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WinMemScan is a free tool designed to show you all important areas of your memory (RAM).
The program will help you detect, address, and resolve issues that may be affecting your PC performance, and will give you the best chance of optimizing and resolving problems.
WinMemScan supports all kinds of operating systems and hardware architectures.
WinMemScan has a very easy to use interface and you will be guided through all main functions and features with on screen instructions.
Very quick to install and use, WinMemScan does not require any registry entries or user input.
The program uses standard Windows functions to work.
WinMemScan Features:
– Windows Version 7 and above.
– Windows XP and Windows Vista.
– Intel and AMD CPUs.
– AMD AM2+ (Sandy Bridge and newer).
– AMD AM2 and AM2+ (Bulldozer and newer).
– Intel Core 2 and Core i CPUs.
– Intel Core i5, i7 (Nehalem and newer).
– Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 (Bloomfield and newer).
– Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and Xeon E3.
– Intel Pentium GX620 and GX1000 (Clarksfield and newer).
– AMD Athlon X2 and FX series.
– Intel Atom series.
– Medfield and Z10 devices.
– Exynos processors.
– Other ARM processors.
– All PDX processors.
– All KNC and Exynos mobile devices.
– All Exynos M devices.
– All Exynos devices.
– All newer graphics adapters.
– Most Nvidia graphics adapters.
– All VIA/AMD graphics adapters.
– All old Amd graphics adapters.
– All old VIA graphics adapters.
– All graphics adapters older than 5 years.
– All Nvidia graphics adapters older than 5 years.
– All VIA graphics adapters older than 5 years.
– All Nvidia graphics adapters with older than 6 years.
– All Nvidia graphics adapters with older than 7 years.
– All old Amd graphics adapters with older than 6 years.
– All old Amd graphics adapters with older than 7 years.
– All 3D graphics adapters older than 5 years.
– All 3D graphics adapters with older than 6 years.
– All 3D graphics adapters with older than 7 years.
– All Intel CPUs older than 3 years.

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WinMemScan provides user with a system monitor that can be used for free when it’s needed.
WinMemScan can also be configured to send system information (API) to the WinMemScan Server upon request.
This information can be sent over TCP/IP or UDP/IP connection.
Sendters can be configured to be available for specific IP address, NetBIOS name, Network Location or application.
It’s also possible to see your Sendters Memory Allocation and Free on the current system.
Please use the following download button to download the latest version of the software.
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Updated on: January 12, 2016


What’s New In WinMemScan?


Memory Scanner.


1) Copy the following to a file and run:

2) Open the file named in the commandline and press Start

3) This will open a list of all objects that are present on your system

4) In the list you will be able to check if memory pages are present or not.

5) At the end of the task, if there is a software that crashed the task will be
not completed and will be available on the list

6) If the memory list is empty or there is a risk to run out of memory, the task will be
completed and the list will be closed.

7) If the task is completed the following files will be created:

C:\WinMemScan\Log.txt – Log of tasks
C:\WinMemScan\Mem.txt – list of object that are scanned
C:\WinMemScan\Ntquery.txt – Ntquery output for windows 2000 and XP
C:\WinMemScan\Winquery.txt – Winquery output for win 7 and win 10


1) This is a very basic application and has not many options to configure.

2) These application can only scan memory pages.

3) This application can only scan memory pages.

4) It will not run on computers running win 8.1 (build 8400)

5) It will not run on computers that are upgraded to win 8.1 (build 8400)

6) The OS is not supported on any version of win 10.


1) Log is converted to UTF-8 format and add real timestamp.

2) Winquery is updated for version 1.2.

3) Ntquery is updated for version 1.1.

4) Log file is updated for windows 10 build 10586.

5) Removed embedded clickonce.txt file.

6) Permission on the download file is change to only give permission to user.

7) Memory scanner can take several minutes to analyze memory pages, if you are
running it on a system with very large memory, you can terminate it after a
few minutes of it running.



How to download:


Winquery version:



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System Requirements For WinMemScan:

To play DOOM 64 you will need a 64-bit Windows computer that has the following requirements installed (subject to change)
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1 64-bit CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E4400 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon64 X2 5600+
Intel Core2 Duo E4400 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon64 X2 5600+ Memory: 2GB RAM (minimum)

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