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O ministro do Desenvolvimento, Indústria, Comércio Exterior e Turismo, Gilberto Occhi, deu entrada nesta quarta-feira (22) na comissão de governo que decidirá a indicação do futuro ministro da Fazenda, afirmou aliados de Michel Temer.

O presidente da comissão é o senador Romero Jucá (PMDB-RR). Temer terá de menos de 24 horas para se recusar ou aceitar a indicação de um nome do PT para o cargo.

O ministro nomeado para a Fazenda, Henrique Meirelles, é um dos mais bem acolhidos pelo PMDB e pelo setor privado.

A escolha de Meirelles ajudará a garantir a aprovação do projeto de reforma da Previdência, caso o PT volte ao governo e tente, até então, desistir do pacto por três anos.

O plano é apresentar o projeto na reunião da Câmara, em abril.

O ministro recebeu a indicação de ser indicado em 27 de fevereiro e de ter deinda o cargo à presidente Dilma Rousseff até o dia 14 de março.

A decisão da comissão de ser indicado para a Fazenda ocorre quatro dias depois da vitória do PT em uma consulta da população sobre a denúncia de que houve irregularidades na camp


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As a part of our event planning series, we started a series of articles that provide various ideas of how to plan, present and share your knowledge on any subject, in the events that you are participating in. In today’s post, we will discuss all the necessary aspects for attending and preparing for a scientific meeting.

Searching for scientific meetings is always a long and tiring process. There are thousands of meetings each year worldwide, and keeping track of them all is not an easy task. We came across a new listing, a global meeting of meeting planners called World Scientific Association, and we would love to invite you to join our community!

Joining the community is very simple. Just fill out a simple questionnaire, and in 24 hours we will let you know if we approve your application. One of the great things is that you will have a dedicated contact person, who will be in touch with you until the event.

You will be able to meet other scientists who are attending the same event, and as they come from all over the world, you will be able to make new scientific contacts.

More about the scientific community

Scientific meetings are gatherings of scientists from all over the world. They provide opportunities for researchers to present their latest findings and findings that are being explored in the field.

They are often a place for the exchange of scientific ideas and knowledge, and they are very important to the scientific community.

Scientific meetings are usually organized by the scientific societies.

Scientific societies are groups of people interested in a specific topic or a specific branch of science, and they organize conferences, workshops and symposia.

Scientists who are interested in scientific meetings should be a part of scientific societies, since it will enable them to receive notifications of upcoming meetings and to be part of the scientific

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