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Salahuddin Alayubee 8 January 1936 – 13 November 2012) was an Indonesian actor, director, and screenwriter. He was a leading character in the Indonesian film industry, which gave him the title of “King of Indonesian Cinema.” He was also well known for creating what are considered among the most recognizable and iconic Muslim characters in Indonesian cinema: Masyumi, a Muslim hero who wears his headscarf as a badge of honor, and Imam Bonjol, a naive, honest teacher. He acted and directed several landmark films, most notably Paskal (The Naked Maja) and “13 Hari” (13th day) (The only other Muslim character to wear a headscarf in Indonesian cinema is the character played by Surya in the film The Journey of Kasmarl, released in 1976, who is described as a “white Muslim girl” by Kasmarl in his narration).

He is the father of film actress, Aisha Melati, who is best known for the movies “Cinta Jauh” (Far Away Love), “Pahala” (The Storm), and “Orang Minyak”. His other daughter in Indonesian films is . In films, he is often credited under his full name Salahuddin Abdul Karim.

On 30 January 2010, Salahuddin Alayubee died in a Jakarta hospital of cancer.


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