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AutoCAD is commonly used to create architectural designs, mechanical drawings, electrical schematics, animations, and technical documentation. AutoCAD is also used by designers and users in a wide range of other industries, including automotive, construction, aerospace, civil, chemical, electrical, industrial, and shipbuilding.

In the year 2019, there are more than 23.5 million installations of AutoCAD, with over 14.5 million active users. The number of new installations of AutoCAD has increased every year since 2008.

Popular uses of AutoCAD

At the time of this writing, popular uses of AutoCAD include:

Desktop-based design

AutoCAD is used by architects, drafters, and engineers for two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) design work for various purposes. AutoCAD can be used to create architectural drawings such as blueprints, electrical schematics, structural plans, and building information models. AutoCAD can be used to create technical drawings such as mechanical blueprints, schematics, wiring diagrams, and diagrams of industrial equipment. AutoCAD can also be used to create floor plans, electrical schematics, and other architectural design and drafting projects.

Web-based design

AutoCAD is also used in web-based design. Web-based design work can be done from anywhere in the world via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.). A typical workflow for web-based design involves a client such as a government agency, a business, or another organization requesting a web-based design. The client identifies a client needs or specification for the project and posts it on a website. Clients also typically post an estimate or budget. The website lists a gallery of similar designs. Clients can choose one of these designs, and the designer uses AutoCAD to create a 3D version of the design. The designer can then send the client the 3D version via email or upload it to a server. The client reviews the 3D version and requests any changes or modifications. The designer then uses AutoCAD to complete the changes or modifications and sends them back to the client. The client and designer then discuss the changes and make any final revisions to the design. The designer then creates the final 2D version of the project. Web-based designs can be used for a wide range of projects, including website designs, graphic designs, web

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File and XML

There are two different types of XML, Autodesk XML and Autodesk XML Spreadsheet.

Autodesk XML Spreadsheet
Autodesk XML Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet file type used by Autodesk for various file formats such as DWG, DWF, DWFx, DWF, DXF, JPG, TIF, GIF, SVG, PSD, MPO, and PDF.

Autodesk XML

Autodesk XML is a XML file format for storing drawing files used in AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, and Autodesk Forge. Autodesk XML is used in many applications for both RFA and RFP.

Example XML:

RFA Module 13
Module 13 description
Copyright RFA

Module Author
Copyright MAA

Copyright MFP

Module 13 description

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Run the Autocad editor.

Select the open menu in the menu bar, then open the PDF file that you want to open with Acrobat Reader.

Select the Window->Print menu.

Select the File menu.

Select the Save As menu.

Select a file name.

Select Save as type: pdf.

Click Save.

Select the File menu.

Select Exit.

How to use the patch

To install a patch that needs to be installed, right click on the file and select patch.

To get a full list of all known patches, visit

How to use the SDK

How to upload your project to the Web.

To upload your project to the Web you need to:

Open the Web Library.

Select File->Open.

Click on New Web Project.

Select File->Export.

Select HTML and choose a file name.

Select Open.

Select File->Save.

Select OK.

Note: You do not have to upload any picture to the Web.

How to compile your project for the Web

Use the File->Compile project menu command.

How to compile your project for the Web

Note: The Web is not an editor.

All Web projects should use the following settings:

Notepad++ – File -> Project Configuration -> Use Auto-generated files -> Uncheck all.

XML Parser – select XSL Stylesheet -> Copy style -> Paste to style.

C# (Mono) – Use the C# Compiler -> Use the Mono C# compiler -> Set to C# 1.1 (Mono) -> Compile -> OK

C++ (Mono) – Use the C++ Compiler -> Use the Mono C++ compiler -> Set to C++ 1.1 (Mono) -> Compile -> OK

What you should do now is:

Under New Web Project select:


and not:

Web App

When you compile, a new file will be created. You can now upload this file and the Web will display it.

How to create a Web project and publish it on the Web

You need to:

Open the Web Library.

Select File->New Web Project.

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Using DraftSight, you can incorporate feedback into your designs by marking up drawings or your clipboard, sending the feedback to AutoCAD, and then viewing the combined result in a live drawing session. It’s easier than ever to incorporate feedback and make your designs better.

Design Compatibility:

With new Design Compatibility Technology, you can choose to use different device to edit your drawings — like a laptop, iPad, or touchscreen.

The new Technology enables you to edit drawings with any drawing application on any device. There are new features such as Design Compatibility, Camera Grab and Panorama View. With Design Compatibility you can choose to edit a drawing from either a mouse or touchpoint. Using the Camera Grab tool, you can now select a portion of your screen to quickly take a picture of for later editing. The new Panorama View tool lets you choose to display several drawings in one place.

Also new is the ability to use the command line in AutoCAD. Allowing you to work with the program without the assistance of menus, toolbars, or the ribbon.

Create and style text with a point-based system. Text is no longer created as an object. Instead, it is organized as a class of objects. This system enables you to edit text and create different types of text such as corporate logos, magazine logos, stationery, and much more.

Text style and appearance can also be controlled with the Appearance dialog box. This allows you to manipulate the way text is presented in the drawing window, how it’s rendered in the physical and in other windows, as well as the color and style of the fonts used.


This release includes some significant performance improvements to AutoCAD, as well as some new features and fixes that improve how you work with AutoCAD.

AutoCAD provides the fastest performance among the industry-leading vector graphics application programs. It is faster than AutoCAD LT because it doesn’t include the legacy components of AutoCAD LT, such as stereo measurement and block structures.

Windows Apps:

Edit with Touch

You can now edit a drawing directly with the new touchpoint tool, without having to use the mouse.

Using the touchpoint tool, you can drag your finger to select objects or areas and, using the pen, can edit your drawing. This tool is only available on Windows 10.


System Requirements:

Intel x86 compatible processor
1.75 GB available space on hard drive
Microsoft DirectX 9.0 compatible
DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 256 MB of video RAM
Windows XP or Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit)
Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
Keyboard and mouse
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