in your application.
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PDF ActiveX is a Web/Desktop ActiveX control that can convert, print, validate, edit, convert from PDF to other formats, and more PDF features. Based on a PDF COM Object, it features user friendly interface, easy configuration, very high performance and long service life.

Doc Explorer 4.1.1
– This driver package includes the 1.01 file from SP2.
– This package contains the 2nd download (The first one in the pack does not contain the latest version of Doc Explorer and has different key combination codes for Start/Stop, Open/Save etc)

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// struct is populated from the content in the /proc//mountinfo file.
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ID int

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// mount tree).
Parent int

// ParentDir indicates the ID of the mount parent directory.
ParentDir int

// RW indicates whether or not the mount is rw.
RW bool

// Mountpoint indicates typically the mount point of the mount. If the
// mount is vfat, this may be an absolute path.
Mountpoint string

// Options represents mount-specific options.
Options map[string]string

// Optional represents optional fields.
Optional map[string]string

// FSType indicates the type of filesystem, such as EXT3.
FSType string
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System Requirements For EasyPDF SDK:

An Intel® Core™ i3-2100 or better processor
16 GB available hard drive space
Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 64-bit
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