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Bitsii Notebook is an interesting open-source application developed to allow users to synchronize notes between their mobile and desktop devices free of charge.
The first thing users need to know about Bitsii Notebook is the fact that it relies on the installation of Bitsii Bridge.
Bitsii Bridge is a web protocol that allows users to run web apps and make them available on both local networks and the Internet. The protocol is written in Brace and uses the Brace Application Infrastructure to complete its task.
The whole service is comprised out of two main parts: the online version that runs on the OpenJDK and Jetty, and the desktop version that uses DotNetCore and Kestral. The GUI for the desktop app (which is actually web-based, meaning it uses a browser to display information), is built using Framework7.
To install get started, users are required to download the Windows installer of Bitsii Notebook, as well as the Android or iOS versions of the app.
Even though this app can be remarkably useful in various conditions, installing it and setting up the synchronization process requires a bit of patience and somewhat advanced computer skills.
Thankfully, all the required information can be found on the app's GitLab repository. Here, users can find everything from how to set up the bridge between the apps, as well as how to ensure proper synchronization via various demo videos (for both mobile and desktop version).









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Bitsii Notebook Free Download is a web application and portable app that allows users to synchronize notes between their desktop and mobile devices. Users have the ability to sync notes to the desktop, the online (web) version, and the Android or iOS version of the app. The notes are automatically saved online in the cloud, and users can use the desktop app to view and edit them.


You can use iCloud to sync your notes between your iOS, Android and Mac devices.
You can connect both your iOS and Android devices to your Mac, and then set them to sync with iCloud.
This will sync your notes on each device.
This option was introduced in macOS Mojave:

Note: Notes on iOS devices will not be automatically synchronized with iCloud if you are using macOS Mojave. iOS will continue to synchronize notes as always.

Note: When using iCloud on a Mac, Notes are only saved to iCloud, and are not saved to the local device.

If you want to sync notes on iOS and Mac devices, you need to install Notes on iCloud and then sync with iCloud.
You can sync notes on your iOS devices from Notes for iOS (it’s free), you can also sync notes on your Mac with iCloud Drive (it’s free, Apple).
You can install Notes for macOS from the Mac App Store.


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Detailed instructions for setting up and managing mobile and desktop synchronization of notes between two devices using the Bitsii Bridge.
Bitsii Notebook Overview:
Bitsii Notebook (or Bitsii Notebook) is a free and open source app available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.
The app is developed and maintained by Bit Mirror, which is headquartered in United Arab Emirates.
The app aims to provide its users with an easy way to manage their notes and information on any connected device, be it a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.
It is a native app available for Android and iOS users with the ability to also sync notes via Bitmirror’s web protocol, and uses the OpenJDK and Jetty to power its online version.
This Android app works in tandem with the app Bitsii Bridge.
With the app, you can sync your notes between two devices and have access to your notes via a web browser.
More precisely, users can use the app to manage notes and keep them synced and accessible between their mobile and desktop devices.
The app is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, and Spanish languages.
How to Install Bitsii Notebook:
The simplest way to install the app is to search for it in the Google Play Store or the App Store.
Alternatively, you can download the APK and extract it using the following instructions:
Download the APK file of the app from the links provided. (Note that you will have to be logged in to use these links.)
Once the file has been downloaded, open it using the File Manager or other software, and click on the tab of APK files.
Right-click on the Bitsii Notebook APK file and select Extract.
The file will be extracted.
Open the extracted file and find the “APK” file of the app.
Double-click on it to start the installation.
When the app is installed, open it and click on the “Edit” tab to set up the necessary data to synchronize notes between your mobile and desktop devices.
After that, click on the “Setup” tab and check the “Mobile” checkbox to enable mobile synchronization.
Now, open the app and connect your mobile device using the provided instructions.
You should see the option to sync notes in the upper menu.
Click on that option and then set up the necessary data to access your notes.
When all this has been done,

Bitsii Notebook Free Download For Windows

Bitsii Notebook (v1.0) is an open source application that allows users to synchronize notes and sketches between their mobile and desktop devices free of charge.

Bitsii Notebook works as follows:

The user connects to the bridge via a web browser or, for the desktop version, opens the mobile app and selects “Open Bridge”.

The desktop app then displays the list of available notes and sketches on the user’s local device.

The user creates a new note or sketch by tapping the text field and selecting an item from the list.

The new note or sketch is then automatically synchronized to the cloud.

The user may then make any changes to a note or sketch that has been synchronized to the cloud and then tap “Sync”.

The new update is then synchronized to the cloud and the user may then open the modified note or sketch on the desktop app.

Any changes that have been made to a note or sketch that has been synchronized to the cloud will appear on the mobile app as well.

How to Use Bitsii Notebook:

To use Bitsii Notebook, users first need to open the bridge on their desktop or laptop.

Next, the user will need to download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. The installation process will prompt the user to select the country from which the app will be downloaded, as well as the option to keep all the app’s data for later use.

On the next page, the user needs to tap the big button labeled “Install” and then follow the prompts to complete the installation.

After the installation has been completed, the user will need to tap the “Bitsii Notebook” icon located in the app’s launcher on the desktop to launch the app.

From here, the user may either select “Open Bridge” or “Create New Note” to open the bridge.

When opening the bridge, the user needs to select the notes and sketches that they want to synchronize between their devices.

Selecting the options, notes, and sketches will start the synchronization process and the user will be notified via a popup that the process is in progress.

When the synchronization is finished, the user may view all the notes and sketches on the desktop and be able to make any necessary changes or edits.

Once the changes have been made, the user

What’s New In?

Synchronization process

To ensure that notes are synchronized between desktop and mobile, users need to:

– Sync both local and online instances of the app;
– Allow synchronization to happen automatically;
– Install the BitBridge server on the computer;
– Start the server by manually running the `start` command;
– Ensure that the server is able to connect to the web API.

**Once the server is started**, users will be able to [open]( a web app that will display all the notes found on the computer, and can be accessed via a web browser on any other device.

The desktop web app can be found at ` and the Android and iOS app versions can be accessed from the respective app stores.


System Requirements For Bitsii Notebook:

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit / Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit / Windows 8 Pro 32-bit / Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit / Windows 10 Professional 32-bit / Windows 10 Enterprise 32-bit
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition
CPU: 1.4 GHz Dual-Core Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 256 MB or higher
Hard Disk: 2 GB
Additional Notes:
i) Only the installer will

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