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Getting Started:

Documentation is not free, it needs the work of developers. We want to pay attention to the quality of our products and to this purpose we asked that you don’t release it if we don’t include everything. So, if you release a copy of DelphiCodeToDoc on your site or forum, we ask you that you have a license for DelphiCodeToDoc.
If you have not licenses, you can use DelphiCodeToDoc for the maximum of 30 days, including debugging, without any charge.


The DelphiCodeToDoc is free of charge.
It is free for personal use.
It is free to resell if you do not include it with your application.

Note: The DelphiCodeToDoc needs the JCL and JVCL library (jcl-1.2.1.jar and jvcl-1.1.1.jar) and the other JCL and JVCL library which you need to use DelphiCodeToDoc.

Note: To compile DelphiCodeToDoc you need the jdk-1.1.7.


Currently DelphiCodeToDoc v0.2, is release the first version.


Version History:

Version 0.1: 2013-05-20
– released as freeware

Current features:

It support the following forms:


It support the following files:


Code Style:

You can customize the source code style to make it very readable.
You can create your own styles to have less problems while coding and to keep the code as easy to read as possible.

Code Structure:

DelphiCodeToDoc is capable of extracting the structure of your code.
It support regular expressions, information about the data types used and other various other information about your source code.


DelphiCodeToDoc produce the following formats of the source code:







DelphiCodeToDoc allows you to include or

DelphiCodeToDoc 5.60 Crack + [Mac/Win]

# Create a double cursor and define a global variable to a string to avoid finding a way
# to take the code without giving the source file name (JDWin)
# Variables in Delphi Code to Doc are always relative to the location of the file
# file: source file that contains the documentation string
# variable: the variable name that will be included in the documentation
# description: description of the variable
# type: type of the variable
# comment: comment about the variable. When the document
# is generated this comment will appear in the HTML
# header or footer of the document, depending on
# the style selected
# section: location of the variable in the source file.
# size: length of the documentation in characters
# trim_to_size: the character number that should be trimmed
# before the variable will be included in the
# documentation

DelphiCodeToDoc 5.60 Crack +

See also

Justa, a similar Delphi library and a Swiss based company.
D:Goto, a free IDE.
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BORLAND Developer Studio, also free.

External links

DelphiCodeToDoc on SourceForge
DelphiCodeToDoc on DelphiForum
Code-Michelin, the Swiss main Delphi Code To Doc gpl library
Delphi Source Dump

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Category:Free documentation generatorsQ:

Regular expression to strip HTML tags from a string in vbscript

I want to replace any string with HTML tags to their inner HTML text.

>> => some string here
=> some html tag

I have tried this regex but it does not seem to work:

Thanks for your help


For the HTML that has a start and an end tag, I’d use something like this:
html = Replace(html, “]*>”, “”)

This checks that the tag starts with “”, and replaces that with the contents of the tag. The [^>]* means “anything that is not a closing angle bracket” (or any other control character in a similar vein) and the $1 means “put the contents of the first capturing group in the replacement”. The first group is defined by a set of characters between the ” in the first tag, because then the first “>” in the replacement is the final closing angle bracket.
To get around that, I’d make sure the first tag ends with “>” and the last tag starts with “]*>”, “”)
html = Replace(html, “>.*”)

The first replaces all tags that don’t end with a “>” with the contents of the tag, and the second replaces the start-of-tag-ending > with an empty string, so that the second one never sees it.


What’s New In?

DelphiCodeToDoc is a free documentation system for Delphi. It uses information about source code symbols and formatted comments in files to produce accurate documentation from your application and component.
This documentation support TEXT file based and HTML style, but will be extend to CHM, PDF, and furthermore other format.
DelphiCodeToDoc will make sure that the structure of your documentation stays synchronized with your code at all times. It support JavaDoc style comments, in-line comments, and is open for other “tags based” styles.
You can configure DelphiCodeTodoc to extract the code structure from undocumented source files. This is very useful to quickly find your way in large source distributions.
You can also visualize the relations between the various source code elements. DelphiCodeTodoc is developed under MS-Windows with Borland Delphi. It uses JCL and JVCL library from Jedi Project.

DelphiCodeToDoc Features:

Code Structure Definition

Code Structure Definition:DelphiCodeToDoc is able to identify and organize your source code elements (classes, methods, procedures, variables, events, variables and etc…)
in a structure which will help you to get fast and accurate documentation.
With the help of DelphiCodeToDoc you can achieve the following:
– Quickly find your way in large source distributions.
– Rapidly navigate between source files.
– Find source element by its function, parameters, variable, etc…
– Easy customization of the output structure.

Classes and Functions

Classes and Functions:DelphiCodeToDoc support any style of your comments:
Inline, Text File based, Custom Tags…
Moreover, DelphiCodeToDoc can extract all the methods, variables and constants declared in a class, and even can detect all the events defined in a class.
The output of the extractor can be used in HTML, CHM, RTF, PDF, etc…
DelphiCodeToDoc will automatically hide non used items.

Method Code Extraction

Method Code Extraction:DelphiCodeToDoc is able to extract all the procedures, methods, variables and constants declared in a class and it automatically detect events defined in a class and method. DelphiCodeToDoc can make the best of the information available in the source code:

– Inline comments with variable description
– Regular and nested comments
– Comments in comments

Parameter Extraction

Parameter Extraction:DelphiCodeToDoc is able to extract all the procedures, methods, variables and constants declared in a class and it automatically detect events defined in a class and method. DelphiCodeToDoc can make the best of the information available in the source code:

– Inline comments with variable description
– Regular and nested comments
– Comments in comments

Constants and Variables


System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later (64-bit versions only)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM 1.2 driver (minimum resolution: 1280×1024)
Storage: 10 GB available space
Input devices: Keyboard and mouse
DirectX®: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: 64-bit Windows 8.1 or later

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