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The first version was titled “AutoCAD”, which in AutoCAD 2010 (and earlier) is the model name, while the current version is AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD, originally for use by auto designers, also encompasses desktop publishing, architectural, and mechanical software.

In 2015, Autodesk released a new version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2016. AutoCAD is not a programming language, but it does incorporate several popular programming languages. The interface is a point-and-click 2D and 3D drafting environment with a built-in database of shapes, dimensioning, grids, and other objects, based on the XML standard.

Development of AutoCAD began in the 1970s at the New York City studio of ProgeCAD, Inc., now known as AECOM Technology. ProgeCAD was founded by George de Grazia, Andrew Harvey, and John Roberts. The software was originally intended for architects, who would use it to create construction blueprints.

AutoCAD was designed to reduce the time to design new buildings and large structures, which necessitated a system that was completely different from anything that had been used before. The system had to be able to work with the large amounts of data being generated by computer and mechanical designs, and be usable by a non-expert without a strong background in CAD.

The original program was developed as a desktop application on a VME mainframe with a resident DOS operating system. The first version was released on VMS (version 7) in 1981, with the OS written in Assembler. It required 12 megabytes of space on disk.

A prototype desktop version was completed in 1982, but was not released until 1984. The development team had only the resources available from the mainframe vendor, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). It was named AutoCAD because DEC had a similar operating system in their early mainframes, called AOS (Automatic Operating System). Although this was not an official naming convention, it was used by DEC to name several operating systems they developed at the time.

The first release, AutoCAD 1.0, came out in 1984, and was used mainly by architects and contractors, as its design features were not advanced enough to make the program useful for designers working for the federal government. Instead, its focus was on software that could easily be used to document engineering changes, and so its graphical user interface was

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2001, AutoCAD 2000 Software version 2.2. (AutoCAD 2002)
AutoCAD 2000.1, released October 9, 2001, introduced many new functions, tools, and improved workflows in such areas as project management and group drawing creation. Features included:
New ribbon interface for 3D and architecture
Crop tools (crop, trim, restore) and crop guide
.SIG files for importing and exporting surface data
Smart Hatching
Improvements to axes and views
Enhanced image handling
New full-screen mode
Layout toolbar
New chamfer radius tools
New move cut tool and chop-up tool
New active-snap tool
New feature to automatically generate dimension lines
Movable Master Page and Portable Document Format support
Command palette in Object Explorer
Save and print dialogs
Tabbed document properties
AutoCAD Source Code Control
Quick Setup Editor

AutoCAD 2000.1 added a.SIG file format for surface data. The.SIG files are created from the 3D Warehouse and are stored in the Project Document, not in the drawing, so they can be exported and imported later. New tools in this release allow users to combine.SIG files, objects, and image data. For example, a user can create a dashed line from a.SIG surface, a block from a solid line, a group from a.SIG object, and a group from an image. A.SIG file can be converted to a regular.DWG file or to a native image file. Users can also define drawing templates from.SIG files. All of the.SIG files are added to the drawing by double-clicking.

2001, AutoCAD 2000 Software version 2.1. (AutoCAD 2001)
AutoCAD 2000.2, released March 12, 2001, introduced the ability to view CAD data on multiple displays and allow users to set up a second monitor to view a different view, such as a detailed exploded view or a perspective view. AutoCAD 2000.2 included.SIG files and added a command line interface. The Command Line Interface was used for customizing autoloading, for doing batch operations, such as creating large numbers of blocks or lines, and for automation. A.NET framework was included to connect AutoCAD to the Internet. For example, when using Internet Explorer users could browse the Internet or download email from a mail server.

AutoCAD 2000.2 was

AutoCAD 22.0 Product Key Full

The activation code is inside the config folder. You need to have it in order to use the activation code.
You can use this code:

Open the config folder inside Autocad.
Right click inside the config folder and press “Open”.
You will see the activation key inside the config.txt file.
Save the config.txt file and close it.

Run the Autocad Activation code (Activate.exe)

Click inside the config folder.
Run the Autocad Activation code (Activate.exe)
Press enter.
If Autocad is already activated, you will see a screen with the activate code.

If Autocad is already activated, you will see a screen with the activation code. You need to save it in order to use it.

If Autocad is not activated, you will see a screen with the next steps.

Press Enter and Autocad will be activated. If you press Enter you will be prompted with the Autocad Setup program.

You have now activated your copy of Autocad. You can use it to create drawings.

#! /usr/bin/env bash
# This is a base script for the Docker base image for the VM being used for the
# CA and CA-deployment builds.
# It is essentially a minimal bash script that sets up some environment variables
# used by the Linux base image, e.g. the CA’s and CA’s passwords are not added.
# It does not install any dependencies beyond what the Linux base image provides
# (GNU, bash).
# – set env variables if they are not already set
# – remove unnecessary console log statements
# – remove common bash scripts

set -e

# e.g. “”
# The environment variable AD_DNS_HOSTS (default) or
# to define the list of DNS names we should check for DNS records for a given
# hostname.
# Use a colon to separate multiple DNS hosts in a list. You can also
# define a list of IP addresses by separating

What’s New In?

Markup Plus:

Easily create, change, and modify markup text that spans from one drawing to another. Set up multiple levels of text using different styles and colors. (video: 6:22 min.)

Extended Sub-parts:

Insert and manipulate objects, such as parts, that have a parent structure. The parent structure is a group that has its own structure. You can split a group into a sub-structure, or combine it into a larger structure.

Joint Text Options:

Easily edit, insert, and delete joint lines between objects. You can make different joints on different sides of an object. (video: 0:53 min.)

Significant New Features in AutoCAD 2020 for Mac:

AutoCAD 2020 for Mac now supports the new Mac App Store model of Software Pricing. It allows you to purchase a license and a separate subscription to receive software updates, resulting in only one monthly fee. (more details)

The ability to print from more pages is now an option in 3D Printing mode.

Multiple profiles and advanced printing options for printing on traditional offset printing presses.

You can now toggle between two different versions of the drawing: Export 2017 or Export 2019. Both versions of AutoCAD Export are fully compatible with 2018 and 2019 drawings.

New Content Manager:

Search and sort CAD documents in the new Content Manager.

Network Backup with the New Snapshot Option. You can now make a backup that is a live copy of a specific file that is based on a previous version of that file. This creates a new snapshot copy of a specific file. (more details)

Import from Wikis:

Import content from a web page with an AutoCAD import template. (more details)

Design Hub:

Save and reuse user settings in the Design Hub. You can customize and save your Preferences file for the next session of AutoCAD. You can also create multiple Design Hubs so that you can access these settings from multiple workstations. (more details)


Ribbon tabs have been added to the Select tab. You can use the new options to customize the selection of different object types in the ribbon. (video: 4:10 min)

You can now create shapes with the following typefaces: Times New Roman, Cenla, and Trebuchet MS.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

X2 the Shadow
X2 the Master
X2 through the Shadows
X3 The Dominion
X4 The Secret War
X4 the Shadow War
X5 A Call to Arms
X5 The Broken Circle
X5: Fractured Spirits
X6: Tribes of the East
X6: The False Emperor
X6: Tyrant’s Law
X6: The Sin
X6: Crossfire
The game is capable of being played in 2D and 3D modes

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