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A user-friendly, menu-based keyboard macro recorder that provides different tools to quickly record macro activities. It can record multiple keys pressed together, from one key to a string of keys, or a continuous key sequence. In addition, the program’s interface is intuitive and feature-rich.
Record Macro and Organize Keystrokes
KeyMACRO helps users to quickly and easily record multiple keys pressed together. With it you can record multiple keyboard combinations, record one keypress, a series of keystrokes, or from one key to a string of keys.
Manage Keystrokes Easily
This powerful utility lets you sort and organize your recorded keystrokes. KeyMACRO can be used to change the color of the keyboard shortcut, or to change the Windows icon associated with that keyboard shortcut.
Clear Macros from History
In addition to the keystrokes, KeyMACRO can also clear the last ten keyboard shortcuts. Thus, you can easily perform these keyboard shortcuts without having to record them.
Integrated with Windows Explorer
KeyMACRO records with native Windows Explorer so it can save your macro shortcuts to either an XML file or registry.
KeyMACRO is an excellent software to quickly record and manage keyboard shortcuts. It is intuitive and extremely easy to use.
KeyMACRO saves you time by quickly recording all or a portion of the keystrokes you perform. Simply go to record and type your activity.
KEYMACRO is able to assist you with organizing the keystrokes you have recorded. In addition, you can also sort and organize them according to your preferences.
KEYMACRO is a useful tool that can help you quickly record keystrokes for the functions you use often. With it you can store the keyboard shortcuts you find most useful in one place.
KEYMACRO is a powerful tool that allows you to record your activities. It is especially useful for those who want to speed up their work.

TOP 10 Keyboard Shortcut Apps for Windows 10
Top 10 Best Keyboard Shortcut Apps for Windows 10. You can enjoy all your apps, games and other internet contents faster with these keyboard shortcuts. No need to click or hover your mouse to find desired app or file. You just have to type the keyword to launch the desired app directly. To add new shortcut just long click on the Start

Free Launch Bar Free

Free Launch Bar is a customizable shortcut bar that allows users to combine shortcuts in groups, saving workspace on their desktop and toolbar.
Helpful context menu
The program installs in your Toolbars folders and takes over the default Windows feature, giving extra options to the users in how to organize their available icons. The application offers customization options to the menu, appearance, size of the icons, and even size metrics.
Powerful customization features
Free Launch Bar gives users the possibility to take their default toolbar options to the next level of customization. With it users can hide the toolbar title, as well as lock and place the icons horizontally.
Additionally, users can modify the graphical aspect of the monitored icons, their size, and popup behavior. However, one of the main features of Free Launch Bar is that users can create menus of icons in the toolbar without annoying dialog boxes in order to add, remove, or rearrange shortcuts. A simple drag-and-drop action will do.
Another great function is its integrated compatibility with Windows Shell and Windows Quick Launch. This allows it to easily become part of your system without overwriting any important system registries or consuming extra resources. To make it easy to customize icons, the program uses PNG pictures as icons. This way, users can later edit them in Photoshop.
Free Launch Bar is an excellent alternative to Window’s default Quick Launch. It organizes your toolbar icons faster, better, and more comprehensively, helping users get rid of useless icon cluttering. In this regard, probably one of its best features is that it allows users to create icon folders using drag-and-drop actions.


ColorsShop Lite –
Mobile/Games… What makes ColorsShop Lite so special? it’s our simple but powerful and easy to use application.
ColorsShop Lite is a wallpaper, screen saver, activity widget, and alarm clock.
In short: we’ve made it easy to combine your mobile devices with the colors of the Windows you use!
With a maximum of three wallpaper images and three screensavers set you have all the possibilities you could ever wish for!
Now it is up to you to decorate your mobile device and make it look beautiful!
It is really easy to use. Set the wallpaper you would like, change the screensaver and it will fit perfectly.
In addition to this you have the possibility to create any type of alarm clock!
And finally: start ColorsShop Lite as your screen saver and it

What’s New in the Free Launch Bar?

Organize and arrange your shortcuts with Free Launch Bar, an amazing application that will organize your shortcuts in groups, giving you extra options on how to organize your toolbar. It is a Windows add-in that installs in your Toolbars folders and takes over the default Windows feature. This application is an excellent option to replace the default Windows Quick Launch, offering the same functionality with a cleaner and more customizable interface.

Arrow 2.0 Screenshot

Arrow 2.0 is a simple and straightforward utility that will help you get to your files and folders faster. When you double-click a file or folder, the program opens a separate window, just as the operating system does. You can also click on the program icon on the taskbar to launch it.
Arrow 2.0 provides four main features:
• Quick access to files
• Double-click to open files
• Quick access to folders
• Split-screen access
Arrow 2.0 provides a simple, clean interface with a straightforward interface. Users can browse through the file system in a grid, from which they can easily access files and folders. It also includes a preview feature, allowing users to see the file or folder they are accessing at the moment.
To help you locate files and folders, Arrow 2.0 provides the capability of displaying icons in a row at the top of the window. Alternatively, the program can also display all the shortcuts as a list. The program displays file and folder names along with thumbnails of the icons to make it easier for users to navigate the file system.
Arrow 2.0 can also be configured to display thumbnails of a file or folder on its main window. In addition, the program displays the last modified date of the files and folders, and displays other information such as the size of the files and folders. The program can also display the type of file or folder, whether the file is a folder, disk image, archive, or executable.
Arrow 2.0 is a simple, but easy to use application. There is no unnecessary clutter. When you double-click a file or folder, the program opens a new window, as the operating system would. Users can click the program icon on the taskbar to launch it.

Barcode Scanner for Windows Screenshot

Barcode Scanner for Windows is a very easy-to-use barcode software, which enables you to scan barcodes quickly. Unlike the other barcode software solutions on the market, you can perform a “Quick Scan” with one click, and you can choose barcode type, size, orientation and resolution of the image.
Barcode Scanner for Windows offers the following main features:
– Barcode Data Base (BDB) Support
– Support for 13 types of barcode, including EAN, UPC, Code 39, GS1 DataBar, QR Code, Data Matrix, Datam

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Intel-based Macs
Intel-based PCs running Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10
2 GHz processor or faster
1024 x 768 or higher resolution display
Bluetooth-enabled devices
SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
Compatible camera device
MIDI or audio interface (necessary for iPad and iOS devices)
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita system
PlayStation 3 system

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